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The Saddle Club

Posted in Uncategorized on January 27, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Haven’t been saying alot lately, but well, simply; I changed riding group because they split our old and I ain’t too fond of that. I am gonna see Crashdiet on saturday, SO. & Honey Hellraiser next week, and leaving for Oslo the next weekend. Yeah, quite a heavy schedule.

I had an intense day too. I reborned my love for “The Saddle Club” series, and faith has it that way I only have DVD 1, 5 & 6, and VHS 3. I have watched 1, 5  & 6 so many times I know the episodes by word, so I figured I would set up my VHS player to watch tape 3, turns out though my VHS is a tape eater, so I couldn’t watch.

But I had a hunger only the Saddle Club would satisfy so we got in the car and left for the closest foodstore where I swear to god I had seen a couple of DVDs of the Saddle Club… But today? NONE. Not one single DVD! I was sad. So we went to the next food store. And I found one DVD! But it turned out to be DVD 6, and I had that one already…

I did not however give up there, but went to a third store. And after a while… I found one! But it was DVD 1…Then I kept looking, feeling that I won’t find anyone… I see a DVD that has the same print as Saddle Club… and I didn’ recognize the color…. My heart started to beat so fast and hard as I real slowley pulled it up.. dark blue, nope, none of my DVDs at home is darkblue…. Kept pulling it up… and see a fine and fresh “9” on it, and Kristy & Veronica on the cover. My heart started to race and a big grin broke up on my face. Wrong season maybe, but I don’t give a damn… Only the Saddle Club could satisfy this.

This was though a DVD that was 1 for 59 and 2 for 99, so I figured I’d keep look since I actually found two different Saddle Clubs here! So I went to this cartoon box, and found another no. 9! A little disappointing, but at least it was some sort of sign… My mum came though and we were just about to leave when I once again see another No. 1 DVD on the OTHER side than I was looking, so I said to my mum that please, just let me look this through fast… So I did…And once again I recognize the print… brown… Nope, I have no brown…

The same procedure again. Heart pounding, pulling it up…. “The Saddle Club no. 12” SCORE!!!! One more Saddle Club I didn’t have and now I was well satisfied. Tonight, there will be a lot of horseing around here.

I still have the gaps, but right now…I don’t really care…. I at least have some of the goddamn DVDs!!!!!

Hello world, this is me! life should be, fun for everyone!
// Sara