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Christmas Metal Meeting part 2

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THIS HAVE HAPPENED: The Fantastic Five have reached Frankfurt with smaller difficulties and mishappenings, and are now heading to eat, as they realize, there is a band!

Yes. A band. We were standing there just like oh my god, a band. We didn’t really see anyone we recognized, and how could we with all the roadies and all, so we figured we would just walk in, sit down, and have lunch. But we didn’t get long, until the bands sitting there stopped us and asked what band we played in.

We all were like, what? What band WE play in? Martine tried to convince them that we didn’t play in any band, but after a while she gave up and said we played in a band called GroupieBFF’s, haha, which is kinda what we call our group from now on! We either way, sat down and had lunch until Cecilie finally got up and had the guts to ask them what band they were in.

Exodus and Heathen. Oh dear, I never forget Martines face when she heard it. It was kinda.. intense. Randomly, at Frankfurt Airport, we are having lunch with Exodus and Heathen. Would you know. But sadly, the excitement didn’t last long, as Exodus guitarist Gary Holt stands up, smiles to his bandmates, and yells pretty loudly (apparently they had a discussion about something) but what he said loudly…

“Because HammerFall….. SUCKS!”

At first I choked. Then I just yelled MEN NEEEEEJ (yes, in Swedish!). Who. The. Fuck. Does. He. Think. He. Is. Sure, he is the guitarist in Exodus, and played with Slayer and all… BUT STILL. YOU DO NOT SAY, HAMMERFALL SUCKS, WHEN I’M AROUND! As Michelle would say, RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!!!!!

Either way, after a while they left, and we left… or no, we didn’t. We still had around five or four hours before our train was supposed to departure, so we sat there for a while… then we relocated on a chilly bench having a nap for an hour or so, before we, finally, could get downstairs, get the norwegians their tickets and get on that damn train to Lichtenfels. But seriously – it’s at times like this time never moves fast enough. While waiting for the train at the station Cecilie also taught me how to shuffle, so yeah, now I know that!

Eventually the train did come, and it was like.. INSANE. It was so small and all seats were like taken, and after a while a few seats got free, as we hit Frankfurt Mainstation, so me and Michelle got a seat finally, and…. HAHA, the horror! My bag was extremly heavy, because of the camerastand and the colabottles, and well yeah, all other stuff, and then we got this crazy idea that we should put that one on those shelves over the seats. OH DEAR LORD. I thought we were gonna kill someone, but Cecilie and a friendly german made it happen, without anyone being injuried!

And yes, we got seats, however, they were reserved, and Martine was sitting in someones spot but he was kind, we thought, and said Martine could sit there until he had to get a seat. But thing is, he kept staring at her like crazy, as if he were pissed at her! Sooner or later we did hit Würzburg eventually, and then we had the horror taking down the bag again… but no one was hurt!

In Würzburg we had a 30 minutes change, which was well needed! For the first, the first train were a little delayed, and for the second it took us a little while to locate the train, but as we did, we realized it was on the platform already! AND BEST OF ALL – the train was EMPTY! Or okay, there was one old lady on it, but apart from that, it was empty! So we gladly, and slowly, got on the train, put away or luggage and sit down together at a four person table and having the fifth person sittin gon the fourtable next to us.

The trainride was insane. Since we were now FINALLY on the last route to Lichtenfels, we kinda chilled down and relaxed and just… enjoyed the ride. We planned what we were gonna do, talked girly talk and… scared the hell outta the germans apparently. We had this real angry german in the seat behind us, not angry at us, he was yelling at someone on the phone, and all of a sudden both me and Martine burst out in a “DET FINNS INGET SKROT, ALLT SKROT ÄR BARA GAMLA MOLEJOKSER OCH MOJÄNGER!” (Mulle Meck)… AND ALL THE TRAIN SHUT UP!  Even the angry german just, shut up! And worst part? The train was silent for the rest of the trip as well! I also managed to say “I said a glass of juice, not gas the jews” pretty loudly, just to realize, maybe not in Germany…

As time went on, we got closer and closer to our last goal, and being unsure if we missed out station, we asked a friendly german if this station was Lichtenfels, and he informed us that the next one was. We pulled down our luggage and the speaker said “Näschte, Lichtenfels“. The train stopped, we clumsly got off the train and then stopped.

We were here. We finally made it. Lichtenfels.

// Sara


Christmas Metal Meeting part 1

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Alrite, now it’s time for me to pour out the story! I don’t know how many parts it will be, but I know I’ll divide it ALOT to get it more readable.

The epicness pretty much began just as Michelle arrived to Karlstad, or as we arrived to pick her up, since we pretty instantly went to pick up Paula, and at the busstation we also managed to meet up for a shortie with Maria! When Paula arrived with her bus we ambushed her with the vidoecamera, the videocamera that have documented EVERYTHING outside the arena haha, oh the madness! We hit off for some last minute shopping before heading home for the last preparations.

Once at home the madness started already here. Me and Paula sort of invented some kind of weirdscaryinsane kind of laughter that made Michelle extremly suspicious. Suspicious Michelle shall remain suspicious! She worked a bit on her mask before we finally threw out all the luggage, which were a lot, and headed down town!

So yeah… Well, we had a nice busride I suppose. Of course it kinda snapped – three crazy maniacs in the back of a bus? And on top of that, watching the norwegian parodydub of Pocahontas? Yeah – SNAPPED. But sooner or later we did eventually fall asleep actually, and when we woke up – it was 4.30, and we had arrived to Arlanda. Seriously, Arlanda feels like my second home right now… Feels like I spend more time there than I do at home. Either way, the first thing we did was to hit bathrooms and then… you know, or, Nikola knows, that I have a thing for floors. Trainfloors, airportfloors, bathroomfloors… you name it! So of course, we were having our breakfast on the infamour floor! But this time we actually turned it up a notch, and I had brought a pink lepard blanket! Suck on that one!

Well, then the chase began. Our flight, if I remember correctly, wouldn’t leave until 9 something, so we just wandered the place, picked up a few bottles of cola and water until we could FINALLY board our plane!  The planeride were fine, I guess, I kinda slept through all of it. Fun trivia is that the norwegians were gonna get there a few hours later than us, so we figured “There is no rush for us to get off the plane”, so we just sat there and waited, and all of a sudden we were the last ones standing, AS WELL as the others were waiting for us. OOPS. Oh well, it’s not like they died.

So, we picked up our luggage and went out in the lounge and looked up a restaurant we would eat in… oh the arrival! When we walked out of the arrival doors, we were greeted by probably 20-30 albanian people cheering, singing, screaming, videotaping, taking pictures with flags and flowers and what not! We were like what the hell, and then we realized that apparently an albanian family/tribe were moving there, arriving the same time as we. And we walked around for an hour, and when we crossed the point again, they were still there! This kinda inspired us.

 After this, after looking up the restaurant, the waiting began. It was still an hour or so until the norwegians would arrive, and seriously, time has never went as slow as it did at that point! But after a while, we could finally see the Oslo flight as landed, and we got ready at the arrival section. Like I said, we were inspired by the albanians, and figured we would do the same thing to Martine and Cecilie! HAHA, imagine how ridiculous it turned out as Martine and Cecilie MISSED the luggage collection and came out another way! We were like, hello, where is your luggage, and they were like OH MY GOD OUR LUGGAGE IS GONE and then they managed to get back in to get their stuff.

After this, we went to the bathrooms and then, we headed to the restaurant.

The first thing we see, is a LARGE group of hardrockers. SWEET! Hopefully they were heading for Lichtenfels!
Next thing we notice is the luggage.

I turned to the girls and said. “This is a band.”

// Sara

The cameras are gone, and nobody screams……

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Michelle and I came home from Lichtenfels this morning, and Michelle have just left here to go home to her hometown.

This trip was a fucking blast, IT IS the best trip I have done this year. I’m not gonna tell you about itjust yet, because I need to go get some more sleep before I can be bothered.

But yes, insane. AND INTENSIV. Hahahahahaha.

// Sara

Pass, Passi, Passport, Potni List, Útlevél, Cestovný Pas….

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Yeah, that’s how you say passport in multiple languages…. just in case you wanted to know!

So in just an hour we are leaving for the flightbus, heading for Arlanda and sooner heading for DJERMANI and Lichtenfels!! Both Michelle and Paula is here with already, and in half an hour we are deciding wheter we are gonna all go by car downtown or if our luggage gets the carride and we have to take the bus, because our luggage are enourmous HAHA!

You know whats the most difficult to pack? Socks. Really. You always need a couple of extra pairs just in case, and since I have alot “unopened socks” I rather take shiny new ones than the little broken ones, I mean, HELL, getting those sores on the foot abroad? No thanks.

Thing is… my socks are pretty. They are cute. They got pigs, spiders, ants, mooses… you name it! On them. And it makes it difficult to choose. I’m defintely not taking anything with Spiders, ants or frogs because that’s my favourite. But the cows and the moose was so pretty too…. However, I end up with a rainbow pattern, pink pigs and a dice of death patterened socks. Sounds metal, doesn’t it?

Okay, now I gotta go and find Moomin and the Heavy Metal Moose before take off! See yah later folks!

// Sara


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Finlands entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2005, one of my faves that year.

Which is kind of bullshit, because 2005 is the best Eurovision year I’ve ever seen. It was only two entires (“Le Grand Soir” Belgium and “Lorraine” Bulgaria) that I didn’t enjoy that much, but they aren’t bad (If you compare to Ireland 2008 for instance… what the fuck…). My absolute favourite entry 2005 was, as you all know by now, Moldova, Zdob si Zdub and their “Boonika Bate Doba”. It was Moldovas first year actually, but Moldova has become one of my absolute favourite countries when it comes to Eurovision. Only one year have they disappointed me, and I think that was 2008. But then again, 2008 was such a messed up Eurovision year that I barely even cared for 2009… and when you’ve managed to get me to not care for ESC, congratulations Haters, you made it!

But now I’m back in the game haha, and considering my first live Eurovision year holds an internetmeme, and my second year held Zdob Si Zdub I can’t wait to get to Azerbaijan. Rumors has it Jedward (Ireland 2011) is gonna be back, love it!

Actually, ESC 2005 influenced me a lot. My emailadress is the same as the band Zdob si Zdub, just reversed. My homepage, has got it’s name from the Lithuanian entry by Laura and the Lovers. Maybe you thought it was Oasis or Alice Cooper, but really, no. And of course, we have Norway. Wig Wam – In My Dreams. The band that for real dragged me into the world of (sex, drugs and) Rock n Roll. It was Hate At First Sight, but after a while I just came to love them. They were suceeded by The Poodles whom were succeeded by Lordi and so on…

And PERFECTLY, I end up on the subject Lordi, which was even thought being the mainsubject for this entry, since we TOMORROW, or, TONITE, leave for Lichtenfels and Lordi! And of course HammerFall and a bunch others but still. MIXED FEELINGS LIKE SHIT; BUT ITS OKAY.

I’m almost finished packing, should finish that NOW and go eat. So.

Goodnight, and see you tomorrow.

NP: It Snows In Hell – Lordi
// Sara

Helsinki 19-20/11 -11.

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That’s an extremly… sophisticated title. Sorry about that, but I couldn’t figure out anything better! Anyways yes, as you probably knew, I spent my weekend in Finland, for the fourth and last time this year, unfortuneatley.

As usual, the trip began at midnight from where I live to Arlanda, and I mean you know the drill. Thing is I had to planned to sleep on the bus, I like went out of bed around 2pm, even went riding in the stable to make sure I was tired enough to sleep. But could I? Of course not. I had even put on The Ark on lowvolume to make sure I’d sleep well. But no, didn’t work and after a while I said fuck it. But a bit later, when I had HammerFalls “Chapter V” playing, on HIGHEST possible volume… Lets say the last song I heard was “Hammer Of Justice” and all of a sudden, I hear this creepy voice talking, and I’m like what the fuck. Looking down on my ipod. Turns out I had been sleeping throughout the entire album! (I began on Fury Of The Wild, in case any HammerFall diehards reads this, so technically not the entire album, but from H.O.J) So well, now I know that for next time I’m going somewhere, if I wanna sleep, I shall put on HammerFall and turn it up.

You know what I love? I love the neonsigns that is right before you get into the “arlanda-village”. The only thing I hear in my brain is “You know she likes the light on the neonbroadway signs…” I wish that I one day could capture it good on a picture. I guess I need a really good camera for that, cause mine failed to do that.

Anyways. For this weekends occasion, my plane didn’t leave at it’s usual 06.40 as it always is when I go to Helsinki, it left at 8 sharp. And I got there 04.30. What to do? Well. You go inside, look up the fanciest bathroom you can, lock yourself in and try to sleep. Which I failed, because I get so stressed out trying to sleep inside bathrooms. I’m so scared some staff is coming and unlocking or something like that. Sleeping in airports I can do, but not in the bathrooms. After that you have breakfast. On the bathroom floor. To keep the trip cheap I had brought breakfast from home so… yes. Glamorous, don’t you think?

Filthy glamorous, but that’s how we roll. Eventually, the time actually passed and I fell asleep on the plane, Seriously, I just realized how boring it is. I usually LOVE travelling because you can listen to music and daydream, but I always end up doing spasmic sit-dancing when I travel, and you can’t do that in planes because there are so much people. And also, you can’t dream away, because you need to keep your eye on the “fasten seatbelt” sign. So… yeah. Maybe I should continue sleeping. Either way.

I kinda liked being there late, not so much hours ’til hitting it! But as I awaited the germans (Antha, Alex, Eva), I just had a nice coffe and, yeah, I was of course still kinda sick, not sick as I couldn’t move, but as a sore throat… Yes, having coffe, getting ready and then… not meeting up with the germans. Because haha, I had left for their arrival hall, HOWEVER, they had went to Terminal 2 instead of going out at Terminal 1, so it was a FML moment. But we solved it easy – I got on the bus at T1, and they at T2. SAID AND DONE, reserved a fourseat thing and the moment we got to the busstation at Terminal 2, and I saw Eva and Eva saw me… HAHAHA, People must have thought we were retarded! Typical us.

Anyway.. Yes. We had a nice ride to downtown, and as we saw Argo awaiting us in the centre was also a moment of retardation. We were a bit worried on the bus if we’d find him, but as I said. “Wheter we find him or not – he will find us.” And well, he did! We grab fast…. no. SLOW LUNCH at McDonalds. Seriously, Antha and Alex had to wait… half an hour?! For their chicken nuggets. We said Antha maybe had to go slay the chicken herself. Or the black crowes. HAHA, internjokes.

As Eva went off to see a finnish friend, we others went shopping. Uhm… I think we went to like, Eurokauppa, Ninja, BR Leksaker, Cybershop and Morticia.. With various result! I found a couple of stuff in first three mentioned and Alex got some new badass pants at Morticia. After that, met up with the very best Jasmin and having dinner at McDonalds… again. Before we left for Bäkkäri.

We had a nice walk there. And at a roadcrossing, Argo just randomly started to talk to this guy there. I was like, what the fuck, is he asking for the way maybe? Then I recognized the person. Joni Master. You know, I was told he was coming, but I wasn’t really.. thinking much about it. But all of a sudden, he just… were there!!! I must say though, he is a real cool guy! I imagined he would different, considering what he is like online, but I honestly enjoyed hanging out with him! Hope that will happen again!

Yes, we hit Bäkkäri and we were the first people there. CAN YOU IMAGINE.. typical us though. It’s like queueing. Always get there early. But you know, we ain’t the shy ones. We ain’t the boring ones. So we just sat down, undressed (I mean… jackets.. what the hell?) ordered a few drinks.. and… “Would You Love A Monsterman” comes on…. Do I really need to tell you more? Well. The party started hahaha! I wonder what the manager thought. Ah hell, he must have seen worser things than this!

Green Room opened at 10pm right, and who were the first in? HAHA NOT US. Actually, a few persons beat us, but ok. We were ALMOST first in. And that place… was confusing. There where thousands (almost) different ways you could go and I was mainly like, Ok, sure, why not. We located the wardrobe, put away our stuff and located the stage. Front row! YAY! Or something like that, I hate this no fence thing so I.. step back a bit. Not for pressure, It just… you know… sitting in the lap of the band. And I’ve been sitting in Lemons and Cruzs laps enough so… Well, herefrom it was just insane. Dancing, partying and just awaiting the first band, Apezone!

They were good. Not exactly the kind of music I’m usually into, but I really liked their energy and, I mean, it didn’t suck! Great opening!

Next up was Honey Hellraiser, and the crowd (thank god) grew a little bigger for them!, Yeah, Apezone didn’t have that many in the audience sad to say : ( But at least they got it better, and yeah well.. It was great, as usual really. The audience seemed to have a lotta fun and love the kind of spirit “fresh” bands have you know? I’ve always (yes, it’s ok for me to say ALWAYS now when I see the third gig!) enjoyed HH the most on these concerts. Great, awesome. Just great.

And yeah well then.. Stala and SO.! They were good. To be honest, I have seen better… and they have taken away One Nite Stand! Highly disapprove. But oh god, did Eva and I have a good time? HAHA that is to say the least! I love going to concerts with crazy people, it gets so much more fun. But yes, Concert was fine, but could be better. I also wish Sampsa would you know, losen up a bit. Freak around a bit. Wouldn’t hurt him!

Bands off – Party on! It was just like in Helsinki last time, just a bit better range of music! Dancing, drinking, singing… I just love it. Eventually, and sadly, the germans and Jasmin had to leave, sadest moment of the day. I hate goodbyes. I really do. “Last Call For Alcohol” came on and for the second time ever we did a proper jenka to the song.  The finnish people were looking SO suspiscious on us, but I promies you babes, we will make it happen.

Both me and Argo stayed at Harris place for the weekend, so it was basically just for us to head there for a small afterparty. Argo tried out the electric drums, haha, what a sight!  But you know. There ain’t much more to say about it! For this occasion nor me or Argo had early ship/flights so we could stay a little longer. Had an awesome time, there is nothing better than discuss music with people who knows it.

You know, I kinda lost track of time. So I thought I was almost gonna be late for departure. But you know what happened? DELAYED. OF COURSE, OF COURSE! You know, I was already in kind of a rush you know for the busses home to Karlstad, and the plane kept getting delayed (its like Juha said; Universe doesn’t want me to leave Finland). But eventually we did take off, I got home, and made it to the bus and everything.

This was one of the best weekends, in my life, EVER. I hope this will happen soon again. Real soon. I miss all of you. Heavily.
Hollywood whore, passed out on the floor, can’t take it no more, I’m sorry but the party is over

// Sara


I’m Blue

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I’m blue da ba de ba da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai… You gotta love the techno from the 90’s. THAT was quality. Good stuff.

When I put on the song I got an interesting seizure, started to dance the most ridiculous dance ever. And I just can’t stop, so it’s taking me extra long to write this blogentry…

In just two hours my dear friends, will I leave, once again, for Finland. My mood from yesterday has gone up a little little bit, so now I at least got some sort of inspiration. Sad part is, I’m packed and done. I’m not used to that, to be done so early. I need that little little stress of not being done in time. Damn.

But okay. What am I gonna do in Finland really? Maybe there are readers here who haven’t kept up pace.

Either way, I’m going to a concert. And it’s Stala&So., again. It’s the third time I see them this year, but I’m kinda mindfucked over the fact they “changed” the venue. They usually play at On The Rocks, in my opinion, the best nightclub I have ever been too. But today, they play at Bär Bäkkeri. It’s pretty legendary, apparently it got drinks named after Lordimembers, and you know, that’s pretty digg. Other rockstars too of course, but that don’t impress me much you know.

Supporters are, of course, Honey Hellraiser for the first, and yeah yeah, I know, the Honeys don’t ALWAYS support SO., but whenever *I* go see SO., they play with them. That’s sort of a condition for me to even go see SO.. The second supportband is Apezone, and to be honest, I have never heard of them. Maybe I shall do a little reaserch, maybe not.

Probably not, I’m just gonna go and make myself even more ready than I already am. And seizure a little bit more to Blue. I’m blue da ba dee ba da dai…

NP: I’m Blue – Eiffel 65
// Sara

They Only Come Out At Night

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One of Lordis singles off The Arockalypse, the song they made together with Udo Dirkschneider if you remember? I like it in some twisted kind of way.

You know, you have those days when you are supposed to do alot, and you end up doing completly nothing? Yeah, I had one of those today. I was supposed to finish everything for Finland today, but did I? Of course not. But I guess I can fix the shirt right before going to bed.

The sad part is, right now, I don’t have any motivation to go. And sadly, that happens alot. It all depends a bit on the concert, on the situation, and whom I’m going with. I think I might feel this lack of motivation due to
1, I’m in moneystress – you might think I have alotta money, but I really don’t. Not at all, and when things get ‘expensive’ I just get sick on it. And Helsinki has gotten expensiver than it usually is.
2, I have Lichtenfels coming up
3, They have changed the usual venue so my total usual plan is like, ruined.

Yup, that is HCSS picks! Pink one is from the shop, but white one is Vics!

Hopefully it will feel better tomorrow. Or well, we will see about that. Nevertheless I’m going of course, not bailing now. I think also I hate the fact the entire weekend gets lost because of it… I’m back on Mondaynight around 3am. I dislike that ALOT. Damn flights… oh well. I’ll get alotta schoolwork done at least! I also got the offer to stay at a certain rockstars home… but we will see ; ).

Okay, now it’s 2.21am, so I think I’m just gonna hit the sheets. After cutting of course.

NP: Bad Medicine – Bon Jovi
// Sara

Hollywood Teaze

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The new tune on the Generation Wild LP. I have some kind of hate-love towards it, I don’t particulary like it as if it was one of my favourite, but it’s also somehow given to be in playlists and always rolling.

Talking about the song and the LP, after a little struggle, it’s finally here! Were sure a little light in black now when the sickness really hit it off for me.

I suspected already on Monday that I’d end up being extremly sick, and since I did so, I’ve kinda slipped a bit with all I had planned to do this week. The review haven’t been written, I haven’t begun packing, I haven’t fixed the Sister shirt, and the worst part, I haven’t been able to go to school. But hopefully, I haven’t missed too much of it.

Oh well. Time to do something different, like drink more hot chocolate or at least put out all the stuff I need…

NP: Hollywood Teaze – Crashdiet
// Sara

All My Friends Are Dead

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I just dug up with Turbonegro song recently, must say I love it.

I still have various injuries since the concert, and it’s been approx three days since it, I mean, this is just too much. And on top of that, I’ve gotten sick. Nothing is really going my way right now is it?

Or actually, it is. I spent half of my day today with the very best Maria, we both exchanged to euro (she is going to Belgium tomorrow, and me to Finland on Saturday) we also went looking for birthdaypresents and christmasgifts for the people we are celebrating New Years Eve. I know exactly what to get Thomas for his birthday now, and I also got my hand on Martines birthday gift. I already had their christmaspresents done, so now it’s just Paula and Maria left of those two.

After a nice dinner and right before I was heading for work we joined the dark side for a short moment and plundered a wall for it’s Hardcore Superstar posters. However, I wonder if anyone cares considering the event has already taken place and also, people had started to put other posters upon it. I also managed to get the last piece for my Lichtenfels outfit, a piece I never though I’d find! But I so did. NOW, I can easily say, Lichtenfels will be epic. A few more things are to be done before the outfit is complete, but I’ll take those down next week.

Talking about outfits, I still have no clue what to do with the Sister shirt. As it looks right now, I’ll give it a normal cut. Cause really, either way, I’d have given it a pretty normal cut even I intended to totally slaughter it. Finland will be good really, hanging out with good friends in my favourite town ever. Even though Harri tweets me the weirdest things ever, haha.

NP: Na Inat – Poli Genova
// Sara