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We all have gone crazy we’re out tonight, we all have gone crazy GONE OUT OF OUR MIND

Posted in Uncategorized on October 24, 2010 by Sara Hammerzmith

Monsterboard is a place of oppurtunities. Monsterboard is great. And all the times Kita leaves, we go insane. During todays madness we learnt:

* Me and MooneyMan are married and have a child, Monsta

* I cheated on MooneyMan with Thomas and MartinManiac, on the same time!

* MooneyMan cheated on me too, with 4000 women!

* Thomas and MartinM got so pissed of me calling them mistakes that they will do it ONE MORE TIME.

* King wanted to join without actually knowing what he got himself into.

* This ends up with Thomas, King and Martinmaniac having a gayish threesome. Sweet.

*NightmareWings Hell is our counselor.

And some reveals to show:
* I am a 40 year old man
* MooneyMan is a satan baby
* NightmareWingsHell is a rhino
* Martinmaniac is Britney Spears
* King is Miley Cyrus
* Thomas is a blue tank.

I told you. Lordis world is the best of worlds.