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When You’re Looking Like That

Posted in Uncategorized on July 28, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

One of Westlife’s bigger hits, playing from an old “Absolute Kidz” record. The song is really good to be honest.

Alright. It’s just so awkward all of it you know. Yesterday I went to my job. And I was like WOHO. Then I logged in, and I had no project I was like wait why. So I went to my superior, and she said “Hm.. You aren’t supposed to work today!” But I swear I was green. That was totally awkward moment. But I ended up working anyway, didn’t kill me.

But yes, when I started to work my ridingteacher called and as I suspected I’d end up having two horses this year again. Good grief.

So yeah, me and Emelie came to the stable one and a half hour before it started, rode one horse instantly, Kadesh for me and Champis for her. Then we got a break and I got some quality with my dearest Lady Axa. I really miss her. We took in a couple of horses, then the last girl came and the whole camp started. Riding two more horses (Falkenstein and Ballymoon) and fixing all.

Now I’m totally dead. Just drinking cola. And it feels good to know I’m gonna loose shitloads of weight doing this. YES.

NP: Fugitive – Danger Danger
// Sara


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Liverecording from Tammerfest. I really miss it, I can’t wait to see them again. But it will take a fucking while as it seems right now. “Hot” is as well in my opinion the best song by them so far. And it’s NOT easy to beat “One More Time”.

I’m furios oh it smells like strawberries…… Okay, back on topic.. No.. the smell came back… hold on.

Okay. Now it’s gone. Okay. Today is the last working day for the week. Oh yes. Feels good. What am I then furios about, well, I’m supposed to attend to a ridingcamp, or well, sort of, and the thing here is that you can choose between two diffeent times. However, we never (not last year either) got to choose time, so now we are here. The day before, and we don’t even know what time we are supposed to be there. My friends mother called the stable, and they said they’d write it in the guestbook later.

Have they done that? Nooo. And I have asked twice, and I got the answer yesterday from a non-responsible person: “You can choose between two different times”. Yeah, thanks, but I knew that already. We hope they will put out the times later today or answer my email to them, else we have no fucking clue when to be there. And no, they have no telephone time to cal them today… Oh dear.

But now I’ll do something else to enjoy my last hours before work.

This is my 400th post by the way. WOHO.

NP: Echo Chamber – The Ark
// Sara


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I just updated my calendar with possible shows. Not sure if you are aware or have noticed – but the bold ones are the gigs that are confirmed once, in other words, booked and all shit. The ones I write out without bolderness is gigs I plan to go to, but yet have not booked all parts to. Like Stala&SO. in Helsinki. I got the exchanged money and entrance money, but I haven’t booked the flights yet, so yeah, just partially done you know.

Then there might of course occur gigs that I don’t even write up, like the Badmouth releaseparty that wasn’t planned at all it was more like “OH YES!” planned the day before. I do that alot. Just suddenly change my mind about a gig. Like with Lordi in Paris. I didn’t plan it at all, we had planned Hannover, but it didn’t work out. So just one week before the show I was like OH SCREW IT and booked flight, hotel and tickets. Just a week before. Two days later I convinced Martine to join in aswell, especially since I was travelling from Gardemoen. That was overepic shit. Her first Lordishow and everything oh my!

I counted my gigs, I usually since 2007 have around 40+ shows at year (yes, I do count all bands at one concert individually, so you know EXACTLY what bands I have seen and when, just because I went to Gaga doesn’t mean I saw… …. Semi Precious Weapons you know?) AND HAHA, I was like what are the bands name and I knew it was something with weapons and the moment I got on Google I remembered. FAIL.

But 2009 was somewhat a low year, only 33 shows. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE, I don’t understand how did I survive? I didn’t have Lady Axa at the time, she came to the ridingschool in Fall 2009, and I “got” her first in 2010, so that’s not it… I don’t understand how I survived.

It’s 17 days ’til Röjet. Then its 10 days til The Ark. Then 21(!!) days til Stala. 2 Days til The Ark, 10 days to Ted Poley and so on. So Maybe it’s kicking off after Röjet then. But right now I’m dying. CONCERT NAAAOOOOWWWWWW.

I need it now. And it’s the band Badmouth(Chris LeMon) on the picture!

And yes.  Before I forget it. It’s the precious Simon Cruz’s birthday today.

Happy Birthday love, always and forever!

I don’t understand why I even dare post this without watermark, but I guess I just trust you guys!

// Sara

FOR THE LOVE OF.. Concerts.

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Concerts might be the absolute best place on earth. With people with the same passion with…

You know. I’m not gonna speak here. There is a twitter account called ConcertWeirdos and what they say… It’s so true. I’ll quote:

“Those friends on fb who are actually in the bands you are quoting the lyrics to…..awkward. #concertweirdos #sugg

“”Can we stop by ___ before the show?”…”ARE YOU CRAZY THERE’S NO TIME!”…”But it’s like 6am?”… #concertweirdos

“Pointing & slapping your friend’s arm profusely because you see a celebrity that you love. #concertweirdos

“When a small band you love is growing so fast and you can’t help but to feel mixed emotions. Proud/Worried #concertweirdos

“”Looking all HERP DERP while taking a picture next to the person of your dreams. -___- #concertweirdos

“That timer thing at the bottom of the webpage while you’re buying tickets. That stresses me out! #concertweirdos

“You idiot, he’s MY favorite. End of story. #concertweirdos

“Feeling more comfortable w/ concert friends you just met than w/ some people you’ve known your whole life. #concertweirdos

“”There’s bands that you love, then there’s bands that you know you’ll stay true to no matter what for now and forever. #concertweirdos

“Knowing which side of the stage your favorite band member stands. #concertweirdos

“Going to a concert and having the band come up to you and know you by name. #concertweirdos #sugg

“Walking into a venue & recalling everyone you’ve met there in the past<3 #concertweirdos #sugg


These are just some, but also each and everyone of them fits in on me. Don’t you feel it too?

// Sara

The Favourite Member

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Of all my really close bands I have a favourite member. Kita, Stala, Simon Cruz, Pepe Salohalme, Kicken, Teeny, Oscar Dronjak, Jepson, Leo Leoni and so on. This is the people in the band that somehow spoke to me in some way, it’s something about them that I really like for no special reason. For some of these persons, I have even met and interacted with a lot, and become “close” to (not close as a friend, but as a fan), some of the recognize me by sight and even say hello when they see me.

These people are necessarily not at all the best musicians in the world, or in the band. Some of them might even be pretty mediocre. What makes them the favourite member, is the chemistry. The chemistry between Me and Them. I remember with Kita. He was standing on the drums, waving his drumsticks. It was after the victory of ESC. And I just fell for him. I don’t know why I remember it so clearly, but still. After this, I met him on almost every show I’ve seen him on. He has been extremly kind to me each time, and that’s why he have stayed my favourite member. I still like and love all the others in Lordi, but it’s something about Kita that makes him… closer.

Same with Pepe, Simon, Kicken and the rest. I don’t know particulary how they spoke to me, but they did, and it have lasted strongly.

Today a fanpage of Crashdiet asked the members of it to write their favourite member. I think each and everyone, including Dave Lepard and Olliver Twisted had one lover at least. Then we have some Olliver-haters. What the fuck.

But that’s not it. What caught my attention, was the people saying “Any real fan can’t have a favourite member”.
Well. Yes, obviously we can. I just feel closer to Simon for various reasons I don’t intend to bring up. It’s about human chemistsy, like I stated, not wheter he is the best musician in the band or not.

Second thing they said was “There is only one true Number one and that is Dave, why aren’t everyone saying that“.

Okay. That is just ridiculous. I respect Dave Lepard very highly, and the circumstances with him is extremly tragic. But. I was NOT a fan of Crashdiet when he was in it, I didn’t even know they existed until he died. Nor did I know him. I actually found out about his departure from a friend I met through another band, who was rather close to Dave.

Okay, back on topic. I don’t know him in any kind of way and was not a fan when he was alive. It is extremly, and would be, extremly disrespectful from my side, to say that I love him and miss him, when I never had him in my life. You can’t really miss someone you never had, you know?

Kitas departure from Lordi was something very difficult for me, because of mine and his state of relationship (so to speak). If anyone, would come and a new Lordifan and all of a sudden say they MISS Kita and LOVE HIM when they NEVER met him.. I’ll go beserk. Because if they miss and love him, who never had him in his life or never met him (as Kita), how much don’t I miss him then?

I’d rather say that the disrespectful people in this case, is the people who think you should “love” and “miss” Dave Lepard because you “should” not because you actually do. I respect him. A Lot. And I feel very sorry for his close ones for their loss, all my condolences. But. I don’t miss him. I don’t love him. I didn’t know him.  So sorry. I can’t say I love him or miss him. If it makes me a bad person, then go ahead and hate me. But you really need to think about the one who ACTUALLY knew him.

He is not the best singer. He is not the most attractive singer.
 But he is my favourite singer.

// Sara

The Sims Memory #2

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I had alot good old memories planned for this occasion, but I moved them all asied to praise the holy Chemistrytables return, and give you a good old memory from the days I was obsessed with it.

This does contain spoilers, just so you are aware!

Or this did actually happen before I got obsessed with it. My sim had been doing it for quite a while, and after a while he did eventually get another color than blue, and he got purple. Oooh, interesting. So I made him drink it. And what happened?

He turned into a zombie. I was like WAIT WHAT THE FUCK. He turned into a fucking zombie, and started wandering around like a maniac breaking stuff. I was furious and sat there crying, what the hell had I done to my sim? And once again I found myself crying, mainly because I thought this would last forever, which it luckily didn’t.

Other furios moments I’ve had with the chemistrylab is when I have gotten the lightgreen, which lowers their needbars to 0, and generally it’s a dead end and the Sims dies. I have been able to save them, but it’s hard.

Having this in my backpack, it will be more than interesting to see what the chemistry table in Generations has to offer. I’ll keep you updated.

The Sims 3 Generations

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Oh yeah. I had my nameday yesterday, and just because I’m a spoiled brat, I get presents. I got a hairdryer, and The Sims 3 Generations!

But I discovered something kind of amazing when I looked at the back off it. In general, this game won’t fully work with The Cullens, so I guess I’ll use Nikki Knife to experience it to the fullest, but some parts will work! And the part I’m really looking forward to, is this one…

The chemistryset is back!! You rememver it from The Sims(1)? You got it in the expansionpack Livin’ It Up, and in all honesty, and I really mean it, the chemistryset/table is actually one of the thing I have missed the most throughout The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. I remember I used to be addicted to it, buying multiple of them just to try… Oh wait. That’s like, a The Sims Memory of it’s own! I’ll take it down in it’s own entry.

Either way, I’m so glad it’s back that I’ll put Edward on it right now. No, considering I know what this table has been doing in the past, there is no way in hell I’ll put my most precious Rosalie on it… And I don’t think she has time either.. or wait… this has to be supervised carefully… Eh what the heck, lets put the ENTIRE Cullen family on each table and see what happens. But I’ll let Edward and Jasper drink it, because I simply don’t care if they die…  alright, enough said! Now it’s time for me to go out for a little while so my computer can rest and then – GENERATIONS TIME!!!

My Rosalie from The Sims(1) showing off how to work the table. Sadly she has no higher logic than to provide the blue one…. Do you guys remember this table?

// Sara