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Röcklöss Löw in Tampere

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Alrighty folks! After catching my breathe a bit I do now intend to tell you all about it. It began early. Or maybe late? Already at 00.05 did the bus leave here from my hometown with the destination Arlanda. Sofia joined in later and then… the adventure began. We had our breakfast around 6, sandwich and coke for me and… sandwich and juice for her I think it was.

After that, we went to check in and through the securitycontrol. AND THE SECURITY OH MY GOD. The queue… It covered half fucking Arlanda!!!!! FUCK!!

Either way, we looked up our gate and then went to get maked up. And seriously, that was the worst… I mean… I have never been so stressed. We went into a toilet, each one, and turns out it was ONLY two toilets in this room, and… so many people decided to come when we were there! They dragged the doors and shit. Good thing is that there was a sign right outside saying there are more toilets on the other side. Puh. But fuck, the stress….

After that.. We sat down. It was approximatley around one hour left until boarding.. So we put some Reckless Love music on and then we just snapped. We took egopics, and we took weird pics and I don’t even….

Well. At this point, time moved on really fast and we had to hurry to our gate because it turns out we had gone to the wrong gate. Good thing we were in good time at least! The flight went really smooth and we landed in Helsinki a bit to early, and that combined with that the airport shuttlebus was late, we got into Helsinki 20 minutes earlier than we had expected too!

Unfortuneatley, all this travelling had made us sick. And considering we had a two hour train ride infront of us, and then another one, this wasn’t good. But since we had gotten these extra 20 minutes, and already had an hour and a half over until the train left, we figured we would go look for a pharmacy. And on our way to Kamppi to look for one, we found Argo! My phone had fucked up so I couldn’t reach him. Good thing he recognized us! And even better, we found a pharmacy next to the trainstation, so we didn’t need to go to Kamppi! Life was good.

After that. We hit McDonalds to pick up lunch to have on the train later, and then we went to our stop at the trainstation. It was like an hour until the train would leave, so we picked up ice cream and then just… sat down. And took a few pictures. Always.

Train came, we went on and just… rode on it. But haha oh my god this train ride….

First, there is a town in Finland with the most hilarious name ever. Träskända. It means Swampbutt kind of. Maybe it’s just fun in Swedish, but give me a break… TRÄSKÄNDA?!?!?! Hahahaha.

Second, we decided after a while to have lunch. At this point we realized how generous McDonalds is with Ketchup, they had given us… SO MUCH! Less fun was that, in the middle of lunch we were asked to switch train : ( and on the new train there were no seats… PARTY ON THE FLOOR!!!… Yeah. And to wrap up this hilariousness, when Sofia was having her burger, it got her lipstick on it. I couldn’t help it, I had to sing “Lipstick” by Jedward.

Yeah well… That pretty much covers it! After a while we did hit Tampere, and it had been raining seas during the trainride, but the moment we stepped out… the sun came! And the sun is here I’m going crazy from the heat… oh sorry, sidetracked! We went to Stockmann and then some musicstores before ACTUALLY going to Tammerfest. To leave to pick up some snacks to have. Then we were back again! To queue.

Reckless Love must be heavy metals Backstreet Boys. This is the one band that is ALL hot, all their songs are catchy and… there were only girls in the line. Not one boy. Except from Argo. Hahahahahahaha… Oh my god.

And yes… we queued. We fixed our hair again, it had gotten kinda messy. While doing that Sofia did all the Crashdiet faces… Oh my god..

Yeah. Of course it started to rain. HEAVILY. Good enough it lasted just an hour or such. There aren’t much to say about the queueing but one thing really upset me.

There was a girl there, she wasn’t from Finland. And there was no information in English what so ever. And apparently the sign said, no professional cameras. Fair enough. But this girl happened to have one. And they neglecgted her entrance, or they would the guard told her. And they couldn’t find a place to put it away for her, safe. How did this end? She had to leave. She couldn’t go to the concert. That makes me so fucking upset. Here she spent probably SHITLOADS of money, more than us, to get here, and this is how they treat her. Great hospitality! Same with toilets. They had no toilets outside, and we were not allowed to go inside just to go to the bathroom. This is, in all honesty, the first festival or concertarena at ALL that this has happened. In Paris they let us in the arena just to use the bathroom, same at Alice Cooper in 2008. Because they know we are no fucking lunatics, we just wanna use the bathroom. This festival, Tammerfest, has no fucking hospitality. Please remember that.

Okay. Then they let us in after a while. Still like, only girls there. Only girls in the front row. Hahaha. First band, in the metalgenre, I see this happen to. Haha, oh the lulz! Either way. Right on time they began.  And this concert was just… amazing. We weren’t many fans there, maybe what, 50-60? But it felt like we were a million. Probably because their fans are like Sabatons fans. Really die hard. Know everything, and do everything. I loved it, every moment of it. The band was really good on stage too. Best moment was “Hot”… Oh my god.. you could really hear the entire small crowd in the bridge..”You dont know you don’t  know, yeah you don’t, you don’t know whats hot if you have not seen this girl she will go all the way, I know, she is hot, she is hot like CALIFORNIA!”

God. Just amazing. But as you know, a more specific review will come on Hå

And I really fancied the girls who stripped in “Hot” . So much kudos to you!

After the gig we went straight to a cafeteria to take a cup of coffe. Hahaha, I hate how uncool it sounds. But hey, we needed the energy! After that we went back to the trainstation to take a train back to Helsinki where we had dinner and then hit the airport again. And there… we tried to sleep for a few hours. We got there around midnight. We “woke up” somewhat around 6 or something, all the noise, oh god the noise! And this was the same spot me and Anthalerero had been sleeping at after Stala&SO. It’s like my own spot on Helsinki Airport. How amazing isn’t that? We had breakfast, I noticed my earring was gone, Argo left for Estonia and then we were two..

And we snapped. Again. We went to our gates, and then we snapped. We played dead and played hookers and built moneytowers, planned igloo buildings and… when we was supposed to get out of the sofas we were lying on we were too lazy to sit up so we rolled off it instead… What the fuck… “What The Hell Did We Do?” fits extremely well here…

After a while we went in the security blablablabla, sat by our gate… when we heard it. Our plane was delayed. DELAYED. We had spent 15 hours already. And now we had to wait even longer. After an hour we could finally board our plane. There was a little hope, we could make it to our bus! Or not. Once boarded we learned that we had to wait for 40 minutes before we could take off. WHAT THE HELL.

We did eventually take off, mum got us new bustickets and then we waited at the busstop at Arlanda for an hour until we FINALLY got on the bus home. With the same driver who drove us to Arlanda a day ago.

And then.. finally home after some ridiculous 48 hours. But it was so worth it. It’s always worth it when you do it for your boys. And Reckless Love… if it’s ANY boys whom it’s worth for, Reckless Love is the guys. This was extremly worth it.. Can’t wait to do it again!

// Sara

Reckless Love for your bands part 2

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I just read something on Jedward Swedish Street Teams site. It was upsetting. It was about how Jedwards fans are idiots.

I wonder why. Why do anyone take their time to trash another fanbase like this.
I don’t care if they say bad things about Jedward, be my guest. Why don’t you go ahead and trash Lordi, Getter Jaani and Lady GaGa as well while you’re at it. I don’t care.

What I DO care about, is the fans. I was ‘raised’ in my musiccareer by the book called “Fans” written by Fredrik Strage that thaught me how to be a fan. And somewhere along my journey with my bands, I also came to care alot about the fans of the band.

The people that lives, breath, eat and shit (as Martin Sweet said) the bands music, that lives for them. They are my passion as much as the music itself, and wheter its Rihanna, Crashdiet or as in this case, Jedward, it doesn’t matter. To see those people, that have met each other BECAUSE of the band, to see them unite together and show their love and affection to the band, to live out their passion to their favourite band.. It makes me happy, it makes me cry.

I don’t fancy hip hop much, as an example. But if I came across a passionate hiphoper, my first thought isn’t “fucking idiot who listens to hiphop” but “oh my god, a passionate music fan! much love” and my day has been made.

I guess it’s all about passion. If you are TRULY passionate about music, and have your own favourite band/artist, you don’t trash others. People have trashed me for Lordi, but it has ALWAYS been people without a favourite band, without the passion, the TRUE passion for music. I stand by my opinion in saying that it must be like that in this case too.

I was at Reckless Love this sunday. We weren’t many, 50-100 people maybe only. But we are diehard Reckless fans. We have our own made Reckless Love stuff. In “Hot” Olliver could stop sing, and you could still hear a big clear “CALIFORNIA” from the fans, because we are die hards. We know every word, every song. And we show our love and appriciation to them like this. We were united, together, thanks to Reckless Love

I have also met my best friends through music. Martine through Lordi, Sara through Lady Gaga and Sofia through Crashdiet. They are my absolut best friends, and I’m thankful to each and everyone of these bands/artists who made this possible.

This is what it is all about. I don’t understand, how you can ever trash down on anyone because of what music they like. Not when it has united people like this. Not if you are a passionate musicfan yourself. Cause if you still claim to be once this has been done, I guess we are just on different levels. Very so much.

Swedish fans at Eurovision Song Contest 2011. The passion… Oh my god.

If you don’t feel the passion.. Keep searching. If you don’t even consider watching because you find it stupid, I have nothing else to say to you. And no, you are not supposed to see the band. Just feel it. FEEL IT.

// Sara

Reckless Love for your bands.

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Oh my god. And I though Stala&SO in February was a killer. This one was fucking worse.

Bus from here to Arlanda, four and a half hour. At Arlanda, four hours, 35 minutes on plane, two hours to kill in Helsinki, two hours on train. 3 hours queueing in heavy rain, one hour of the most freeing concert I have ever been to. One hour of killing time in Tampere, two hours trains back 16(!!!) hours on Helsinki airport, two ours on plane, one hour at arlanda, four hours bus home.

No sleep, just waiting and travelling. I was dead when I got home. It was a killer.

But it’s what you do. Anyone who dares to call themself a big musicfan and has a favourite band like this, would do ANYTHING and a little more for them. This was a killer, as well as it really was nothing. I’d go through fire and ice for my band, and I guess you would too. Everything for my bands, they are the air I breathe, they keep me alive. This is the least I could do for them.

I love you eternally, all of you.

I would do it all for you, would do it all do it all for me?
(pic from Tampere)

/ Sara

Can’t Stop Loving You

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A Van Halen song. A friend of mine posted it on Facebook figured I’d check it out. It’s pretty awesome. Van Halen always is I noticed…

Ok. I haven’t been updating at all… What happened… Nothing really. Our maincomputer crashed, and thats like, horrible. Everything is lost. All concertpics and all writing and shit. Not fun. And this means… I lost The Cullens. And Nikki Knife. Actually, my mother is kinda great, so I have an old version of The Cullens saved from before, so I still have them. But not Nikki. I remade her though, and yeah.. I failed kind of. I was so sure she had fulfilled her goal and she hadn’t and now I’m just bitter about her really… She’s a vampire too, and I realized I will NEVER make The Cullens vampires, I have enough trouble getting this one to drink, what the heck would I do with EIGHT sims who needed to drink one sim per person?

Nikki’s boyfriend is kinda smart though, he has a human living in his house (not his partner) that he lives on… Amazing!

I’m going to Finland tonight, but I maybe will get some time to give you another Sims-Memory tonight!

// Sara

The Sims Memory #1

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Okay, I’ll put out my very first The Sims memory today. I’m gonna start a bit rough, and tell you about my very first memory which is a pretty horrible one.

It was when I had first gotten The Sims from my mother, it was The Sims and the expansionpack Livin’ It Up. It was my first own family, and I made it a bit cheeky making it a “double” family, with other words, eight sims, two females, two males and four kids. I named them Andersson-Svensson, so as you figure, it was like two families in one.

As you also may understand, as being my very first family, I didn’t know much. For instance, I didn’t know you could click the bus and the workcar to get them to go to work, and I didn’t know you could cancel their actions. I didn’t know you could turn off “Free Will” as well, so yeah. They moved doing everything I did NOT want them to and I got infuriated every day. Then we have The Day.

They were all feeling very ill, except from two who felt… I guess Okay, because they went to work and school. It was the mother and daughter of the Svensson family I recall. I was sitting on my chair BEGGING them to go to work and school. Which they didn’t, except from the ones I said did.

Well. This isn’t so bad is it? Well. Just wait. For some odd fucking reason, the father of the Andersson family decided to make breakfast. I wanna note out to you all, that he had no cooking skills what so ever. And I figured what would happen. Of course. A fire broke out. And I didn’t know how to call the firemen.

I sat there, watching them die, one by one. My first family, the family I cherished so high. One by one they fell, one by one the reaper came and took them. I had at that point never ever cried so badly. The fire eventually died out by itself, and the only survivors was the mother and the daughter whom had gone to work/school.

After that, I moved them to a new house and it was the very same moment I decided I should learn EVERY SINGLE THING about this game to ever prevent this to happen again.


Fun trivia about this, is that my first family in The Sims 3, the Cullens, Rosalie actually was really close to burn down the entire house there too, because she figured she would start cooking and Esme and Carlisle were the only ones not at home. But gladly, I did know how to call a firemen. So they are alive. Obviously.

// Sara

Sim City Allehanda

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That was the first name of the first magazine I ever made. It was a mailmagazine, sent out once a month about The Sims. 30 people following it. This was way before even The Sims 2 came out, I think I started this close after The Sims Superstar was given out, considering the name comes from the gossipmagazine in The Sims Superstar. It was a fun magazine. I wrote about the games, the upcoming games, articles about The Sims in general and also trivial facts as what “On Holiday” was called in English and “Hot Date” was called in French.

I stopped that magazine after a while, I think it’s because I started to ride and just didn’t have time enough for it anymore. My passion for The Sims never died though. I still p0lay it regulary, and I think I even started The Sims on my old computer but sitting down here playing The Sims 3.

I don’t like it, The Sims 3. It’s so messy. It’s fine it is, but… it’s just messy. I prefer The Sims more than anything, and The Sims Vacations is my favourite amongst them, but I also love the glourious life you get to live in Superstar. Usually I just move my sims to magictown, make them supermodels and take them on vacations. All the time. I love the magic part you know. Hot Date I care a lot for too. I loved those moments you were standing in the jewellery store and asked what the sim you just hooked up with works with. And oh my god.. the restaurants! I remember, right next to the jewellary store, it was some cheesy restaurant that looked like McDonalds, so I always preferred to go to the movie-restaurant, which looked more highclass (not saying it was, it just looked that way)

Then came The Sims 2, and it’s okay. It took a while to get used to it, but it was fun. My favourite amongst them isn’t Bon Voyage. You might think, considering I like Vacations the best amongst the first era, but no. Nightlife is my favourite amongst the second one. And will NEVER forget the moment the robot my sim built in Open For Business, that killed her, and I get a little note from the reaper saying something like this: “The reaper… what to say about him… Well, he likes to go riding in the sunset on the beach on his white horse, he likes to read and romantic dinners.” I somehow couldn’t be sad over the loss of my sim when I read that… holy shit. Amazing stuff. Caliente was my first family I played on, and Torrance Shipman (based on Bring It On movies) was the first one I made… Wow.

Then we have The Sims 3. My first family was some chick called Rebecka, and I don’t even remember her because I moved onto The Cullens pretty quickly. But yeah.. messy. I still haven’t quite gotten how it works. Right now, Late Night is my favourite (no, World Adventures just freaks me out!!) and the luxuary packages is cool too. But yes.

It’s those small things that I come to think of every now and then. I do wonder though, if my readers would be interested in me telling a weekly story about my Sims happenings? Funny such that is? Let me know!

From when my dragon burned down my house…But that’s another story!

Alice Cooper

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Yes. I’m home, or I have been for a day, yet I was way to exhausted to even try to write or update anything. Now I’m back on track though.

Alleysan was just fucking wonderful as usual, and I find it real fun with a new tour. Sure, I loved the Teather Of Death tour, but you know, I kinda like the new era. And when it comes to Cooper, I’m kinda spoiled. I have not one, but TWO of my favourite songs in the set! “Wicked Young Man” and “Only Women Bleed”. A more specific review, will, as you know, come on later on Hå The changed however he had done from TOD tour (Psycho Drama tour was so long ago I’m not gonna bring it up) was that he took away the hanging when “Only Women Bleed”/”I Never Cry” and he also lost the heroinshot in “Poison”. He instead did “Only Women Bleed” / “Cold Ethyl” (He usually does ‘Cold Ehtyl’/’Poison’) and what more… Yes! He had improved “Feed My Frankenstein” in a horrific way… With having a giant him coming on!

I sure as hell had a blast, and I miss him already. Fuck this.

(quality is shit, but I can’t be bothered watermarking right now, so I give you shitquality instead)

Today’s been chill. I’ve been doing the review, and took a break to update my Cooper wall. Ever since the overepic gig in 2008, I decided to just as I did with Lordi and Wig Wam, dedicate an entire (piece of) wall to him. And it hasn’t been updated since the gig in 2009 (‘cept from the Sonisphere ticket) so I gave it a smaller makeover today. Before-After shots.

It’s not much of a change, but a little. And I’m also starting to wonder HOW I’ll fit pictures from Sonis and Gröna Lund there… Oh well! That will be the next problem.

This is the rest of the wall. Figured it should be included. Now I’m gonna continue writing, have a good one!

// Sara