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ISC & Badmouth release party

Posted in Concerts, Uncategorized on July 2, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Hello you all.

This will be a killer one. First I wanna announce one thing: MOLDOVA QUALIFIED THROUGH THE SEMIFINAL OF INTERNATIONAL SOUND CONTEST!, With other words, Alexandra Stan made it! Gosh, I am so happy I could die!

Lets move on.
The day began pretty smoothly. Or not. I overslept, and almost forgot half my packing because I had some stableduteys to do, but it turned out as good as I had already packed what I thought I had forgotten. Dutey was fine, was counting the points of the dressagesheets (it’s national ponydressage at our stable, as we speak) so I was doing that for a class. But I realized how fucking long it was since I did it the last time, because I had completley forgotten how to calculate. We figured it out soon enough though. Thank god.

Anyway, after this it was time for me to hit Stockholm, to attend the releaseparty of Badmouths new record. For today’s honour, I actually had first class seat. And holy motherfucker, how those seat were big! They were like, huge! I had brought Sara’s jedhead as company, and even he fitted in the seat! But most of the time, he just sat in the window.

Anyway. Pretty instantly when I arrived we left for Harry B James and Badmouths releaseparty. Last wednesday, on the 29th, they had released their second album “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” (which I told you about, you can read a review here and order it here) and well yeah, this was a celebration party for it!

We arrived kinda late, around 10.30 pm, but it didn’t really matter since the band weren’t hitting the stage until 11, it was said. First people I meet when I get there is the one and onliest Chris and Mike from the band, hugging party was a fact! Sure, it was just like what, two weeks since I met them the last time, but still, it was fucking great to see them again.

We managed, I don’t even know how, to find a table in the pretty crowded club and chilled down a bit before the show, which started twenty minutes past and they opened the gig with the song “Radiator” (off the new album) and… Ok, first of all I was very so much amazed by the arena. It was like, THE smallest stage I had ever seen, the place looked alot like On The Rocks (Helsinki) but even On The Rocks has a bigger stage than this.. I was concerned for a while if the band would even fit.. But they did. And anyway, sidetracked. They began with “Radiator”, and the energy… I mean hell what the, if I thought they were great at Cinderella, that is nothing compared to now. The energy the bands presents on the stage, it always keeps amaze me.

It’s like Mike (I think) said to me afterwards; “If a band doesn’t think it’s fun, you can see right through them”. And he is pretty damn right about that. I’ve had my fair share for musicians who doesn’t have the fire anymore, but you can’t say that about Badmouth. Ratherly, does their fire EVER stop? The followed up “Radiator” with “Cocaine Girl” from their previous album, and then “Blue Ribbon Days” from the new one. I was glad to see there were quite a few Badmouth, eh, do I dare call them “die-hards”? Maybe it’s a bit too soon to call them die-hards, but ok, some good ol’ Badmouth fans that really knew their shit.

I think this is the same setlist as they had on Cinderella last week, because after “City Is Burning” they wrapped the concert up with my two favourite songs, “Tired” and “Heavy Metal Parking Lot”. One more thing I noticed throughout the gig, was the sound. This arena really seem to know their thing, because the sound was just… pure eargasm. I guess it also might, just might, eheh, have to do with the band too, I’ve never really seen sucha tight band before, at least not sucha “fresh” band as Badmouth actually is, don’t forget that.

On demand from the rather small crowd, they did one last song, “Bottoms Up” (fittingly enough, don’t you think? Considering the location!) before they left the stage, and LITERALLY left the audience wanting more. This was a rather good show, one of the better ones I’ve seen this year, it’s kind of in the league with Show by SO. and Michael Monroe. Extremly good, I can’t wait to see them again! And yes, the quality of the pictures sucks pretty hard, but my camera didn’t wanna work with me AT ALL… Sorry ’bout that!

We stayed around the place for a bit longer and got to have a long and lovely chat with Mike about anything and everything, and I also finally got to say Hello and talk to Tom for the very first time! Really nice to meet him, finally!
After a while we decided to leave a bit earlier than they closed, considering we had to get up early for SOMMARKRYSSET, but I must say, I had sucha great time there.

Thanks to Badmouth, Mike, Chris, Tom and my mum for making it pretty kickass. See you soon again!

// Sara