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Tik Tok

Posted in Uncategorized on April 22, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Kesha, I fucking love her. Her style.

It’s been a week since Dark Decadence, and as usual I haven’t pulled myself together to write anything yet… But it shall come soon enough. I do miss everybody I met there and I hate that these things ends so quickly. But today we got the tickets for Cinderella at least, so that’s a start! We will also see Lordi live in November. I love my life.

// Sara

Claudia de la Creme, The Ark & Dark Decadence

Posted in Uncategorized on April 14, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Yeah, no real headline. Just because I wanted to discuss somethings badly.

For the first, I feel the need to tell you how passionate I am about the mentalist Claudia de la Creme. She’s the one in Phenomenom who always perform dangerous routines to play with death, and in my eyes, that IS cooler than mindreading, or maybe I’m just really stuck on her. She became my favourite pretty instantly when I saw her the first time. Last week she performed the famous knife routine and even if she so knew where the knives was, she could still have got badly injuried. Good thing Uri Geller has a good taste in real mentalists, and saved her.

And Ok, The Ark. We got to hear today that the final gig EVER will be at the amusmentpark Gröna Lund in Stockholm. It’s… a nice fuck off to their closest fans. Sure – Grönan is fine as a concert place, not the ideal one, but FINE. BUT, I don’t think you should have the very final gig there really, since a lot of their hardcore fans wants to say good bye, but the risk with having it at a place like Grönan is for people with not a that big interest showing up – just because – and fills the places so the hardcores doesn’t get in. I guess we all remember Hoffmaestro? When not even the ones with tickets got in? I think they should have the concert in a “closed” arena, like, where you have to buy tickets. So the REAL fans get the goodbye they deserve.

And finally… Dark Decadence. It’s on Saturday and I’ve just done my hair and eyebrows. Going to sleep any minute now since I have to get up EXTRA early tomorrow due to my haircircumstances! But I’ll have a killer day tomorrow in Stockholm with Sofia, that much I know.

See you on Sunday!

// Sara


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Going through an old “Absolut Kidz” CD and the old girlgroup E.M.M.A’s hitsingle SMS is currently playing… It’s interesting you know, these songs used to be my fave songs, I still know the lyrics to them all but some of them lost its glory with the years really… like this one.

The day has been so unproductive but yet productive. I packed a bit more, and we had some radical changes of plans too… Turns out “Hop” airs at last at 14.50, and thats A BIT early for us to go to the cinemas since we wanna go shopping.. So we will take that one done on Sunday since we have to leave the hotel pretty early. But still, it will be a killer fucking weekend. And now we got something to do on Sunday too!

I cleaned the livingroom today. I just got some kind of instinct. No, it’s still messy. But I cleared some stuff up, and I also managed to get two trashbags. That’s pretty good, isn’t it? I also gathered ALL my “finnish” stuff in one pile… For some odd reason I feel a need to keep them in a pile next to my computer instead of sorting in the CD’s where they should be. But then again, I have CD’s all over the fucking place. AND I found my wallet.

Random enough yet? Okay, I’ve taken enough of your time with my bullshit.

NP: Roses are Red – Aqua
// Sara

Squeeze It Dry

Posted in Uncategorized on April 12, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Tigertailz, off the album “Bezerk”. Saw them at Stockholm Rock Out earlier this year and also got to meet them. Real nice guys, and I love this band. This album is also one of these albums where EVERY song rocks. Tigertailz is the perfect band.

Talking about the perfect bands leads me to the perfect concert, which is Dark Decadence. Okay – the perfect concert would be Lordi together with Stala&SO. and Crashdiet, but that’s not gonna happen (yeah I know Crash and Lordi play together this summer and I wanna go there real bad too) since Stala&SO. and Lordi doesn’t really clash. So a mixture of the two finest rock bands from Sweden and the finest gothic angels from Finland. Today its three days until we leave, and I can barely wait anymore. I started to pack today, like, the clothes. I have to figure out how to fit everything in my small bag.

Me and Sofia have also reached the conclusion how miserable we both will be after this weekend is over. It always comes, the after-concert depression. Good thing that we have tons more booked in. Cinderella, Alice Cooper and Skogsröjjet. Feels pretty good that Alice Cooper is coming really, it’s a tradition to see him every year and I started to fear I’d have to go to Getaway Rock Festival to see, and I didn’t really see that one as an opportunity.

These days has past pretty slow really. Today I at least had a killer, but fun, day at school. We had to solve a surviving problem and I can just said we had quite a blast while doing it.

Ok, considering I really don’t have anything to write about, I shall just quit. Hey Hey Klabautermann!

Np: Klabautermann – Dschinghis Khan
// Sara

Los Angeles

Posted in Uncategorized on April 11, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

The 69 Eyes, pretty fitting considering the fact Dark Decadence is on Saturday! I just love this album though, “Angels”. Pretty much EVERY song rock.

YES. It’s only 5 days left to Dark Decadence, and 4 days left ’til me and Sofia leave our destinations for Stockholm to make it unsafe. Plans for the day is to shop and have one helluva dinner and wrap it up with cinema and the new movie “Hop”.

Its been pretty calm around here apart from when I almost died from Stalas announcement. During saturday Hanna and I spent our day at the animal expo as I told you, however it was a bit disappointing. Sure, I never say no to look at pretty animals, but it was so small! We were done with it in like 10 minutes, when usually it’s so big you barely get to see it all. I guess it has to do with the ice-hockey finals that were held in the arena next doors, also the arena that the animal expo USUALLY are at.

Sunday’s been nice and calm to, nothing much to tell about that and nor about Monday. It’s hilarious though – Last week couldn’t seem to pass slower and we were just waiting for the days to go by so we could get to Dark Decadence, but now, as it’s really closing in I’m starting to get stressed out. I wonder why. Maybe, just maybe, I should go pack? Or do as I always do – pack right before I leave. At least I started to organize some shit.

It’s gonna be nice though. It’s gonna be nice to meet some friends I haven’t seen for a while and we are gonna have the time of our lives. Tomorrows a killer day in school too, looking forward AFTER ALL. It’s getting old to walk the time off in the forests, Really.

NP: Hummingbird Heartbeat – Katy Perry
// Sara

Life’s Too Hard

Posted in Finland, Uncategorized on April 9, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

A few days ago Stala asked us what songs we wanted on the EP.
I told him I wanted “Lifes Too Hard.”


Yes. I am Hammerzmith on Twitter. Yes, I get Lifes Too Hard on the next EP.

So fucking happy I could die. I love you to pieces, Stala.
// Sara

Sheena is a Punkrocker

Posted in Uncategorized on April 8, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Shebangs cover of the “classic” Ramones song. It’s one of my childhood favourites really, and it’s a quite awesome cover.

Today was great. I met up with Michelle (FlameCurry) and you know… It’s been so long since we last met! Like, Alice Cooper 2009?! Must be so. It was so great to FINALLY meet her again and say hello and all that shit. Had nice lunch / breakfast (no babes : ( ) at Subway and then we went chopping a bit, to speak in Lordi terms for a while.  I had an awesome time, thank you so much for meeting up! Soon again!

After this I headed up and headed to the stable. Its so warm outside nowadays, nice weather and shit so I rather walk actually. But of course I got so hooked up on MSN with Sofia that I ran late, but I managed in the last minute. For todays honor I had my new fave amongst the big horses, Falkenstein. Bad enough, it was pre-jumping class and me and jumping… Works fine when I have Axa you know.. But not anyone else, and especially not a hot big horse. But I think we were doing a bit fine.

Heading home for yet another meet up, and this time it was… Ahahaha, I have to tell you!

“Grannys Gone Crazy” just appeared on my iTunes, and you know, My blog’s been quite inactive right, so I checked what searchwords I’ve had for my blog lately. Turns out, people ACTUALLY found my blog searching “grannies getting fucked”. What on earth…? I mean, in the first place, WHO Searched for that?! And second, HOW. ON. EARTH. DOES. THAT. LEAD. TO. MY. BLOG?! I guess it has to do with Trabendo = “Me feeling fucked when granny arrived on stage during ‘ Grannys Gone Crazy'” But still.. Insane! Hilarious!

Alrite, after stable I headed out with a need walk and talk with Tezza. We live close to each other, still we never meet. I don’t get why really. Got some hot gossip from my old school and discussing music and haircolors and clothes… Lovely. Soon again.

Now… I’m exhausted really. I usually ain’t this tired at this point, but I guess combined with me getting up really early and doing so much has its price. Tomorrow… I got changed plans. Instead of a tivoli me and Hanna only will head to the animal expo. Looking forward! See if I can find something nice there, haha!

NP: The Rebirth Of The Countess – Lordi
// Sara

Caught In Despair

Posted in Uncategorized on April 7, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

First song ever recorded with Simon Cruz on vocals for Crashdiet. I kinda love the song. I hope they play it at Dark Decadence.

Talking about Dark Decadence. It’s one week left until me and Sofia will leave our destinations for Stockholm and Crashdiet, once again. Yes – I know. We see them alot. But its kinda our favourite (swedish) band so… Don’t be hating! We’re gonna have a great time. Shopping and cinema and dinner on Friday, concert on saturday. Couldn’t be better.

We attenderd Michael Monroes gig in Västerås last week. It was… Magical. It’s something with me and Sofia, and Sigurdsgatan. It was at Sigurdsgatan during a Crashdiet gig we became best friends (figured yet why we keep Crashdiet so close to our hearts?!) and now after being at Mike Monroe… we bonded even more, closer than ever. Also, even better up, we had the time of our lives hanging out with the cool people of Västerås. Thanks to Danne and Malin for the awesome party. The concert? Yeah it was good. The best concert I’ve been to so far really.

Now I can’t wait ’til Dark Decadence begins. Can’t time move faster? Well, at least I got some entertaining. Tomorrow I’m gonna meet up with the lovely Michelle (FlameCurry for you fellow monsterboarders) then ride and then meet up with Tezza from my secondaryschool. Missed them both so much!  On Saturday there is a tivoli in town which I will go with my three BFFs from Karlstad, Jennie, Cornelia and Hanna. Kick ass.

I hope I get to work a lot next week. Kaching on the bank, AND it keeps me occupied!

Over and out.
// Sara
NP: Chemical – Crashdiet

Sofia & I