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Mr Kita, part 2

Posted in Uncategorized on October 5, 2010 by Sara Hammerzmith

I need to say a few words about his departure, about my point of view of what happened. says Lordi fired him because he unmasked and so kinda did Aftonbladet, and they say Lordi is not OK with second projects and such, this is not true. I want to clear out some misunderstandings, but I want to clarify – Except from the band information, none of these are TRUE FACTS, it’s just MY POINT OF VIEW, and what I THOUGHT happened.

Alrite.The Show By SO, the other band of Kita, has been active since 1997, and it was Kita who formed it. He has been the leadsinger ever since, and he joined Lordi in 2000.  When joining Lordi, he must have been pretty sure about what visions Mr Lordi had about the band – with other words – keep their identity safe, not show themselves unmasked and such.

When I say “Not show themselves unmasked” I mean that he shouldn’t take of his mask and say “Hello! I’m Kita from Lordi!”. He still had SO, as the guy STALA. And it was fine. It was Stala, and it was Kita. On the latter years – I met them last in 2009, saw them live last a few weeks ago. He seemed.. tired of it. I don’t know of course – I can’t read his mind. But this is the impressions I got. And he didn’t write a single tune for Babez. And at Nosturi he seemed so off.

I made an interview with Stala last year, in May 2009, and he said that “Everything I write is SO, sometimes it turns into Lordi”. And notice my dear friends, how he ACTIALLY SAID that it turns into Lordi.

This is what I’m talking about. He didn’t keep it as much of a secret as Mr Lordi wanted it.

And now, SO is in the selection for ESC. Good for them! It really is. But this also puts Sampsa under the medias investigation, and it also puts him in public alot. AND if SO succeeds in ESC, Sampsa won’t have time for Lordi. Simple as that really. Mr Lordi needs his members to commit, and Sampsa just can’t.

As I said, these are MY point of view of what happened, mustn’t have to be true. But this is what I think.

// Sara