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Taken by a Stranger

Posted in Uncategorized on May 31, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Germanys entry for Eurovision Song Contest, I like it in some strange kind of way. I like the mystery kind of thing going on there…

I’m feeling that last minute stress you always feel at the end of the semester. We have one grouptask that needs to be finished on what, thursday, and we can’t get in touch with our teacher = GREAT. We can’t really continue without a comment from her either. Oh well, I guess we will fix it somehow… And then there is this last exam. I figured I could fix the questions on work tomorrow. So I can study. And fix the damn thing.

I’m gonna see The Poodles live next week. It’s been a while since I saw them, and for being one of my big bands that is pretty rare (‘cept from bands like Wig Wam that doesn’t care for a tour that is…) so that’s gonna be nice. And nine days after The Poodles it’s time for Cinderella… And so on. It’s running pretty smooth, but I have a few more things I need to squeeze in this summer, I don’t know how to find time for everything! It’s insane!

And… I wanna warn on behalf that I will in a near future make a big deal out of the neighbourvoting thing again. It disturbs me so much.

Oh, great, “Rockefeller Street”. DANCING TIME. See you tomorrow!

NP: Rockefeller Street – Getter Jaani
// Sara

Madness Of Love

Posted in Uncategorized on May 29, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Italy’s song for Eurovision Song Contest. It’s not really a song I’d expect for Eurovision Song Contest, more something I’d hear in a The Sims restaurant. And the fact I’m playing Facebook Monopoly on the same time as it is playing makes me think the song is with the game…

I haven’ been writing for a few days and I honestly have no idea WHY. But I haven’t. And in all honesty, I haven’t done much. I’ve been in pain, because my neck hates me and decided to be unbearable. I also had some madness time with Maria, Thomas, Sara and Cecilie… Fucking amazing.

Listening to Zdob si Zdub again (I’m in desperat need to change the ESC CD) I can’t believe it’s two week since ESC. Two weeks since what so far is one of the best weeks in my life. Two weeks since Zdubs. SO LUCKY. Song fits in how I feel. Oh yeah.

The summer is getting filled too. Jedward Fanmeeting on July 26th, Ridingcamp 28th July – August 2nd, a few concerts… Oh yeah! Me Like!

I guess I am…. SO LUCKY!
// Sara
Np: So Lucky – Zdob si Zdub


Posted in Uncategorized on May 23, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

FINALLY. After long anticipation, “Born This Way” with Lady Gaga is finally here. I know the album leaked earlier, but I didn’t care to listen to it until I had the record (just like I did with Babez for Breakfast)

Right now “Government Hooker” is played and so far the album has been ok really! Gonna import into my iPod and take a walk in the forest later and then submit a review about it.

// Sara

Uhm yeah… WTF?


Posted in Uncategorized on May 22, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

The new Reckless Love single. Fucking amazing. Can’t wait to see them this summer!

Okay. Today’s been chill. I was walking outside. Eating some candy. You know, regular stuff. I also signed up for a Jedward fanmeeting this summer. That will be kickass, I believe.

Talking about Jedward, leads me to my dilemmas. I told you earlier today, that I had a dilemma about a ESC shelf. What did I do about it? I moved all my signed rockstar frames, cleand it up and put my ESC stuff there. The lack of pins however made it really hard to finish it, but it’s at least a work in progress!

My next dilemma was the discounts on Tradera. Usually I’m not arsed at all to put up my auctions on Tradera because I find it annoying, and I really don’t know how to write selling texts. But I managed!

If you press the picture you actually come to the site listing all these stuff, if you find it interesting.

My third dilemma was the toughest. They had a sale on my favourite online shop Odium, and there was a really nice underbust I wanted, and, for some odd reason, it actually exsisted in my size! But because of my lazy ass, I never got to order it and now it was gone : ( for the better maybe, because I got to order a long wanted top and some long wanted make up pieces instead! So maybe it was just for the best, eh?

Now I’m just relaxing. I’m skipping between Reckless Love and Eurovision CD and eating Philadelphia cheese mixed with candy. Life. Is. Good.

NP: Hot – Reckless Love
// Sara


Posted in Uncategorized on May 22, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Yeah exactly. I eat nothing but candy and junk food, and sometimes massive portions of regular food. I figured I’d soon pass the 70 KGs mark, and right now I’m just eager to do so. I barely excerise more than riding once a week and small walks in the forest. I was well eager when I got on the scale yesterday. Only to see that I have LOST weight.
Wait what? How is that even possible?

Second dilemma is that I want an ESC shelf. But there are no empty shelves. Or there is one, beneath the Lordi shelf. I find that a bit low for an ESC shelf. An option would be to empty my concertmemoribilia shelf and put those things (like the metal bible, Lordi colabottle, bottle from alice cooper etc etc) at the bottom shelf to give ESC that shelf.

The next dilemma is that I think that shelf is too small for an ESC shelf. So I have to find another space in my already full room to empty and fill up again. And today it’s also last day to
1) Order from Odium to get the discount
2) To put up auctions on Tradera with no charge.

Quite a few dilemmas. Good thing that Windows Media Player knows what song I want to listen to and puts on “Rockefeller Street” without me asking it. Now I’m gonna finnish my chocolate cookie and then fix a billion tradera ads. And empty that big shelf that only has a few signed pictures of Wig Wam and The Poodles and put my ESC stuff there.

All problems solved.
1273 down the rockefeller street
Life is marching on, do you feel that?
// Sara

Neighbourvoting in ESC…

Posted in Uncategorized on May 20, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Mkay. Because of the reasons I have no better things to blog about, and also because I’m listening to “Rockefeller Street” and eating some old ESC candy, I decided to talk about this for a while.

The Neighbour, or friendvoting (Kompisröstning) in Eurovision Song Contest. Every year, people whine about it, or, ratherly, they whine about the eastern countries voting for each other. You know, like the eastern, the western and the scandinavians… and so on. But to make it a bit more clear, or maybe more complicated, I’ll divide them even more. (The countries within these () are countries that usually participate but did not this year)
The eastern are sorted as, in:
Block “1”: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Georgia
Block “2”: Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Slovenia, FYR Macedonia, Bosnia&Herzegovina (Montenegro)
Block “3”: Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, (Czech Republic) Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia
HOWEVER, Est, Lit, Lat also works under
Western, Block “1” (The vikings): Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland
Block “2”: United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, San Marino Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Cyprus, Belgium, The Netherlands, Portugal, (Andorra), (Monaco), (Louxembourg).

Then we have Israel and Malta that doesn’t have any significant “friend”. These are the groups that we would consider “always” vote for each other. But did you EVER consider, that it may have to do with other stuff than neighbouring?

Over the 8 years I’ve been into Eurovision and taking an active role, I’ve been favourising Moldova 4(!!) times (2005, 2007, 2010, 2011), Malta(‘04), Slovenia(‘03), Lithuania(’08) and Finland(’06) once.
As you can see, mainly my favourites HAVE been in the eastern countries, wih a few exceptions. But yet, I have one that is within the Viking belt. 2006, Lordi entered with ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’ and it was within a few more (like, Moldova) amongst my faves and I voted like crazy for Finland. Becasue, you know, they were my favourite,and in my opinion, the best song for the year (Myeah, I liked Molodova, Swiss, Germany, Ukraine too…)

And, can’t it be the same for Eastern countries? That the song they vote for – is the song they like the best?
No – I’m not naiv, I DO know that friend voting is happening, mainly in the yugoslavian countries (block 2), but can’t it just be the music they like the best? I don’t intend to sound like a racist – but I rarely like the eastern kind of music, which I believe is very cultural for them, but I do fall alot for the more western countries. I know this doesn’t make any sense at all, considering Moldova is a high rated country for me, but when I look at the other faves apart from my No. 1, it’s mainly western countries. And no,that is not because they are my neighbour. But because they have the best songs, the kind of music I’m used to and like.

And that goes for eastern too. The cultural music I don’t get and don’t like, that is _THE_ thing at their place. It is the shit. So OF COURSE, they vote for that. They vote for what they think is the best song. And then, that it just happens to be so that the song is from their neighbouring country, musn’t have anything to do with it at all.

This year, 2011, We had ONE Eastern block one country, ONE Western country and ONE Viking country in the top. It can barely be more mixed, don’t you agree? In 2005, Malta ended up on second place short after Greece, and they don’t have a single neighbour country.

What does all this prove?
That if your song is good enough, you don’t need any neighbours.
Over and out.

Eurovision Song Contest: Grand Finale!

Posted in Eurovision Song Contest 2011, Uncategorized on May 19, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Alright! Now we are hitting the last part of the Eurovision Song Contest…. The Grand Finale! I was pretty pleased with the starting entries today: Sweden, Moldova, Ireland and Estonia had all qualfied so I was well pleased! Today it was time for us yet again to attend a eurovision dinner, and we actually made it this time!

However we couldn’t stay long. When Liz (from Swe Ogae) took up her ticket I realized that I had forgotten my ticket at the hotel… In Cologne… And we were right now in Düsseldorf. I was like No no no nono…But after taking a look at the watch I figured that if I left NOW I’d make it back. And gladly, and for god know what reason, the trains were departuring every 30 minute on Saturdays (on weekdays it was every hour… weird!) So I was back in Cologne already 18.30, and back at the station at 19, and in Düsseldorf at 19.30! I had counted with being back in DD at 20.00 or even 20.30, so it was well an improvement!

So yeah. We pretty much hit the first subway we could, so we were even at the arena and inside before 20. If that is not called skills, I don’t know what is! We went and bought some candy and drinks before finding our seat in the arena. This time it was section E row 9, still pretty decent seats I have to say! This time we shared with the british and danish delegation, how lovely isn’t that?

I must say, that even though this years line up must have been one of the best, I think the entries ended up a bit badly. We had Ireland right before Sweden, and having Estonia following Sweden up. I don’t know – I think it was bad for Saade to follow the red-teamed Jedward, as well as it was quite a big difficultie to go on stage after the audience favourite Saade!

It was also… very… weird… to see the Zdubs again. But I was thrilled like hell to see them again… I can’t really describe it to ANYONE what that is like… Ok. Anyway. The entries pretty much passed by and it was soon time for people to vote.

And I can honestly say… I’m sincerely sorry for you who have to watch this at home. We get to see the fast re-run of all the entries on a big screen, and the sound, and effects sucks for you guys. I have a few liveclips I might share with you one day, so you get to see what this really is like. Cause yes. It sucks. FOR REAL.

And yes..Then we have the voting. This is as exciting wheter you are at home or in the arena, but yeah… It tickles even more when you are there. The votes and points came in and after a while I figured I’d try to see WHERE THE FUCK Sweden was placed. I looked in the first section, where the last positions is. No Sweden there. Okay, moving on…

Looked at the other section, beginning from down. No Sweden…. No Sweden…. No Sweden…WHERE THE FUCK IS SWEDEN? 3. Ukraine…. 2. Azerbaijan…. 1. Sweden…. WHERE THE FU-
Wait a second.
No…Wait. Hold on.
3. Ukraine. 2. Azerbaijan. 1. Sweden.
Wait. What?

I certainly did not see that one coming!! By this time, and especially after seeing the little rerun of “the top 3” with Sweden as number 1, just made the excitement even higher!

But as the votes kept coming in… Italy and Azerbaijan passed us. And after a chilling 30 minutes, Azerbaijan was crowned the winner, in what must have been the most EVEN game ever. Azerbaijan won with 221 points, second was Italy with 189 points and Sweden was third with 185 points. That is well even!

Yeah. Eurovision was over for this year, and now it’s a whole year until we do it again, this time in Baku, Azerbaijan!
Congratulations Azerbaijan, and see you next year!!

// Sara