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Nothin’ But a Good Time

Posted in Uncategorized on January 31, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Poison. Not my fave song, yet it’s still amongst the once I like best of Poison.

Okay, so Crashdiet two days ago was just fine. I figured I’d try to put together some kind of review tomorrow or something. Now I’m planning for Helsinki instead, and today I picked up the euro to use in there. And thanks to that I found 22 euros lying around, I’ll be brining 22 euros extra! Just amazing. Also booked the last busses yesterday.

When I get home from Helsinki or right before I leave I shall also order the busses to Oslo – Me, Thomas and Martine are having yet another crazy weekend and also celebrating Valentines Day at hers. That will be just amazing. And I also bought not 1, but three new saddle club dvds! Ok, only two yet that are paid for (2 & 10) but I DOUBT someone will outbid me on the other one.

This has been quite a productive day really. First I sorted ALL my dvds out – put all the CDs in the right cover, putting in the CDs that wasn’t in a cover in their cover, also went through my One Tree Hill DVD boxes. My hope was to find the long lost Saddle Club no.4 but no luck. I guess I’ll keep looking for it.

What we also did was to repair one of my damned belt. It is the belt with the cowboy conchos which I had found a replacement to, but I haven’t arsed myself to order it yet, and I really want to start use the belt again so togheter with dad we fixed it. We began with drowning the belt in glue and then place some pins and spikes, and the place where the belt was in two pieces. After that we took loads of silvertape to tape together and to make sure not to hurt. After that we kept taping all the weak spots so it won’t break when I use it the next time.

It turned out as new, if you ask me. You can’t really tell from the outside that it is fixed, and yeah… the condition is as new!

I guess that was it for today. Tomorrow we have this killer day in school… 8 – 17. Nice. Or not. I guess I will pick up some cheese doodles, a glass of coke and the saddleclub. I just love it.

NP: Wehrmacht – Sabaton

The Saddle Club

Posted in Uncategorized on January 27, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Haven’t been saying alot lately, but well, simply; I changed riding group because they split our old and I ain’t too fond of that. I am gonna see Crashdiet on saturday, SO. & Honey Hellraiser next week, and leaving for Oslo the next weekend. Yeah, quite a heavy schedule.

I had an intense day too. I reborned my love for “The Saddle Club” series, and faith has it that way I only have DVD 1, 5 & 6, and VHS 3. I have watched 1, 5  & 6 so many times I know the episodes by word, so I figured I would set up my VHS player to watch tape 3, turns out though my VHS is a tape eater, so I couldn’t watch.

But I had a hunger only the Saddle Club would satisfy so we got in the car and left for the closest foodstore where I swear to god I had seen a couple of DVDs of the Saddle Club… But today? NONE. Not one single DVD! I was sad. So we went to the next food store. And I found one DVD! But it turned out to be DVD 6, and I had that one already…

I did not however give up there, but went to a third store. And after a while… I found one! But it was DVD 1…Then I kept looking, feeling that I won’t find anyone… I see a DVD that has the same print as Saddle Club… and I didn’ recognize the color…. My heart started to beat so fast and hard as I real slowley pulled it up.. dark blue, nope, none of my DVDs at home is darkblue…. Kept pulling it up… and see a fine and fresh “9” on it, and Kristy & Veronica on the cover. My heart started to race and a big grin broke up on my face. Wrong season maybe, but I don’t give a damn… Only the Saddle Club could satisfy this.

This was though a DVD that was 1 for 59 and 2 for 99, so I figured I’d keep look since I actually found two different Saddle Clubs here! So I went to this cartoon box, and found another no. 9! A little disappointing, but at least it was some sort of sign… My mum came though and we were just about to leave when I once again see another No. 1 DVD on the OTHER side than I was looking, so I said to my mum that please, just let me look this through fast… So I did…And once again I recognize the print… brown… Nope, I have no brown…

The same procedure again. Heart pounding, pulling it up…. “The Saddle Club no. 12” SCORE!!!! One more Saddle Club I didn’t have and now I was well satisfied. Tonight, there will be a lot of horseing around here.

I still have the gaps, but right now…I don’t really care…. I at least have some of the goddamn DVDs!!!!!

Hello world, this is me! life should be, fun for everyone!
// Sara

Alice Cooper to Getaway Rock

Posted in Uncategorized on January 13, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Just noticed Alice Cooper was announced for Getaway Rock Festival, I am sold. At least for one day (if they even have those tickets?) Alice Cooper once a year is not only a tradition, but a must.


Posted in Uncategorized on January 1, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Show By SO.’s entry forthe finnish Melody Grand Prix, can’t really get it out of my head you know!

So, first entry of this year. This have been one lazy day night stuff… Spent the entire night fooling Thomas by writing in his name and I tried to watch “Fjorton Suger”, didn’t work out with all the “trolling”. And now I start to ask myself, why are people shooting rockets the day after New Year? I don’t get it… so I give you Pamela instead!

// Sara