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Posted in Uncategorized on July 26, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

I just updated my calendar with possible shows. Not sure if you are aware or have noticed – but the bold ones are the gigs that are confirmed once, in other words, booked and all shit. The ones I write out without bolderness is gigs I plan to go to, but yet have not booked all parts to. Like Stala&SO. in Helsinki. I got the exchanged money and entrance money, but I haven’t booked the flights yet, so yeah, just partially done you know.

Then there might of course occur gigs that I don’t even write up, like the Badmouth releaseparty that wasn’t planned at all it was more like “OH YES!” planned the day before. I do that alot. Just suddenly change my mind about a gig. Like with Lordi in Paris. I didn’t plan it at all, we had planned Hannover, but it didn’t work out. So just one week before the show I was like OH SCREW IT and booked flight, hotel and tickets. Just a week before. Two days later I convinced Martine to join in aswell, especially since I was travelling from Gardemoen. That was overepic shit. Her first Lordishow and everything oh my!

I counted my gigs, I usually since 2007 have around 40+ shows at year (yes, I do count all bands at one concert individually, so you know EXACTLY what bands I have seen and when, just because I went to Gaga doesn’t mean I saw… …. Semi Precious Weapons you know?) AND HAHA, I was like what are the bands name and I knew it was something with weapons and the moment I got on Google I remembered. FAIL.

But 2009 was somewhat a low year, only 33 shows. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE, I don’t understand how did I survive? I didn’t have Lady Axa at the time, she came to the ridingschool in Fall 2009, and I “got” her first in 2010, so that’s not it… I don’t understand how I survived.

It’s 17 days ’til Röjet. Then its 10 days til The Ark. Then 21(!!) days til Stala. 2 Days til The Ark, 10 days to Ted Poley and so on. So Maybe it’s kicking off after Röjet then. But right now I’m dying. CONCERT NAAAOOOOWWWWWW.

I need it now. And it’s the band Badmouth(Chris LeMon) on the picture!

And yes.  Before I forget it. It’s the precious Simon Cruz’s birthday today.

Happy Birthday love, always and forever!

I don’t understand why I even dare post this without watermark, but I guess I just trust you guys!

// Sara