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The Sims 3 Pets part 2.

Posted in The Sims, Uncategorized on November 1, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Alright, I’ve been playing for a few days now. And what can I say? I love it.

I expected this to be some cheap kind of thing “choose a black, withe or brown horse, generic looks can jump and eat and drink”.

Imagine my surprise, when I pushed “Create a Horse” and could HANDDRAW my own horse with all marks and stuff! And pretty much all big horse races were in too! So yeah, I handdraw Lady Axa as good as I could, and you could also choose personalities for them. WOW. So far so good.

Haha, don’t mind the horses pose! What I also loved, on the humanpart, was that there are finally REAL BOOTS! Like the boots all good and legendary bands use. LOVE IT.

Anyways, when I moved them in and started playing.. First of all, a nomadic pony ran over my lot. And for the second.. THE DETAILS.

The Sim actually HAS to learn how to ride, and you have to groom your horse and ride it and train it so it won’t get bored, and the horse can do shitloads, like, playing with balls and roll around like REAL horses. This game is just fantastic.

I don’t really know what to say. Unleashed were, according to the cover, released in 2002. Ever since then, I have, together with many others, been WAITING for horses. BEGGED for horses. But as they didn’t show up in The Sims 2, we kinda gave up hope. And then, they came in The Sims 3.

You know, I kinda dislike The Sims 3. But this expansion, only this horsething, makes up for any unnecessary expansion, any bugg or mishap they have in their games. It makes up for EVERYTHING. And not only did it raise itself above all the other games (yes, it might just have managed to get prior to The Sims!) it also kicks ass with all my horsegames. It is the perfect fucking horsegame, the horsegame I always dreamed off.

EA, you succeeded well with this one. I salute you!
// Sara