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Stay for the night

Posted in Uncategorized on February 14, 2009 by Sara Hammerzmith

One of the best tunes of Gotthard if you ask me. It’s on the Lipservice album, and I just love it! It’s a shame they aren’t playing it no more (it might have been aired before..?) I want to see them again. And again. And again.

Melody Grand Prix went of f today. H.E.A.T won. Togheter with Måns Zelmerlöw. I really wanted Lili & Susie to win.

Lili & Susie only ended up in the semifinals. But that’s good enough – Look at Markoolio – he didn’t even make it that far!

Ok, enough said about MGP.

When I woke up this morning I had the darn “Overnight” on my barin, so I started directly to think about the things that plauges me. I got over it afterwards, but it’s hard, you know? But I’ve been putting a lot of focus… no not on Niccie or Dannie or D. Or Challe. Or Palle. Not even Porky or Ocean has gotten my attention. Neither Gay.

No –  a story I haven’t even started to write yet, Born In The USA. Or ok, I’ve started writing on it, but I haven’t gotten far as Without a Trace thing… maybe I shall just call that one Without a Trace. I hope I don’t get sued. (or how do you say that?)

Nickkies is simple:
Nicole – Niccie
Daniel – Dannie
Dee – D
Charlie – Challe
Paulo – Palle
Parker – Porky
Oshun – Ocean
Matthew – I-love-my-wife
(He asked for it!)
Gail – Gay
Meredith – Marre
Glenn – G
Nekisa – Kissie

So, no more confusion. In case anyone was confused. I really tried to find a pic of i-love-my-wife’s wife today. No success.  Anywhere. Though people say she’s gorgeous. I guess she is.
I love my wife, this reminds of when my wife told me she loved me the first time, I’m gonna enjoy this moment and think about how much I love my wife and how much she loves me


While we’re at this hairdressing crap. I felt like Gail last nigt. Ok – I don’t know how she feels, but I was tieng my hair up for getting ready to go to bed, and my hair looked… like Gails. Insanely alike.

Ok – I’m done, Over and out!

Np: Rock My Ride – Wig Wam
// Sara