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Can’t Stop Loving You

Posted in Uncategorized on July 15, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

A Van Halen song. A friend of mine posted it on Facebook figured I’d check it out. It’s pretty awesome. Van Halen always is I noticed…

Ok. I haven’t been updating at all… What happened… Nothing really. Our maincomputer crashed, and thats like, horrible. Everything is lost. All concertpics and all writing and shit. Not fun. And this means… I lost The Cullens. And Nikki Knife. Actually, my mother is kinda great, so I have an old version of The Cullens saved from before, so I still have them. But not Nikki. I remade her though, and yeah.. I failed kind of. I was so sure she had fulfilled her goal and she hadn’t and now I’m just bitter about her really… She’s a vampire too, and I realized I will NEVER make The Cullens vampires, I have enough trouble getting this one to drink, what the heck would I do with EIGHT sims who needed to drink one sim per person?

Nikki’s boyfriend is kinda smart though, he has a human living in his house (not his partner) that he lives on… Amazing!

I’m going to Finland tonight, but I maybe will get some time to give you another Sims-Memory tonight!

// Sara

The Sims Memory #1

Posted in The Sims, Uncategorized on July 10, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Okay, I’ll put out my very first The Sims memory today. I’m gonna start a bit rough, and tell you about my very first memory which is a pretty horrible one.

It was when I had first gotten The Sims from my mother, it was The Sims and the expansionpack Livin’ It Up. It was my first own family, and I made it a bit cheeky making it a “double” family, with other words, eight sims, two females, two males and four kids. I named them Andersson-Svensson, so as you figure, it was like two families in one.

As you also may understand, as being my very first family, I didn’t know much. For instance, I didn’t know you could click the bus and the workcar to get them to go to work, and I didn’t know you could cancel their actions. I didn’t know you could turn off “Free Will” as well, so yeah. They moved doing everything I did NOT want them to and I got infuriated every day. Then we have The Day.

They were all feeling very ill, except from two who felt… I guess Okay, because they went to work and school. It was the mother and daughter of the Svensson family I recall. I was sitting on my chair BEGGING them to go to work and school. Which they didn’t, except from the ones I said did.

Well. This isn’t so bad is it? Well. Just wait. For some odd fucking reason, the father of the Andersson family decided to make breakfast. I wanna note out to you all, that he had no cooking skills what so ever. And I figured what would happen. Of course. A fire broke out. And I didn’t know how to call the firemen.

I sat there, watching them die, one by one. My first family, the family I cherished so high. One by one they fell, one by one the reaper came and took them. I had at that point never ever cried so badly. The fire eventually died out by itself, and the only survivors was the mother and the daughter whom had gone to work/school.

After that, I moved them to a new house and it was the very same moment I decided I should learn EVERY SINGLE THING about this game to ever prevent this to happen again.


Fun trivia about this, is that my first family in The Sims 3, the Cullens, Rosalie actually was really close to burn down the entire house there too, because she figured she would start cooking and Esme and Carlisle were the only ones not at home. But gladly, I did know how to call a firemen. So they are alive. Obviously.

// Sara

Sim City Allehanda

Posted in The Sims, Uncategorized on July 9, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

That was the first name of the first magazine I ever made. It was a mailmagazine, sent out once a month about The Sims. 30 people following it. This was way before even The Sims 2 came out, I think I started this close after The Sims Superstar was given out, considering the name comes from the gossipmagazine in The Sims Superstar. It was a fun magazine. I wrote about the games, the upcoming games, articles about The Sims in general and also trivial facts as what “On Holiday” was called in English and “Hot Date” was called in French.

I stopped that magazine after a while, I think it’s because I started to ride and just didn’t have time enough for it anymore. My passion for The Sims never died though. I still p0lay it regulary, and I think I even started The Sims on my old computer but sitting down here playing The Sims 3.

I don’t like it, The Sims 3. It’s so messy. It’s fine it is, but… it’s just messy. I prefer The Sims more than anything, and The Sims Vacations is my favourite amongst them, but I also love the glourious life you get to live in Superstar. Usually I just move my sims to magictown, make them supermodels and take them on vacations. All the time. I love the magic part you know. Hot Date I care a lot for too. I loved those moments you were standing in the jewellery store and asked what the sim you just hooked up with works with. And oh my god.. the restaurants! I remember, right next to the jewellary store, it was some cheesy restaurant that looked like McDonalds, so I always preferred to go to the movie-restaurant, which looked more highclass (not saying it was, it just looked that way)

Then came The Sims 2, and it’s okay. It took a while to get used to it, but it was fun. My favourite amongst them isn’t Bon Voyage. You might think, considering I like Vacations the best amongst the first era, but no. Nightlife is my favourite amongst the second one. And will NEVER forget the moment the robot my sim built in Open For Business, that killed her, and I get a little note from the reaper saying something like this: “The reaper… what to say about him… Well, he likes to go riding in the sunset on the beach on his white horse, he likes to read and romantic dinners.” I somehow couldn’t be sad over the loss of my sim when I read that… holy shit. Amazing stuff. Caliente was my first family I played on, and Torrance Shipman (based on Bring It On movies) was the first one I made… Wow.

Then we have The Sims 3. My first family was some chick called Rebecka, and I don’t even remember her because I moved onto The Cullens pretty quickly. But yeah.. messy. I still haven’t quite gotten how it works. Right now, Late Night is my favourite (no, World Adventures just freaks me out!!) and the luxuary packages is cool too. But yes.

It’s those small things that I come to think of every now and then. I do wonder though, if my readers would be interested in me telling a weekly story about my Sims happenings? Funny such that is? Let me know!

From when my dragon burned down my house…But that’s another story!

Alice Cooper

Posted in Uncategorized on July 6, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Yes. I’m home, or I have been for a day, yet I was way to exhausted to even try to write or update anything. Now I’m back on track though.

Alleysan was just fucking wonderful as usual, and I find it real fun with a new tour. Sure, I loved the Teather Of Death tour, but you know, I kinda like the new era. And when it comes to Cooper, I’m kinda spoiled. I have not one, but TWO of my favourite songs in the set! “Wicked Young Man” and “Only Women Bleed”. A more specific review, will, as you know, come on later on Hå The changed however he had done from TOD tour (Psycho Drama tour was so long ago I’m not gonna bring it up) was that he took away the hanging when “Only Women Bleed”/”I Never Cry” and he also lost the heroinshot in “Poison”. He instead did “Only Women Bleed” / “Cold Ethyl” (He usually does ‘Cold Ehtyl’/’Poison’) and what more… Yes! He had improved “Feed My Frankenstein” in a horrific way… With having a giant him coming on!

I sure as hell had a blast, and I miss him already. Fuck this.

(quality is shit, but I can’t be bothered watermarking right now, so I give you shitquality instead)

Today’s been chill. I’ve been doing the review, and took a break to update my Cooper wall. Ever since the overepic gig in 2008, I decided to just as I did with Lordi and Wig Wam, dedicate an entire (piece of) wall to him. And it hasn’t been updated since the gig in 2009 (‘cept from the Sonisphere ticket) so I gave it a smaller makeover today. Before-After shots.

It’s not much of a change, but a little. And I’m also starting to wonder HOW I’ll fit pictures from Sonis and Gröna Lund there… Oh well! That will be the next problem.

This is the rest of the wall. Figured it should be included. Now I’m gonna continue writing, have a good one!

// Sara

Sommarkrysset + Uppsala

Posted in Uncategorized on July 3, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Yesterday, Saturday, was a nice day. I met up with Joiz around 1pm (I was a bit late, sorry again!) and due to the lack of anything to do, we ended up walking through half of Stockholm. Well nice, since she showed me some of the “infamous” spots I’d never been to before. Awesome. We did this while waiting for Mik and Katja, but they were running really late…

So after a while we decided to go to Gröna Lund ahead, which we did. We went to the stage to look for Sara but couldn’t find her. The heat that is going on in Sweden right now might be the worst I have ever been through, almost worser than the one at Peace&Love 2009. After a while we managed to find a pretty cool spot, it was right beneath a carusell called “Swining Ship” or something, and it was just fucking awesome, cause everytime the ship swung pass us, it chilled down alot.

Mik arrived a bit later and we went to pick her up before we hit the stage again, this time standing by the fence “preparing” for the actual show. By this time I started to get a bit impatient. WHERE THE FUCK WAS SARA? I asked Ellinor about it and found out she was away buying food. Awesome, just awesome. But actually, eventually, she did turn up. And it was so great to see her again, last time was at Dark Decadence! And as an even bigger surprise, ELIN have returned from UK! Wow, I can honestly say I have kinda missed her! Was great catching up with her as well. I’m just delivering alotta “great” and “awesome” here, but what can I say, it was!

We never really intended to go inside the fanpit at all, not even when Patricia showed up and marked us with “Niclas” on mine and Joiz arm (it’s one of the cameramen), but after the 4th pair of guards had nagged us about it, we joined up in there as well, and I’m pretty glad we did. Mik & Joiz friends Notte and Katja joined up too before the show started.

There isn’t so much to say in particular about the show, it’s like it’s been before, and you could see it on TV. But it was great, and it felt great, to be there and see and live with all this. I’m alread starting to miss The Ark a little bit, even if they yet haven’t quit (Last concert will be held at September 16th on Gröna Lund).

I can’t really be too bothered giving you more The Ark pictures right now, even if I have shitloads. I’ll upload them on my website eventually. After the show was done I hooked up with Sara and Elin again before going home and get to bed.

Today has been fricking kickass too. I had to get up like, too early to get to Uppsala to hang out with Sara and well.. the first thing I did was to give her the Jedhead I had gotten her on Eurovision Song Contest, and she was, like übergrateful for it. It ended up with us making silly videos of her walking into stores with the quiff on.

Else we didn’t so much. We talked. We walked amongst store and she showed me the way to Lepardstore too, I didn’t know it was so close to the central. I was kinda terrified from the window, because Liz have been dressing a mannequin with some striped pants and put boots on, and for a second I actually thought it was an actual person. Funny moment. We also got a Jesus DVD each, apparently that’s what you do in Uppsala. Watch Jesus. And tripping. We also made up a dance for “Bloody Mary”. Just a freaking kickass day you know? It was sad it ended.

Now I’m just sitting here listening to The Big 4, or Metallica, on television gonna start packing and then get ready for bed. Alice Cooper tomorrow!

// Sara

ISC & Badmouth release party

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Hello you all.

This will be a killer one. First I wanna announce one thing: MOLDOVA QUALIFIED THROUGH THE SEMIFINAL OF INTERNATIONAL SOUND CONTEST!, With other words, Alexandra Stan made it! Gosh, I am so happy I could die!

Lets move on.
The day began pretty smoothly. Or not. I overslept, and almost forgot half my packing because I had some stableduteys to do, but it turned out as good as I had already packed what I thought I had forgotten. Dutey was fine, was counting the points of the dressagesheets (it’s national ponydressage at our stable, as we speak) so I was doing that for a class. But I realized how fucking long it was since I did it the last time, because I had completley forgotten how to calculate. We figured it out soon enough though. Thank god.

Anyway, after this it was time for me to hit Stockholm, to attend the releaseparty of Badmouths new record. For today’s honour, I actually had first class seat. And holy motherfucker, how those seat were big! They were like, huge! I had brought Sara’s jedhead as company, and even he fitted in the seat! But most of the time, he just sat in the window.

Anyway. Pretty instantly when I arrived we left for Harry B James and Badmouths releaseparty. Last wednesday, on the 29th, they had released their second album “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” (which I told you about, you can read a review here and order it here) and well yeah, this was a celebration party for it!

We arrived kinda late, around 10.30 pm, but it didn’t really matter since the band weren’t hitting the stage until 11, it was said. First people I meet when I get there is the one and onliest Chris and Mike from the band, hugging party was a fact! Sure, it was just like what, two weeks since I met them the last time, but still, it was fucking great to see them again.

We managed, I don’t even know how, to find a table in the pretty crowded club and chilled down a bit before the show, which started twenty minutes past and they opened the gig with the song “Radiator” (off the new album) and… Ok, first of all I was very so much amazed by the arena. It was like, THE smallest stage I had ever seen, the place looked alot like On The Rocks (Helsinki) but even On The Rocks has a bigger stage than this.. I was concerned for a while if the band would even fit.. But they did. And anyway, sidetracked. They began with “Radiator”, and the energy… I mean hell what the, if I thought they were great at Cinderella, that is nothing compared to now. The energy the bands presents on the stage, it always keeps amaze me.

It’s like Mike (I think) said to me afterwards; “If a band doesn’t think it’s fun, you can see right through them”. And he is pretty damn right about that. I’ve had my fair share for musicians who doesn’t have the fire anymore, but you can’t say that about Badmouth. Ratherly, does their fire EVER stop? The followed up “Radiator” with “Cocaine Girl” from their previous album, and then “Blue Ribbon Days” from the new one. I was glad to see there were quite a few Badmouth, eh, do I dare call them “die-hards”? Maybe it’s a bit too soon to call them die-hards, but ok, some good ol’ Badmouth fans that really knew their shit.

I think this is the same setlist as they had on Cinderella last week, because after “City Is Burning” they wrapped the concert up with my two favourite songs, “Tired” and “Heavy Metal Parking Lot”. One more thing I noticed throughout the gig, was the sound. This arena really seem to know their thing, because the sound was just… pure eargasm. I guess it also might, just might, eheh, have to do with the band too, I’ve never really seen sucha tight band before, at least not sucha “fresh” band as Badmouth actually is, don’t forget that.

On demand from the rather small crowd, they did one last song, “Bottoms Up” (fittingly enough, don’t you think? Considering the location!) before they left the stage, and LITERALLY left the audience wanting more. This was a rather good show, one of the better ones I’ve seen this year, it’s kind of in the league with Show by SO. and Michael Monroe. Extremly good, I can’t wait to see them again! And yes, the quality of the pictures sucks pretty hard, but my camera didn’t wanna work with me AT ALL… Sorry ’bout that!

We stayed around the place for a bit longer and got to have a long and lovely chat with Mike about anything and everything, and I also finally got to say Hello and talk to Tom for the very first time! Really nice to meet him, finally!
After a while we decided to leave a bit earlier than they closed, considering we had to get up early for SOMMARKRYSSET, but I must say, I had sucha great time there.

Thanks to Badmouth, Mike, Chris, Tom and my mum for making it pretty kickass. See you soon again!

// Sara