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Rise Of Evil

Posted in Uncategorized on February 18, 2009 by Sara Hammerzmith

No comment on this song. Seriously.

Stayed home from the interenship due to the tiredness again. I hate it. But I’d like to say that I’m fully recovered by now!

Anyhow, I went riding today after all, and I got River. We’re going to ride with those special equipment you use, and we could’t use those thing you have your foot in. I was more or less freaked out, Cause I barely dare to go for trot without those, and NOT CANTER! (Comes from someone who’ve been riding for the last 6 years…) So I skipped the first canter part. But it worked out when I tried it the second time! But my legs hurts… like hell. Then I helped feeding the horses. It’s fun. I barely don’t dare to go into horses like Falkenstain or Pappillon, but now I did. And it feels great. I fell off River, that felt great too. Don’t even ask.

Got home, and GREY’S ANATOMY!!! has it’s premiere today!

It wsa pretty much the same, but I’m confused with Denny Duquette. Is he alive or is he just in Izzies fantasies? I guess we’ll find out. I didn’t now though that MarkyParky (Mark Sloan, Dr. McSteamy)was so… soft? He was so nice to both Callie and the little girl that had arrived with her father.

Afterwards was Dirty Sexy  Money.


This sucks. Carmelita were my favourite character. I know, she not even leading, but I loved her. Though I did suspect that Carmelita would be shot. They couldn’t kill neither Jeremy, Patrick or Nick, or Tripp or Letitia, so it more or less had to be Carmelita. Bluuuuuuuah. : (

Now I’ll go to bed with my grief and cry over Carmelita Rainnes. Good Night

Btw: How will I possibly survive without Shear Genius AND Carmelita? Oh – Serena Wan Der Woodsen, Save me!

Np: Love Bomb Baby – Tigertailz
// Sara
(By the way – What is this with Blondies? Lucas Scott, Peyton Sawyer, Serena, Meredith, Carmelita?)