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Lordis new costumes and some of their history. “Halo”

Posted in Uncategorized on August 5, 2010 by Sara Hammerzmith

I’m going to dedicate this entire entry to my favourite band of all time; Lordi. “Halo” though is a song from my favourite tv-series “One Tree Hill”

Rite, it’s been a while since I last blogged, whats the reason? No idea. What happened? Nothing much else that we had a kind of “end-of-summerparty”…

What I really wanted to discuss in this entry though, is Lordis new costumes. Every year they changed their customs, even though its mainly just small details. Before every album however, they totally recreate their customes and evaluate them. “Babez for Breakfast” is their upcoming album, to be released on September 15th if I got everything right. Their single “This Is Heavy Metal” will be released on August 10th, and the costumes were revealed on August 3rd. This is my point of view about them…
(Ifr you press the pic it will enlarge.)

Also known as “The Hellbull” and “The Hellskull”.Historically he is supposed to be a  living dead “Bulltaurus”, which is a crossover between human and  an ox.  He was born on the isle of Crete and served as a lifeguard for the wizard Androlus. OX and others of his kind made wuite a mess on Greece back in the days.

Well, not much have actually changed on the costume since the “Deadache” era. He’s got a new coat, this one with some zebra/tiger print that I really enjoy! He got bandages over his chest, which in my opinion instead brings him more to Amen, a mummy, than a hellbull. Or well, still a hellbull but you know… Chains on his arms makes him heavier, and little more intimidating. His… crotchpatch or what to call it has changed, and its more studs and stuff on him. But in one big conclusion, I enjoy this change, or well, it’s not as drastic as others may be, and that’s how I’d like to keep it. Too drastic is never good.

Mr. Lordi
He is also known as “The bastard son of a thousand meglomaniacs” and “The biomechanic man”. Anyone seen “Charmed” on television? The story about Mr Lordi resembles a lot! He gains his power from demons and stamnia from Nothern Trolls. He grew up under the proctection of the Owl of Lappland and three raindeers. He uses his axe as his weapon number one, but any true  fighter knows that the power is in the body and soul, and not the weapon.

Mr Lordi, Mr Lordi, Mr Lordi… He may be the only one in the band that REALLY improves by time!  Well, his mask was better during “Deadache” but I do on the other hand enjoy that the logo, the emblem of Lordi really shows in his face. He got rid off the “Deadache” mask he had on his crotch and replaced it with a new face, the crotchpatch got spiderwebs on it, and I’m kinda weak for it, so I enjoy that!  The faces on his knees isn’t as hideous as the old ones, and makes him look more like a cartoon character than a… psychotic…thing… The chest has gone back, back to the “Arockalypse” era (no pic, but google Hard Rock Hallelujah) and I like that! And are those snakes real? Or are they a part of the costume? Like it!

Mr. Amen-Ra
He is also known as “The Ancient Assassin” and “The Living Dead”. Born in Karnath (Egypt) he was the ruler of the sixth dynasty of Egypt and he was like Dschinghis Khan – Lots of wives and lots of children. The doom came in 2184 (before our time) when he rose to power and failed. He was killed by two rebellious subordinates and ht got two deep cuts in his face, and thats why he will always show his teeth to the world… (Show me your teeth!!)

Wow. W-O-W. This… Well… This was one big improvement! This is Amen’s at his best! Never before has one been so hot, never before has a MUMMY been so hot! They got rid off his second set of teeths that he had during “Deadache” era. I love these loosely wrapped bandages, that like, both reveales his chest, but it also brings some dirty thoughts like, see but not touch… The new belt is faboulous, and the skirt just feels… SO egyptish! Wow Amen, you really got it great here! Awesome work, just freaking awesome! Wow.

Mr. Kita
Also known as the “Jaws Of Terror” is one big alien man beast that was born on a planet in a different solar system. His kind of spieces was the strongest beast-kind of animal that the dominant “people” (or whatever it was that ruled it) used as warbeasts. The Dominants made a really hightechnogoly way of living there (and I presume this is the reason mr Kita was transfered to earth, but accident? Not sure!) but there are no information about this, and anything they heard is just someones story. Kita may not even be his name… No one knows.

Well, The thing with Kita is that.. God I love him, he is … but it doesn’t change the fact that he is the one that fails a little bit every year. He had his best time during “Monsterican Dream” and I guess thats one good thing, that the face of this time is more like it, an not as in “Deadache“. I’ve never got it why he has chinese things, however, this change have just mademe think of samurais when I see him. Red mohawk is cute though : )

Lady Awa de Paysant
She is also known as “The Posessed Witch”. She born in a noble family in old Britian in 1779. She fell in love with a charmer called John Heart at the age of 23, which she later engaged. Unfortuneatley, a charmer is a charmer. He cheated on her. With her furious anger, she took one of the sheets they had been using, and strangled him with it. Awa herself was killed by getting pierced by a pole. Ever after this, she stepped into her old weddingdress and is anxiously walking across Europe.

That is what disturbs me. Read the bio of Awa, and then look at her costume during “Deadache” era. It all makes sense. But when you look at this… purple earrings, teazed hair.. she looks like an undead rockstar from the 80’s.Or as Curt said it; “Undead Cyndi Lauper?”. I love the dress I totally do, but… the hair… the look in general.. a little too bad ass.  No. This was not OK. Hopefully I’ll get used to it.

What is then my conclusion? Looking at the artwork that just got revealed, it feels like Lordi is going back to the 80’s. The clothing are that way, and not to mention the accessories. The artwork is also something I’d find on a Twisted Sister record from the 80’s, loads of pink… Yeah. Back To The 80’s!

// Sara