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Valged Ööd

Posted in Uncategorized on June 30, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

The song fits perfect. Valged Ööd mean “White Nights” and that’s just what I’m gonna have. I really just checked in here to tell you life is fucking wonderful.

I did my last shift at work last night, before vacationbreak that is, and today has been just fucking amazing. For the first I managed to sleep in all the hours I’ve lost, I had an extremely good run in the forest which I ended with padding and holding a small wild bird for the first time ever. Best moment. Now I’m just sitting here, with Getter Jaani on maximum volume, just starting The Sims to play a bit, finally.

I’m also starting to prepare, tomorrow I’ll first do some duteys in the stable, and after that leaving for Stockholm to attend the releaseparty of Bamouth, play with Joiz, play with Sara and ending it with Alice Cooper.

Valged ööd indeed, don’t you think?

Np: Valged Ööd – Getter Jaani & Koit Tomme
// Sara


Posted in Uncategorized on June 29, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

This little beauty arrived in my mail today, finally! Been looking forward to this for a long time. So far I’ve reached the song “Judas” (haha, feels ironic just weeks ago I reviewed yet another album with a song named Judas, but that was Lady Gaga!) and I’ve really liked what I hear so far. This is better than the most I’ve heard this year, so far.

Well. I’ll just keep listening, and later on submit a review you can find on :3

NP: Judas -Badmouth
// Sara

Cinderella på Hå

Posted in Uncategorized on June 28, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

“..Men…där var den. Och det var så fruktansvärt magiskt. Det är alltid magiskt att se just SIN favoritlåt live, och att bli så ’ambushed’ med den var ännu bättre. Blev ju inte heller sämre av att jag bevisligen inte var den enda som tyckte om den, då minst halva publiken var helt med på noterna!..”


Psycho exes and unfaithfulness

Posted in Tankar och funderingar, Uncategorized on June 28, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

You know, I started to think about something. It really began with me thinking about jealousy and shit, but then moved on. And what is that? Crazy psychopathic girls (or boys, but I never read about a boy yet who did this, not saying they don’t). I recall I read an article about girls who got revenge on their exes – by ruining their stuff.

I remember clearly one girl who had destroyed an antique table and another one who had ruined his favourite jeansjacket. My question is, who the fuck are these psychos? I mean in all honesty, what the fuck do you get out of doing this?

Yes, ok, sure, you partner cheated on you, but why? I mean, do you feel better after ruining his favourite jacket? Do you really? Maybe it’s just me personally who sometimes even value my material stuff higher than my emotional, and can in all fucking honesty say I’d be more hurt by a boyfriend if he ruined my stuff (intentionally, but I’d be pissed if he ruined them unintentional too) than if he cheated on me. Because there is ALWAYS a reason behind cheating, girls (in general) just don’t wanna realize it.

I mean, I refuse to believe boys are assholes just in general, I strongly believe in that there is ALWAYS a reason. Maybe you didn’t appriciate him enough, you didn’t care enough. You know, he tried to wash your shirt and ruined it in the washer, and you refuse to talk to him or even look at him. Did it ever occur to you he just tried to be nice? Maybe not. Or if there is “no reason” maybe there wasn’t fire from the beginning at all, you both (or him) was just fooling yourselves. Still that is no fucking reason to ruin stuff.

These girls disgusts me, and I feel sorry for the guys who got their stuff ruined, and I hope for godssake those psychos will be forever fucking alone. It scared me you know, how would I ever dare moving in with ANYONE if there is a possibility he will ruin my stuff because he is pissed?

I don’t fucking get people. And yeah, sorry if I personally insulted someone of my friends. But seriously, if you do this, get a life. You are worser than him, lower than the lowest if you do this shit.

Sorry for all the swearing, but I had to get it out. It fucking frustrates me.

These are some of my prized possesion. I’ll kill you if you ruin them.

Np: Rockerfeller Street -Getter Jaani
// Sara

Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Posted in Uncategorized on June 27, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

One of the songs of Badmouths up and coming album, the titletrack even. I’m fucking addicted to the song, I can’t stop listen to it. If the album is as good as this, it’ll be legendary. And yes, I do know the entire album is availible, but… I wanna wait :’D 

It’s been one lazy day today. Just working. That’s like, all I have ever done. But it feels great. I have two more shifts before summerbreak, and I’ll start my summerbreak with Badmouths releaseparty followed up by Alice Cooper, could it possibly be any better?

Because I have nothing better to talk about, Sara suggested I’m gonna tell you about my fantastic friend. Her name is Sara, and you can find her own blog on . Well, what to tell about her? She is a free bitch in her best years (17, or soon to be) that enjoys artists and bands like Lady Gaga, Crashdiet, Blue October and Jedward. On her sparetime she likes to dance Lady Gaga choreographys while breaking her feet, go riding and put lipstick on. She is just as free as her fucking hair.

She’s fantastic in every kind of way. She is caring, sensetive and has a heart of gold. Anytime you need to vent or talk to someone or ask for advice, Sara provides it. And if you sometimes wanna loose it and just go fucking crazy and hysterical, she is the one to provide it. I don’t know how many nights me and Sara have had where we have laughed and cried together. She is my babygirl, and she always will be. I love you with all my heart. I hope we will meet soon.

Peace out.

NP: Heavy Metal Parking Lot – Badmouth
// Sara

It’s My Life

Posted in Uncategorized on June 26, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

One of the best Bon Jovi songs there is. I’m still gutted over the fact they never hit Sweden… Fuck it.

Today has been ridiculously productive. I began my day submitting Cinderella and Warrant reviews to Hå, took a refreshing walk, submitting videos to Crashdiet… and fixing a shirt!

Yes. For the very first time I took myself the courage to actually rip the back open. 

So how do you do this? Well. First of all, get a tshirt you wanna fix. For my case, it was my brand new “Crash Fucking Diet”.

Step number two is to turn it inside out, and fold it. I think I sat for half an hour to make sure I had fold it just exactly right. After that, as step number three, I took a measuring band and started to measure. You don’t necessarily have to do this, but I prefer to get it EXACT right. And to make it even better, I had straightend and taped the shirt on the floor. I used 40 centimeters distance between every cut (except from the last one) and marked it with pencils.

It has thousands of markers on it, but it’s just because I tried out 60 and 50 centimeters at first.  After that, you just start cut it.

When done doing this step, you cut the folded sides to “open it up”

After that, to help myself a bit, I taped the shirt on a dresshanger (I had cutten the cleavege a bit bigger, therefore it couldn’t hang by itself) and then you just start tieing it up! Usually this might be easier if you wear the shirt and let someone else tie, but if you know your body and know the shirt, you can do this by yourself.

Voila! There you go! This is not _how you do it_, this is how _I_ did it. Just to help you out. Just in case.

Now I shall go back to whatever I was doing or maybe going to bed. Either way sounds fine!

Np: It’s My Life  – Bon Jovi
// Sara


Posted in Uncategorized on June 25, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Britney Spears good old hit. The lyrics makes me so sad for some reason, but I also fucking love the feeling in the song…

Have been a few lazy days. Started to draw on my shirt how to cut it, I think I’ll do the final cut tomorrow. I finished writing about both Cinderella and Warrant, should be submitted tomorrow. And also, Argo, Sofia and I are also more and more confirming the trip on September 14th, the trip to Helsinki and the releaseparty of SO.’s new ep. I still can’t believe Sampsa decided to put in “Lifes Too Hard” and then dedicating it.. Haven’t gotten over it yet! It will be epic, I most certainly hope so. We will also meet up with Anuskha, can’t wait to meet her really! At first it was planned we would meet the first at Christmas Metal Meeting, but apparently we will meet earlier : D.

This will be interesting. Really.

From Stala&So. gig in February this year. I miss it so bad!

NP: Lucky – Britney Spears
// Sara

Ladygaga the iPod

Posted in Uncategorized on June 23, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

In lack of other things to talk about, I’m gonna tell you a little about my iPod, Ladygaga. You know alot about my iPod Pucko’s life already. So now I’ll tell you about Ladygaga.

I think it was in 2009, when Pucko tooks his very last breath as I had enough, and got myself Ladygaga. Ladygaga was not actually her first name, since she is a gray colored iPod classic, 80 GB.  But this was the same time as I my unconditional love for Lady Gaga the artist bursted into flames for real (I have been admiring her since end of 2008, trivial facts) and I noticed you could order iPod shells from The Fame era, and it even fit my iPod! Said and done, and since she got that shell, her name is Ladygaga. In one word, to not confuse her with the artist.

She is great, she entertained many of my highschool breaks since she had upgraded Music Quiz games and actually functioned. But one cold day in the stable… we had lunch after half a day of hardwork… the disaster. I managed to drop my bottle of juice, and the juice on the other hand managed to get inside Ladygaga, destroying her heart. Or as we call it, her battery. She was DEAD. Just dead.

Luckily, my mother found a place called Mumien, which are experts in fixing iPods. But the times we went there, they were closed. Until this time.

This time they were opened. And with a secure hand and experienced movements, he cracked her open without leacing a single scratch on her. Sadly, it turns out that the battery we had, was too big. But thanks to him, we can now finally give Ladygaga the hearttransplant she needs.

And until we get her to function, I’ll give you some pics of her surgery.


Posted in Uncategorized on June 23, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

As promised, here is some BETTER pictures from Gladiatorerna…

// Sara

Cinderella + Stockholm

Posted in Uncategorized on June 22, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Wosh! I came home last night from Stockholm and I was exhausted due to the lack of sleep! Had a great time though. Did minimum shopping, as I alreay notified you about (no, it didn’t increase more than a new wallet). I intended to get a pair of PVC hotpants but they weren’t availible in my size. Shit happens!

The concert day was awesome too. I got to meet up with Joiz and Mik again (the ones I met at Dark Decadence you know?) and that was a blast. I wasn’t sure I’d meet Joiz until Skogsröjet, but hell how wrong we were! We went to the arena around what, half an hour before they opened and hooked up with them. Joiz wasn’t going to the concert so once they let us in she went home instead, leaving me, Sofia and Mik to ourselves….  But we had a pretty good time queueing! Once we got in we managed to hit the front row, didn’t see that one coming!

First out was Hollywood Vampires, and it was really nice to see them. I didn’t know they exsisted anymore. I saw them as a support for Wig Wam back in 2006 (in Söre Osen) so I had no idea they were still active… Apparently they are! After them Badmouth hit the stage and for some odd reason this is the second time only I see them. It was really great to see the guys again.

After them it was time for Cinderella and it was just.. magical. It was amazing. I don’t wanna say too much really, because I’ll be posting a review of the gig on hå within a couple of days so you can read it there.

Managed to say hi to both Chris and Mike too in there, so great to meet them again! Last time was September 2010.. too long!

After the gig we went back to the hotel pretty instantly and fell asleep. Had a calm day the day after, meeting up with Mik an hour or two before we went home.

All in all, we had a real blast and I can’t wait until Skogsröjet where I’ll be heading with Angelina, Joiz, Mik and Sofia! But first; Alice Cooper (Anyone joining in?) and Reckless Love with Argo and Sofia!

// Sara