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Animal Attraction

Posted in Uncategorized on November 5, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Opening track on the most recent Reckless Love CD, and seriously, it’s perfect… EVEN the cheesy lyrics is just.. perfect. PARTHEY.

I seriously feel like a biomechanic man right now. This is what stablework do to you…  Good grief.  Good thing I’m working tomorrow again! Or wait…

Either way, while discussing clothes from Gina Tricot with Sara (yes, how long does clothing stay from them? Found a few pieces I really want, but I hesitate to buy before Djermani...) I realized that just next week, the madness kind of kicks off. Hardcore Superstar on friday with Maria, Finland the week after that and then the long planned and long wanted… Djermani. The time will pass so fast during the weeks, I promise…

Does anyone by the way know wether you are allowed or not to have drinks(unalcoholic) in your CHECKED IN luggage on the airport? Or do we have to buy that in Frankfurt? We figured we’d have some sort of chilling out time when we get to Lichtenfels, and considering we come to Lichtenfels around 10pm, mostly EVERYTHING (But Paunchy Cats?!) will be closed… So bringing it from Sweden it is!

But okay. No more boring, I’ll give you one of the greater Van Canto songs instead.

NP: On The Radio – Reckless Love
// Sara