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2010 – summary & predictions.

Posted in Uncategorized on December 31, 2010 by Sara Hammerzmith

It’s time for me to sum up my year and leave some predictions or something, So here it goes!

After four long years Wig Wams third album “Nonstop Rock n Roll” finally showed up, and we celebrated it by going to the releaseparty in Halden. This was also the month when I started renting Axa for the first time. I was also still interning in the stable.

On February, Stockholm Rock Out announced the best thing that would ever happen to me. Slaughter was confirmed for a gig in Sweden. I also did an interview with Gotthard and met the very nice person Leo Leoni! I also met Sofia for the first time, for REAL if you know what I mean.

In March nothing real spectacular happened, I did compete in a crossover competition with Axa but failed badly.

I printed my very own magazine featuring interviews with Hellcity 13(Mika), Show By SO. (Stala), Gotthard(Leo Leoni) and Wig Wam.  It was also in this month I got the devastating news that OF COURSE, Slaughter was too good to be true and had been cancelled. I had planned not going at all, until I won a Meet & Greet with Tigertailz!

Even though the crisis with the Vulcano, Stockholm Rock Out Part1 did a good try out, and succeded. I met the lovley Tigertails, or, Sarah Firebrand and all the rest, also met the lovley girl Ida! One week later it was time for me and Sofia to jump on the bus to see Lady Gaga and also meet Sara (Dreyra) and Elin! Lovley. But the happines didn’t stay long until we, May 16th, was told Ronnie James Dio had passed away. May was also the month for the Eurovision Song Contest and an amazing week in Oslo!

Sweden Rock took part, and it was a lovley festival with one of my favebands, Cinderella, playing. It didn’t end too well unfortuneatley, since I was robbed the last night.

I attended the Rockweekend festival with the very best Anna and judge death, I had sucha blast! I also attended the Extreme Horse Makeover.

In the Lordi world, this was the time most things happened. On August 3rd the new costumes were released, and it was well mixed feelings about that. Sonisphere happened too, which I attended to with Hanna and on the preparty with Crashdiet I hooked up with Sara and Elin again! One week later me and Sofia attended Crashdiet in Västerås and tied a bond stronger than ever. HEAT also announced their new singer which I wasn’t too pleased with, but I got over it. This was also when I started to hang out with Pucko again, my stupid iPod.

The high anticipation for Lordis new studioalbum “Babez For Breakfast” grew bigger and I got so pissed everyday I came home and it hadn’t arrived yet. I also attended Stockholm Rock Out part 2, where for the first time in 5 years, Wig Wam had a concert in Sweden. I also took a trip with Paula to Helsinki and Nosturi to have some breakfast with Lordi. Sofia and I went to the market and got ourselves some Reckless Love glasses and I also attended Sabatons concert in Karlstad.

It began pretty good with me being featured on Lordis website but else… This month sucked hard. At least the start. It began with on the 1st october, to be told, that Reckless Love had cancelled their performance at SRO part 3. I made us real sad, and the news about Show By SO. being in ESC hit us like a punch in the groin. Did it mean…? And yes it did. On October 4th we lost our dearest alienmanbeast, Kita, to the world of pop and glamour, and the day after, the singer of Gotthard was announced dead after being killed in a car accident. And the day after that, it was announced that the entire SRO part 3 was cancelled… Huh… Can you believe it? And no…. It doen’t stop there. The Crashdiet concert we were supposed to attend at the end of October was also cancelled. ALL IN THE SAME WEEK. How is it possible? Apparently it is. However, thing started to slowly turn over when me and Sofia instead had a nice shopping weekend in Stockholm.  On October 26 the new drummer was presented to us, Mr Otus, the mad butcher.

Thanks to the mental breakdown Monsterboard had, Me, Martine and Thomas bonded hard and this ended up to be an epic weekend in Oslo where we were doing all kind of things really. Somewhere here our plans to go to Hannover to see Lordi died, and in just a week, a trip to Paris and Trabendo was planned instead. I brought Martine, and Thomas was already down there, and this ended up being the most epic trip of the year. I met Ginny, Isa, Jasmin, Sofie, Maike and Marjolein and Burning Black and we ended up meeting Lordi (w.out Kita :'() and they played “My Heaven Is Your Hell” and… Yeah…

This was a pretty calm month, I did, thank god, together with Sofia, attend to Crashdiets show in Karlskoga, and it felt kinda nice to wrap up the music year with them. Else not much happened in December.

This year has been pretty good after all, even if it happened major bad things.

Predictions for next year.. I really hope I get to catch both SO and Reckless Love live, and also Lordi somehow. In my wildest dream, I hope Slaughter comes back. Maybe Bon Jovi could get his ass here too… Yes.
I hope I will get to meet a lot of new Lordi fans on gigs, and I hope to spend more times with the fans I know, and with Sofia, and Sara and Thomas and Martine And Ginny…

I also wanna say thanks to these people for making my year awesome:
Jordan M, Michal B,”King”, Nikola M, Jonathan N, Thomas C, Martine F, Curt U, Sofia A, Sara A, Elin J, Jennie F, Martina A, Anuska D, Ginny C, Isabelle D, Sophie, Ida E, Carro C, Maria, Jonny K, Lucas C, Jarmo H, Juha S, “Erina”, Martin T, Louise A, Anton D, Anna D, Elina B, Andrea A, Sol A, Christian J, Mustafa, Linnea M, Emelie V, Olivia E, Beatrice Y, Amanda B, Hanna G, Cornelia P, Emma R, Katja T, “Jocke Sigurds”, “judge deah”, Paula L, Lina L, Tuija L, Hanna H, Anna T, Marjolein V-D, Maike, Stefano M, Alessandro J, Enrico A, Cecilie CCH, Mr Lordi, Otus, Awa, Amen, OX, Glam, Teeny, Sporty, Flash, Simon C, Martin S, PeterL & Eric Y.
If I forgot your name, It’s not intentional. I love you all.