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“You have the bands you love – and the bands you stay true to no matter what”

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This rather infamous quote is of course taken by my dear Concertweirdos, and I realized how true it is.

I have a small gap in October, where I have no gigs at all really. So I went on my routine on Ticnet – I used to do it all the time when I went to highschool, not so much anymore because I usually get updates via Facebook, but now I did so. Noticed HammerFall have two shows off their “Infected” tour in Sweden. Said and done, now I shall be attending the touropening in Gothenburg I decided.  So yes one more show added soon.

This made me think a little. Last time I saw HammerFall was last year at Sonisphere festival – normal, random, boring festival gig. Before that it was on the Any Tour Necessary, must be one of the more amazing tours I have seen. Sucha powerful show, wow, it certainly blew my mind! See if I can dig up some pictures… Oh yes! Here are some stripes..

Not sure if you can tell – but the green Hector is reflected in a waterfall, and I think the blue above Joacim is as well. Eh yes… that was all about HammerFall, I was gonna talk about something totally different, my title actually.

I haven’t listened to HammerFall for ages, and the only reason I saw them last year was because they played the festival. But you know – as CW said – there are bands you love. There are plenty. DangerDanger, Cinderella, Mötley Crüe, Poison, Pretty Boy Floyd and so on.

But then we have the bands I stay true to no matter what. I use to call them the bands on my “wall of fame”. The Ark. Wig Wam. Crashdiet. Lordi. Gotthard. Sabaton. Lady Gaga.  The Poodles. And of course HammerFall. It’s the bands I don’t listen to everyday, time to time I don’t even have them in my mind at all. But once they release a record, a tour, a new piece of merch – anything – I never even doubt to get it or to attend. If I get to choose between a Michael Monroe gig and a HammerFall gig, HammerFall probably wins, because they are my wall of fame band, you know?

It’s the bands you would die for. The bands, where it doesn’t matter if they change. HammerFall has gotten a more heavy sound, Lordi tries to get back to the 80s, I don’t know what the fuck happened with Lady Gaga and Wig Wam is just… Wig Wam. But they are MY bands. If Lordi so would start to make music ala Justin Bieber, I’d still be there. Loving them, supporting them. Just staying true. I might of course not agree in all they do – but I keep promoting them, telling everyone around that “this is the best band on earth!” how hypocritical it now might be to say so about this many bands I don’t know, but that’s what we do.

I guess we go under the label “hardcore fans”. We who never let go, who always are there to help them through rough times, who always travel til the end of time to see them, not letting anything stop us.

It’s what we do for the bands. Not the bands that we love, but the bands that crossed that barrier that makes them closer to heart than anything else.

// Sara

The Ark in Gothenburg

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Myes. A little randomly, we decided to go see The Ark in Gothenburg.

It’s sad, that The Ark are quitting. The Ark is,without any kind of doubt, Swedens best live act as well as Swedens best inspirationsource. Listening to Ola Salo… he really touches your heart! And the show, Oh my god. When they go, a part of my heart will be missing. Love to all of you.

It was pretty much the same setlist as earlier, however, haha this is incredible. Before the show started I was thinking to myself “Hm. Last time I saw them in Gothenburg, they opened with ‘Absolutley No Decorum’, will they do it this time as well?” because in Karlstad earlier this year, they had begun with AND’s beginning and then “Hey Modern Days”. And would you know – They did open with “Absolutley No Decorum”! Else it was yes, pretty much the same.

I always get as happy as a little child when they do “Disease”, I love it, easily my favourite song. Overall it was a fine show, and it was incredibly fun seeing Eric Young from Crashdiet running around being their roadie. Now I’ve catched him twice at places he shouldn’t be at. What the fuck. Oh well. I salute you, The Ark. Can’t believe the end is near.

Hm. I have various versions of this moment. Both from Karlstad this year, and also from Svedala Sommarrock back in ’07. Gonna dig it up!

Also listening like hypnotized to the preview of Jay Smiths “Like A Prayer” on iTunes store. I can’t wait until I get the fucking record. It’s something of the best I have heard.. the arrangement! Oh my god.

NP: Like A Prayer – Jay Smith
// Sara

Christmas Metal Meeting Lichtenfels

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OH HELL YES. I was considering only going one day, Lordis day, and well, I’m still considering just going one day, cause I mean, HELL, look at the upgrade of the headliner:

FUCKINGS HAMMERFALL! And Saxon! And Lizzy Borden! And Anvil! And of course, Lordi! I can’t wait to book the tickets….



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Yes, almost an entire week since last time I wrote anything! Awesome!

Skogsröjet happened, and it was… interesting. No really, it was really good actually! Saw alotta good bands, left with new favourite bands in my pocket and lots of good memories. It was a bit hectic the first day as Malin for the first arrived an hour later than us and then, once she arrived, we had to wait another hour for the taxi. But it was fine. Once at the camping, it wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be, and we had a nice spot with some of our best mates, Joiz, Jesper, Angie & Her friends!

Concertwise the day began with Sister, nice surprise! It WAS a bit weird – you know, when you are expecting Poison and Marilyn Manson comes out? Their appearence have changed so much! Still good though!

After Sister I headed for Dynazty, and they were well nice! They had alotta problems though, but I guess it solved later. I love their “This Is My Life” cover. I did however like, freakout during the show, beause I had left my cellphone in the camp… But it was still there as the concert was over! Thank god!

I was heading for Bullet, but in the middle of the show I happened to run into my friends Mike and Chris! Well nice to see them again, and I ended up spending the rest of the evening with them, which included a meet&greet with UDO! (Which he charges for…) Fun story about UDO, do you Lordi Paris People remember Mark? You know that tourmanager that pissed each and everyone of us off, that made us cry out for Rikk to come back? M thats right, him! He is or has always been maybe, the tourmanage for UDO! Kinda fun when Mike told me about him I didn’t recognize the behaviour, but the moment I saw him I was like WAIT A SECOND, THATS THE LORDI MARK!!!! Eugh. I didn’t interact at all with him though… so not sure if he is still an ass or not!

Chris, Mike & UDO!

We went to see UDO for a while and then rounded off he evening nicely! Got to meet Tom and Vinnie from Badmouth a bit more properly, well nice!

The Saturday began nicely with a two hour chat with Thomas on the phone while packing and later heading for Badmouths show, it must have been the most intense queueing I have ever done. We had to wrestle for our spots… Okay not really, but we had fun! The sun that burned us wasn’t as fun though… The concert began after a while and it was top notch I would say! They did very well and they had an awesome setlist.

This is when it started to get hectic. After Badmouth, our schedules was pretty much FILLED. Right after Badmouth, we headed for Electric Boys to watch them. I just love Conny Bloom and the way he puts on a show. Its like, Michael Monroe quality. Basically. Oh god.

I did get a little break here though, before Fatal Smile would start their show so I figured I’d eat a little and such… But I started “queueing” pretty early actually.

Back to Fatal Smile. They were really awesome, like really. Always put on a good show. And I always gets as happy when they do “Run for your life”. I fucking love it.

I wasn’t sure I’d make it to Hardcore Superstar in time, but I actually did! I left AFTER Fatal Smile, and I managed to get to HCSS before they even began! And what to say about HCSS? They totally rocked. I guess its also half their audience who makes the shows great. You remember I wrote about passion? Yeah? Well, HCSS audience must be the most passionate I have seen in a long time, I mean, REALLY. Most rockbands with the (new)sleaze audience, doesn’t have as passionate fans. If it is because they dont have the passion or they are just uptight I don’t know, but yeah. It’s special.

I actually managed to see the entire HCSS gig from the very first song to the very last…But I have also never runed as fast to Pretty Boy Floyds stage as that time. I managed to find Sofia and Malin whom had left HCSS stage WAY too early to start queueing.. Interesting! However… the show… Pretty Boy Floyd… this was the best show of the festival, no doubt. It’s something with the band, maybe its with my history with them, or if its just them.. It makes it extremly special at least. Kickass, well played, good setlist, just freaking AMAZING.

And ok. Before leaving the stage Stevie said he would be at the merchtent signing stuff… who do you think were there the first? OF COURSE IT WAS US! You know, I can’t catch the bus, or run beside a cantering horse. But when it’s about beating the others to the signing, I’m the fucking fastest. Or in this case, we were. We bought a copy each of the new album and got it signed by Steve. Awesome. After that, we hit WASP’s stage.

What to say about WASP…They were fine. I mean… Yeah. They were doing well, I still disapprove of them not playing “Animal” so I can’t give them a too higher grade.

Nevertheless, this was a pretty good festival. Well organized and all, but you should teach your security what an proffesional camera is. No,my little camera with a big screen with 0 settings is NOT a pro one, even if it is a bit bigger than regular cameras. Sorry, but I don’t like “the smaller the better”.

Over all, it was fine. Thanks!
// Sara

That’s where I’m meeting all my friends…

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… six hours before the concert begins!

I haven’t been blogging for awful long. Ridingcamp was awesome, we ended the shit with a waterfight, and some wrestling with the horse Diana. What else…

My The Sims stopped working, then functioned, then stopped and so on… Now it works, and Cullens work as well! Awesome.

Last, is I just had my birthday, 20th one.  Was a nice day, and some pretty gifts! They follow below.

Thomas Bajerus Flagstad

Now I’m hitting Skogsröjet..or tomorrow! Will be tweet tweeting!

// Sara