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We Don’t Need A Cure

Posted in Uncategorized on November 4, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

The new Hardcore Superstar tune, fucking love it. They should play it together with “Bully”, would be epic as hell.

Okay, today my life became kind of complete.

You know, whenever I go to the stables and get a horse I’m not expecting, thats a huge mindfuck and I always go raging, at least on the inside. So I got to the stable today, I even brought Maria to film Donna Mays epic heavy metal moves, so I checked the first paper – well theory, as expected, then I looked at the other paper.

The first thing I noticed was that it wasn’t Donna’s name on the list. Raging begins. “What the hell? Why don’t I have Donna, why have they given me… ” *looks closer* “Sara – Lady Axa”.

Wait. Wait, Maria, does it say Lady Axa? Like, FOR REAL? Myes. It did. All raging just stopped for a moment. MY BABYGIRL. ASJDLASJDSALJDALJ <- Thats what I felt, literally.

Theory went well.. I don’t even know what it’s called in english, but what we did was to drive the horses like you do in trotraces, but without a wagon… haha, how lame it sounds, there is probably a more proper word for it, but I guess you understand. Maria and I had Winerva – or as we call her now, The Fork Horse, mainly because she has a fork on top of her white stripe. Or I think it looks somewhat like a devils fork. So ok, we have the Fork Horse and the Salmon. Went pretty good, Forky was nicer than I’d expected her to be!

Then we had the ponyriding.. alltså hahaha. Everyone in the ‘stablegroup’ had a pony each and it was just.. hahahaha. That’s really all there is to say, first of all we rode bareback and had a few games, then trying out a “Captains Turnover” on the horseback, and the other ones cantered without any reins. Was pretty fun lesson haha, but the main reason was really because it was with my babyhorse. God how I’ve missed her.

Like I said, insane day. Tomorrow awaits stablework, so does Sunday and I’ll just keep listen to Hardcore Superstar just for another moment. We Don’t Celebrate Sundays aye?

NP: We Don’t Need A Cure – Hardcore Superstar