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Nothin’ But a Good Time

Posted in Uncategorized on January 31, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Poison. Not my fave song, yet it’s still amongst the once I like best of Poison.

Okay, so Crashdiet two days ago was just fine. I figured I’d try to put together some kind of review tomorrow or something. Now I’m planning for Helsinki instead, and today I picked up the euro to use in there. And thanks to that I found 22 euros lying around, I’ll be brining 22 euros extra! Just amazing. Also booked the last busses yesterday.

When I get home from Helsinki or right before I leave I shall also order the busses to Oslo – Me, Thomas and Martine are having yet another crazy weekend and also celebrating Valentines Day at hers. That will be just amazing. And I also bought not 1, but three new saddle club dvds! Ok, only two yet that are paid for (2 & 10) but I DOUBT someone will outbid me on the other one.

This has been quite a productive day really. First I sorted ALL my dvds out – put all the CDs in the right cover, putting in the CDs that wasn’t in a cover in their cover, also went through my One Tree Hill DVD boxes. My hope was to find the long lost Saddle Club no.4 but no luck. I guess I’ll keep looking for it.

What we also did was to repair one of my damned belt. It is the belt with the cowboy conchos which I had found a replacement to, but I haven’t arsed myself to order it yet, and I really want to start use the belt again so togheter with dad we fixed it. We began with drowning the belt in glue and then place some pins and spikes, and the place where the belt was in two pieces. After that we took loads of silvertape to tape together and to make sure not to hurt. After that we kept taping all the weak spots so it won’t break when I use it the next time.

It turned out as new, if you ask me. You can’t really tell from the outside that it is fixed, and yeah… the condition is as new!

I guess that was it for today. Tomorrow we have this killer day in school… 8 – 17. Nice. Or not. I guess I will pick up some cheese doodles, a glass of coke and the saddleclub. I just love it.

NP: Wehrmacht – Sabaton