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Alice Cooper

Posted in Uncategorized on July 6, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Yes. I’m home, or I have been for a day, yet I was way to exhausted to even try to write or update anything. Now I’m back on track though.

Alleysan was just fucking wonderful as usual, and I find it real fun with a new tour. Sure, I loved the Teather Of Death tour, but you know, I kinda like the new era. And when it comes to Cooper, I’m kinda spoiled. I have not one, but TWO of my favourite songs in the set! “Wicked Young Man” and “Only Women Bleed”. A more specific review, will, as you know, come on later on Hå The changed however he had done from TOD tour (Psycho Drama tour was so long ago I’m not gonna bring it up) was that he took away the hanging when “Only Women Bleed”/”I Never Cry” and he also lost the heroinshot in “Poison”. He instead did “Only Women Bleed” / “Cold Ethyl” (He usually does ‘Cold Ehtyl’/’Poison’) and what more… Yes! He had improved “Feed My Frankenstein” in a horrific way… With having a giant him coming on!

I sure as hell had a blast, and I miss him already. Fuck this.

(quality is shit, but I can’t be bothered watermarking right now, so I give you shitquality instead)

Today’s been chill. I’ve been doing the review, and took a break to update my Cooper wall. Ever since the overepic gig in 2008, I decided to just as I did with Lordi and Wig Wam, dedicate an entire (piece of) wall to him. And it hasn’t been updated since the gig in 2009 (‘cept from the Sonisphere ticket) so I gave it a smaller makeover today. Before-After shots.

It’s not much of a change, but a little. And I’m also starting to wonder HOW I’ll fit pictures from Sonis and Gröna Lund there… Oh well! That will be the next problem.

This is the rest of the wall. Figured it should be included. Now I’m gonna continue writing, have a good one!

// Sara