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The House

Posted in Uncategorized on February 12, 2009 by Sara Hammerzmith

One of the extra tracks on Deadache. I love it. It’s great, and special. It’s one of these buhu songs you never thought Lordi would do. Deadache is a really good album. Soon, Soon enough there will be Lordi concert. Soon…

I shall go through the week:


Jennie came here as usual, and we watched Shear Genius.
Daniel was eliminated. As we could understand. It was between him and Dee(!!) and if that is because of that Nicole had immunity I don’t know, but DEE? Charlie won, obviously. Nicole won the shortcut challenge, which was to cut twins hair, and to bring forward the different personalitys. Niccie won as I said.  And Challe won the elimination, where they ere going to style hair for a photoshoot, making some avantgarde hair representing the 4 seasons. I think Nicci, Dannie or D made it best (Yes, I just looove these nicks!) and Charlie were the worst.

But yeah yah – Niccie, D and Challe in finals. That’s good enough. Let’s just hope that Charlie doesn’t win.

My first meeting at the shrink was cancelled, buhu. But it was OK – cause then I could sleep even more! Then I met the doctor, and the guys at the youthcenter. My sister came over so we went to the cafe and talked a little.

So pointless! I’ve just watched One Tree Hill. And Playing games. And some other stuff.

I’ve decided to put more focus to Shear Genius. Or more like, put all my anger at Niccie & the gang instead of being pissed of all the other crap. The song “Overnight” with Crashdïet reminds me of everything I’m pissed at, and it makes me sad. But while trying to think about specifically Nicole & Gail, don’t ask me why, it might help. If I just could connect Niccie and the song, it would be so much easier. Niccie Niccie Niccie Niccie….

I guess that’s it right now.

NP: Overnight – Crashdïet
// Sara