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Sommarkrysset + Uppsala

Posted in Uncategorized on July 3, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Yesterday, Saturday, was a nice day. I met up with Joiz around 1pm (I was a bit late, sorry again!) and due to the lack of anything to do, we ended up walking through half of Stockholm. Well nice, since she showed me some of the “infamous” spots I’d never been to before. Awesome. We did this while waiting for Mik and Katja, but they were running really late…

So after a while we decided to go to Gröna Lund ahead, which we did. We went to the stage to look for Sara but couldn’t find her. The heat that is going on in Sweden right now might be the worst I have ever been through, almost worser than the one at Peace&Love 2009. After a while we managed to find a pretty cool spot, it was right beneath a carusell called “Swining Ship” or something, and it was just fucking awesome, cause everytime the ship swung pass us, it chilled down alot.

Mik arrived a bit later and we went to pick her up before we hit the stage again, this time standing by the fence “preparing” for the actual show. By this time I started to get a bit impatient. WHERE THE FUCK WAS SARA? I asked Ellinor about it and found out she was away buying food. Awesome, just awesome. But actually, eventually, she did turn up. And it was so great to see her again, last time was at Dark Decadence! And as an even bigger surprise, ELIN have returned from UK! Wow, I can honestly say I have kinda missed her! Was great catching up with her as well. I’m just delivering alotta “great” and “awesome” here, but what can I say, it was!

We never really intended to go inside the fanpit at all, not even when Patricia showed up and marked us with “Niclas” on mine and Joiz arm (it’s one of the cameramen), but after the 4th pair of guards had nagged us about it, we joined up in there as well, and I’m pretty glad we did. Mik & Joiz friends Notte and Katja joined up too before the show started.

There isn’t so much to say in particular about the show, it’s like it’s been before, and you could see it on TV. But it was great, and it felt great, to be there and see and live with all this. I’m alread starting to miss The Ark a little bit, even if they yet haven’t quit (Last concert will be held at September 16th on Gröna Lund).

I can’t really be too bothered giving you more The Ark pictures right now, even if I have shitloads. I’ll upload them on my website eventually. After the show was done I hooked up with Sara and Elin again before going home and get to bed.

Today has been fricking kickass too. I had to get up like, too early to get to Uppsala to hang out with Sara and well.. the first thing I did was to give her the Jedhead I had gotten her on Eurovision Song Contest, and she was, like übergrateful for it. It ended up with us making silly videos of her walking into stores with the quiff on.

Else we didn’t so much. We talked. We walked amongst store and she showed me the way to Lepardstore too, I didn’t know it was so close to the central. I was kinda terrified from the window, because Liz have been dressing a mannequin with some striped pants and put boots on, and for a second I actually thought it was an actual person. Funny moment. We also got a Jesus DVD each, apparently that’s what you do in Uppsala. Watch Jesus. And tripping. We also made up a dance for “Bloody Mary”. Just a freaking kickass day you know? It was sad it ended.

Now I’m just sitting here listening to The Big 4, or Metallica, on television gonna start packing and then get ready for bed. Alice Cooper tomorrow!

// Sara