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Last Night Of The Kings

Posted in Uncategorized on November 2, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Van Canto, pretty awesome band. I just purely love this song and the feeling it gives you.. Gah!

Today’s been gooo. Was supposed to go to the library to make the last blogentry, however, I managed to loan the book, so did that instead. Tomorrow’s the last day, and I’m kinda nervous about it. The course and the communication hasn’t worked out so well, but my mother said that the worst thing that can happen is that I’ll have to retake the course next year. And honestly, how horrible is that? Not at all to be honest, haha.

Like I said yesterday, went to the stable to see Julia, was so cool to see her again! And I’ll probably see her on the next break too, and by that time we will probably even ride together with her! That will be kickass.

Okay, now it’s three weeks left ’til we hit it off to Germany for a couple of days of decadence, and I was planning to get new speakers to my iPod… however, I managed to find my old one AND realizing it actually worked pretty well, so decided I’ll bring that one instead of a big CD player! And it will be kickass for summerfestivals… ahh! I can’t wait to kick stuff off! I really have the bestest of friends, bestest company ever, I can’t wait to get on the road again.

From my birthdayparty this year. Love you all, even yoy who aren’t on the picture.

No, what about submitting those reviews…

See yah!
NP: Master Of Puppets – Van Canto

Animal Attraction

Posted in Uncategorized on November 2, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

It’s such a fantastic song I’m not even fidning it funny. Sure the lyrics are so inimaginative, and so Reckless Loveish, but I still love it.. haha.

Today’s been great. SOOO productive it ain’t even fun, I think I finnish three or four weeks of work in like an hour. Why I didn’t do this earlier I don’t know, I just know I feel pretty kickass right now. I also were in stables helping out as I from now on do every tuesday, and I booked the last parts of my Finland trip in two weeks.
Like I said, productive day haha.

Talking about Finland… it will be the third time I see Stala&SO., and Honey Hellraiser for that matter. Haha, last time in Helsinki was insane, I dont even… soo much happened. Will be great to see the boys again, as well as my dear german friends!

It feels good now, but somewhat kinda empty you know. I have four concerts left this year, and the first one will actually kick in next week (Hardcore Superstar here in my hometown) and then the insanity of travelling around begins. But I’ll have fun. Loads, I’ll travel with amazing people, and the ‘break’ after Mötley Crüe will probably be just awesome for me and my fellow mates to catch the breathe before we go hard in 2012. We started a new little secret project, and we will make the first thing with it this year, and then walk the line in 2012. I’m looking forward, this is so gooo.

Loving it.

On the schedule for tomorrow is to catch up with Julia from Extreme Horse Makeover who is coming to town for a dressagecourse, as well as doing the last schoolwork (due thursday!! aah!)

NP: Fight – Reckless Love
// Sara