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SCG3 Special Report

Posted in Uncategorized on October 20, 2010 by Sara Hammerzmith

Intro on The Arockalypse, the album released in like what 2006. Yes.

On Monday, the new drummer will be released. The new guy of Lordi. His letters contains four letters. Hemitys calls him Ruma, so I’ll call him that too until further notice. You know – it feels kinda final now. I haven’t really gotten over Kita just yet, or well, I did, but I guess it’s like I’ve said before, that it will hit me real had when we get the pics of Ruma or in Germany when I really SEE that he is out you know?

I’ve kinda denied it, still, that he is out. And it feels like a nightmare. I don’t want to, can’t someone like freeze the time? Stop the time? Because seriously, this feeling is similar to the one you get when you rather like die or something than going to work for instance. It feels like I wanna get out of this NOW. That would mean get out of the Lordi World, but you know… It doesn’t work that way, haha. I love the Lordi world, it’s the best of worlds. I just don’t know how to deal with it all.

But I’ll love Ruma. I know I will. He will be my new little toy, my new little posed possesion. I’m certain. The other guys in Lordi never really appealed to me. I love them to pieces, but like with Crashdiet – no one “spoke” to me until Simon Cruz walked in. I know that I’ll love Ruma with heart and soul and blood and bone. A frame is ready for him. Kita, Amen, Pickles, Jette and Laxen is already watching over me while going to sleep, and now it’s time for Ruma too.

I sound silly writing this. But it’s just the truth. Oh well.

NP: Evilyn – Lordi
// Sara