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Fashionable bitch

Posted in Uncategorized on November 28, 2010 by Sara Hammerzmith

My dad and I took the bus to the city today. We were gonna look for a new winter jacket. You might not know, but I’m a fashion bitch. I’d rather die (or in this case: freeze my ass off) than wear a jacket that doesn’t match my outfit. So, I refused to wear my winter jacket because its gray color didn’t match my green jumpsuit. Instead I put on my autumn coat which is too cold to be used in Sweden right now. And my dad knows I’m a fucking loser, so we were in desperate need after a new, black winter jacket.

I live in a rather small town in Sweden. It’s the fourth biggest city but our shopping sucks. The whole city is rubbish. So we visited every shop worth a visit but couldn’t find anything that I actually thought was fabulous enough to wear.
I came home with a pair of summer boots instead.
I mean; seriously. Am I fucking kidding with myself? No. Not this time. I’m bloody serious. We started our day with looking for  A WINTER JACKET, but came home with BOOTS I CAN’T EVEN WEAR AT TIMES LIKE THIS.
Like I said. I’m a loser. A Fashion loser. And I like it.

Alright. I’d better go to Stockholm before I actually freeze to death for real. Or just wear outfits that actually matches my gray winter jacket.


Posted in Uncategorized on November 27, 2010 by Sara Hammerzmith

You know you’re addicted to Facebook when you update your status whenever something new happens, or when you hear a good quote or when you’re just a tiny bit bored. Or, when you tell your friends that you already know their stories cuz you’ve read it online.

But the worst part, for me, is that I feel bad when I stop liking groups. I feel the anxiety creeping up from behind when I press that fucking button. It’s rather embarrassing. I’m ashamed. I’m a fucking technology loser. I’m gonna end up in technology’s hell. Or am I already there?

/guest blogging Sara.

Guest blogging

Posted in Uncategorized on November 26, 2010 by Sara Hammerzmith

Hellooo capital fellows. Sara here! And no, it is not Sara speaking about herself in third person. This is another Sara, a very filthy and glamorous Sara. Not that the owner Sara isn’t filthy and glamorous but you know what I certainly mean with this.

Sara the owner is being a (Lordi’s) bitch and she’s leaving Sweden for Paris a couple of days. Oh la la, j’adore Paris! I’ve actually been studying French for a few months and it’s faabulous. I’m so jealous of Sara but it’s alrite. Oh well. Enough about that.

My name’s Sara, I was born the 2nd of July 1994 and I might be explained as a little arsehole. I live in Uppsala, Sweden. I am a bit schizophrenic and moody and fucked up in the head but it’s alrite for now. I’m mentally ill but I’m trying to cope with that as well. I love fashion, art, music, literature, horses (!), styling, tttechnology and freedom. I’m a free bitch, baby. I write a lot of poems and I do see myself as a writer. And I do blog myself. And this is not masked advertising because I bust my fucking arse off every night with letting people know my life. And I am rather addicted to the words “fuck”, “fucking”, “arsehole”, “bloody” and other swear words that are not suitable for children under 15. But I’m OK with that. So go and read MY blog when you’re done reading this: WWW.DREYRA.BLOGG.SE

Well. Yes. I think I made a good first impression. Don’t you think so too? I’m gonna go now.

This is The New Shit

Posted in Uncategorized on November 26, 2010 by Sara Hammerzmith

From Marilyn Mansons album “This is The New Shit”. I just love the cockyness in it, you know?

Packing chaos. Leaving for Paris tonight. Sara will be blogging instead of me. you know, !

NP: Happy Ending – Mika
// Sara

Thank you Kita.

Posted in Uncategorized on November 23, 2010 by Sara Hammerzmith

I want to sincerely bring a big thank you to Kita for leaving Lordi. I know, that may now have been how it have sounded in the recent events, but thanks to him, and his actions, only good things has been brought.

Thanks to Kita leaving Lordi, I have bonded with people like Anushka (at least more than I used to), King, Thomas, Nightmare Wings Hell, Martinmaniac, Hemitys, Erina, Psyanide, and all the other crazy people.

Thanks to Kita leaving Lordi, I ended up with the best of friends, Thomas and Martine and some bananamadness.

Thanks to Kita leaving Lordi, I am now meeting Ginny (AOD) even sooner than planned.

Thank you Kita, sincerely, for leaving Lordi.

Yours, Sara

Happy Ending (in Paris?)

Posted in Uncategorized on November 22, 2010 by Sara Hammerzmith

By Mika, it’s a disgustingly good song, almost like an anthem you know? I just love it.

Alrite. Soon I’ll go to school for a lecture, and afterwards its time for work. But what the fuck? On Saturday I’ll be heading to Paris – the town of fashion! What to wear, what to wear… Saturday will be awesome, will meet up with the very best Thomas and do something…. But sunday will be even better. What happens on Sunday? Well, it’s a freaking LORDI GIG, and not only so – I will also get to meet the VERY BEST Ginny, Jasmine, Isa and all the others monstermaniacs going! 

But yes… what to wear, what to wear…  I guess I could plan that at work!

NP: Happy Ending – Mika
// Sara

Thinking Of You

Posted in Uncategorized on November 16, 2010 by Sara Hammerzmith

More specifically the remix Baseliser (or something, haha) did. It’s awesome, and turned a quite boring song into something good.

So. I’m sick, AGAIN. And I’m kind tired of it, to be honest. But I couldn’t really be happier. I spent the weekend in Norway… And it was the best thing ever happened to me. At least in a long, LONG time. Unicorning, bananing, liontaming, recording monsterman123456789’s songs, playing RUA, listening to Lordi, hugging Martines rats, milking, recording goofy Lordi videos… oh dear. What a weekend! I love Thomas and Martine to the fucking bone, can’t wait ’til we meet again!

We vaccinated our rabbits today. And it was kinda hilarious, my mum almost chopped my rabbits “tail” off. Wow, that would have been something! Lordi could make a song about it! “Chopping little rabbits tail, gotta have it for dinnar eheheheehe

Talking about chopping, “Girls Go Chopping” just appeared on my iTunes haha. Awesome.

NP: Girls Go Chopping – Lordi
// Sara

Last Kiss Goodbye

Posted in Uncategorized on November 12, 2010 by Sara Hammerzmith

One of my favourite songs out of “Get Heavy”, also the song I sand for my horse when she was going to get put down.

Alrite. o1.30, sitting here with newely painted SO. nails and tomorrow I’ll leave for Norway and Martine and Thomas! This will be fucking epic.

I really want Late Night expansion for The Sims 3. Elin told me about it when we went out to have a pizza earlier tonight, and once I started The Sims 3, I saw some ads about it, and I was like gaaaah, I want it! And I know I’ll get it sooner or later you know.

Ok, Sara is tired. Now Sara go to bed. See yah!

NP: Hard Rock Hallelujah – Lordi
// Sara

Shear Blonde

Posted in Uncategorized on November 10, 2010 by Sara Hammerzmith

I’m having a perfect blonde moment right now.

I found my shirt, finally. Where? Underneath the suitcase it was supposed to be packed in.

Shear Blonde.

// Sara

Why Can’t This Be Love

Posted in Uncategorized on November 10, 2010 by Sara Hammerzmith

Maybe one of the best songs Van Halen ever did. I can’t actually say that right now – haven’t heard too much of his material – but the song is well adorable.

Today has been one hell of a chill day really! I got up at 12 or something, and the only thing I’ll do today is go to work. Which I will in approx. an hour. Five hours of calling people in Sweden to ask them different stuff and then home again and start packing. Packing what? Oh well, maybe I didn’t say it – But I’m actually going to Oslo on Friday.

I’m leaving to visit Martine (GoodToBeBadGirl if any Lordi fans reads this) and also Thomas (well, um, Thomas, haha) will join up. It will be great. A lot of unicorningrainbowisherasureishotusishalwaysiwannabewithyouish with a spark of Alter Egon. Or something like that at least.

Before I get too much angst I think I better go make the foodbox for something for work, or just keep watching Greys Anatomy, haha!

NP: Why Can’t This Be Love – Van Halen
// Sara