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Home Sweet Home

Posted in Uncategorized on February 25, 2009 by Sara Hammerzmith

May be the best Mötley Crüe ballad ever. EVER. I just love this song. Especially the part about his heart being a open book. God, how I love it!

I haven’t been updating for a couple of days, sorry for that one! I’ve been busy – AC/DC concert is the main reason.

It was unbelivable. It was AMAZING! I can’t even describe it. It was the BEST concert, EVER!

Today I’ve just been at my internship, and now it’s clear that I’ll be interviewing Molotov Jive 😀

This great.

First tuesday without Shear Genius. Feels kinda empty. buhu. I miss them – Palle, D, Dannie, Niccie, yes, Even Challe. and Kissie. I miss their bitchyness. But Shear Genius is just a buttonpress away, so I can watch, now if I like.

I got some new records as well.
5 Vinyls and 4 CDs.
Dokken – Back For The Attack
Lita Ford – Dancing On The Edge
TNT – Tell No Tales
TNT – Knights Of The New Thunder
TNT – Intuition

Cinderella – Nightsongs
Cinderella – Hearbreak Station (On this album you hear how heavily influed glamrock is by country!)
Poison – Crack A Smile…And More
Mötley Crüe – Girls Girls Girls.

By the way – I met HAMMERFALL! HAMMER FUCKING FALL! I met them the same day I went to the AC/DC concert. Right now I’m pretty tired though, so I’ll write about that one tomorrow.

Good night

Np: Between Your Eyes – Ratt
// Sara

She’s So European

Posted in Uncategorized on February 19, 2009 by Sara Hammerzmith

KISS song, from Unmasked which I presonally think so far is the best KISS album. It’s not a big surprice since Talk To Me is a big favourite for me, as well as Shandi and yes – She’s So European. Lovely.

The riding from yesterday… KILLED ME. So I never went to my internship. No, I slept instead. And it’s a little better now.

I did play some Guitar Hero World Tour later on the day, and… I have to say that I’m pretty good at it, after all! I think so at least…

I started to pack as well, since I’m tomorrow going to a concert, and not any concert, it’s AC/DC! But honestly – I keep forget it, So I have to ask my friend a major favour tomorrow. Yeah.

But I’m not Sure – Kadesh and Dandy I know so far… But who should be my third choice? River?  No… Miranda?… No… Batic? Maybe. I’ll have to think about it. Chees.

Do you have any example of which horse I should choose as third? is the adress of my ridingschool, and only Ponnies and Batic (NOT DOLLY!) is the horses I approve of, can’t you comment what you think?

I guess I’m done for today. sleepy sleepy.

NP: Car-Lyle – Wig Wam

// Sara

Rise Of Evil

Posted in Uncategorized on February 18, 2009 by Sara Hammerzmith

No comment on this song. Seriously.

Stayed home from the interenship due to the tiredness again. I hate it. But I’d like to say that I’m fully recovered by now!

Anyhow, I went riding today after all, and I got River. We’re going to ride with those special equipment you use, and we could’t use those thing you have your foot in. I was more or less freaked out, Cause I barely dare to go for trot without those, and NOT CANTER! (Comes from someone who’ve been riding for the last 6 years…) So I skipped the first canter part. But it worked out when I tried it the second time! But my legs hurts… like hell. Then I helped feeding the horses. It’s fun. I barely don’t dare to go into horses like Falkenstain or Pappillon, but now I did. And it feels great. I fell off River, that felt great too. Don’t even ask.

Got home, and GREY’S ANATOMY!!! has it’s premiere today!

It wsa pretty much the same, but I’m confused with Denny Duquette. Is he alive or is he just in Izzies fantasies? I guess we’ll find out. I didn’t now though that MarkyParky (Mark Sloan, Dr. McSteamy)was so… soft? He was so nice to both Callie and the little girl that had arrived with her father.

Afterwards was Dirty Sexy  Money.


This sucks. Carmelita were my favourite character. I know, she not even leading, but I loved her. Though I did suspect that Carmelita would be shot. They couldn’t kill neither Jeremy, Patrick or Nick, or Tripp or Letitia, so it more or less had to be Carmelita. Bluuuuuuuah. : (

Now I’ll go to bed with my grief and cry over Carmelita Rainnes. Good Night

Btw: How will I possibly survive without Shear Genius AND Carmelita? Oh – Serena Wan Der Woodsen, Save me!

Np: Love Bomb Baby – Tigertailz
// Sara
(By the way – What is this with Blondies? Lucas Scott, Peyton Sawyer, Serena, Meredith, Carmelita?)





The Art Of War

Posted in Uncategorized on February 17, 2009 by Sara Hammerzmith

Of Sabatons so far newest album. One of the best tones, believe it or not. I’m usually in to as Pär says, “beer-drinking-partymetal” as Union, Metal Machine, 7734,  Metal Crüe and so on. But I just love this one, I love the heaviness… And I will see Sabaton soon again, yay!

We opened our Guitar Hero World Tour yesterday, not sure however I told you, but ok. And I adopted the drums pretty fast, and they are so mine! If I’m not allowed to play drums for real, at least I’m going to have them now! And I’m talented ; ) I promise! So I’ve been playing that a lot today, even if I had a headache and almst fainted from being tired.

Jennie & Jonny came by, it was THE FINALS OF SHEAR GENIUS! So we got some extras, just for this matter.
Nicole (Niccie, in case you missed my entry with the nicknames) Charlie(Challe) and Dee(D) were in the finals.

There was only one challenge today, and it was, in having four clients tell a womens story when she was 18, 30, 45 and 60.

D went for a girl that was into music. She made her 18 year look like someone that just moved to New York to bec0me a Rockstar (what happened to LA?), and had this young, modern rocky look, and at 30 she had a long fall with curls, at that point she had, according to D (they made up the stories themselves) had been releasing her first record. At the age of 45 she became more a musicproducer, and sorry, I don’t quite remember the hairstyle here, but at 60 she were a gradnma, but she disliked it so much that she rather be called “Mama Red” and she had this “ball” on her head of red curls. All the cuts were made well and they were REALLY age propriate.

Challe went, as usual, for classic style. He made the story about a young girl being a childstar, and now wanted to become a real actress. The 18 year old had this… very very classy style, yet Kim Vo thought it more looked like a burrito. At the age of 30 she had won her first oscar, and she just had a simple wavy blonde hair. At 45 she was the leadingrole in a thrillemovie, but honestly, she looked like 50 ? At 60 she was going to her own movie, statring of her career as a movie director. His 60 year old, looked like Nicole. The hair, so it was pretty much like “Ah, nicole in the future!” over that one. He really did some good job with the colors, I have to admit, and also the styling, which is his strength. Yet ALL his models looked elder than they were. ALL.

Niccie went for casual, making a story about a girl that was raisde with not that much money, but still were the perfect girl everyone wanted to be. Her 18 year old had natural straight hair with a bang, it looked pretty, a little 70’s style, as she wanted. At the age of 30 she couldn’t afford to go to college, so she began to work instead, and worked hard. This cut was made as if it was from the 80’s, since Nicole were VERY exact with the ages. The hair was a little messy, half curls, hald straight. Really nice. At the age of 47 (!!) she had found a man, got a family and they had gotten it better financially. As Nicole said “Now she could at least afford going to the hairdresser” and had a more strict look, but it was very agepropriate! I don’t remember the exakt cut, but I do remember that it at least were very nice. At 60 she was just retiring and looking back on her life and her grandkids on the fridge and all of her other accomplishments, being all satisfied with her life, and she had give her client a short, pretty cut. Nicole made some REALLY nicestyles, which is her strenght.

The wild card here is that Nicoles story, was a TRUE STORY! about her own mum. She started crying. It was so nice.

Anyhow, Niccie ended up THIRD (!!!) I can’t really see why, but oh yeah.

And the winner was…




This means of course that Challe ended up second. Huh.

Jennie and Jonny left, and I had my little dose of One Tree Hill, before I’m going to sleep as I am.. NOW!

Np: American Psycho – Hellcity 13
// Sara

If I Die Tomorrow

Posted in Uncategorized on February 16, 2009 by Sara Hammerzmith

.. from the Red, White and Crüe album. I can’t say I’ve been listening to it, but it seems to be good… yeah.

Speaking of Mötley Crüe. They’re actually coming to Sweden! To Peace&Love to be more exact. Guess who’s going there ;)?

I’m so sleepy. I just wanted to report that.
But my day in short: Internship started, was fun, was cold to wait for the bus, watched One Tree Hill & Greys Anatomy, since they now plays old episode every day, love it!

Played some Guitar Hero World Tour, I’m a great drummer ^^ I hope at least.

Now I’m really sleepy. Sorry.

NP: If I Die Tomorrow – Mötley Crüe
// Sara


Posted in Uncategorized on February 15, 2009 by Sara Hammerzmith

The best song by Pretty Boy Floyd if you ask me. I got the album, “The Ultimate” for “Rock & roll (Is gonna Set The Night On Fire)”, but… that song, and song number 15 had.. vanished- So I randomly listened to track 13 (It’s something with me and playing CDs backwards) and I just loved it. And still loves it.

Today has been pretty much all about watching TV… First I had the first episode of One Tree Hill’s third season today. It’s going so slow…. so slow… And later tonight, there were a new episode of the fifth/sixth season of one tree hill 🙂 Me like. But they’re so different in a way you know, in that one that aires on TV like, Hales and Nate are good, Luke and Peyt are doing good and Brookie is taking care of a teenager on the loose, but in the series, Brookie and Luke are dating and Peyt and Jake were dating, and Hales and Nate are not doing well… Freaky.

I hate to sit there and see Hales and Nate divorce, knowing that they will even have a kid togheter later. Haha, insane!

I tried to clean my room earlier, and I did well. I put on the “Trash” album by Alice Cooper, and you can at least WALK in there. That’s always something?
A Rock n Roll Girl Like You is currently played, and it automatically makes me think of Wig Wam. I miss them you know? I want them to be up and running. But Teeny’s got this Dream Police thing coming up, and Glam is doing his Glamunition.. and Flash and Sporty vanished… or something. I guess Flash is doing ARTCH. Eventually.

So – now I’m going to grab a sandwhich, watch some One Tree Hill and then sleep.

Good night!
Np: Bless the Night – Wig Wam
// Sara
5 days ’til AC/DC!

Stay for the night

Posted in Uncategorized on February 14, 2009 by Sara Hammerzmith

One of the best tunes of Gotthard if you ask me. It’s on the Lipservice album, and I just love it! It’s a shame they aren’t playing it no more (it might have been aired before..?) I want to see them again. And again. And again.

Melody Grand Prix went of f today. H.E.A.T won. Togheter with Måns Zelmerlöw. I really wanted Lili & Susie to win.

Lili & Susie only ended up in the semifinals. But that’s good enough – Look at Markoolio – he didn’t even make it that far!

Ok, enough said about MGP.

When I woke up this morning I had the darn “Overnight” on my barin, so I started directly to think about the things that plauges me. I got over it afterwards, but it’s hard, you know? But I’ve been putting a lot of focus… no not on Niccie or Dannie or D. Or Challe. Or Palle. Not even Porky or Ocean has gotten my attention. Neither Gay.

No –  a story I haven’t even started to write yet, Born In The USA. Or ok, I’ve started writing on it, but I haven’t gotten far as Without a Trace thing… maybe I shall just call that one Without a Trace. I hope I don’t get sued. (or how do you say that?)

Nickkies is simple:
Nicole – Niccie
Daniel – Dannie
Dee – D
Charlie – Challe
Paulo – Palle
Parker – Porky
Oshun – Ocean
Matthew – I-love-my-wife
(He asked for it!)
Gail – Gay
Meredith – Marre
Glenn – G
Nekisa – Kissie

So, no more confusion. In case anyone was confused. I really tried to find a pic of i-love-my-wife’s wife today. No success.  Anywhere. Though people say she’s gorgeous. I guess she is.
I love my wife, this reminds of when my wife told me she loved me the first time, I’m gonna enjoy this moment and think about how much I love my wife and how much she loves me


While we’re at this hairdressing crap. I felt like Gail last nigt. Ok – I don’t know how she feels, but I was tieng my hair up for getting ready to go to bed, and my hair looked… like Gails. Insanely alike.

Ok – I’m done, Over and out!

Np: Rock My Ride – Wig Wam
// Sara

The House

Posted in Uncategorized on February 12, 2009 by Sara Hammerzmith

One of the extra tracks on Deadache. I love it. It’s great, and special. It’s one of these buhu songs you never thought Lordi would do. Deadache is a really good album. Soon, Soon enough there will be Lordi concert. Soon…

I shall go through the week:


Jennie came here as usual, and we watched Shear Genius.
Daniel was eliminated. As we could understand. It was between him and Dee(!!) and if that is because of that Nicole had immunity I don’t know, but DEE? Charlie won, obviously. Nicole won the shortcut challenge, which was to cut twins hair, and to bring forward the different personalitys. Niccie won as I said.  And Challe won the elimination, where they ere going to style hair for a photoshoot, making some avantgarde hair representing the 4 seasons. I think Nicci, Dannie or D made it best (Yes, I just looove these nicks!) and Charlie were the worst.

But yeah yah – Niccie, D and Challe in finals. That’s good enough. Let’s just hope that Charlie doesn’t win.

My first meeting at the shrink was cancelled, buhu. But it was OK – cause then I could sleep even more! Then I met the doctor, and the guys at the youthcenter. My sister came over so we went to the cafe and talked a little.

So pointless! I’ve just watched One Tree Hill. And Playing games. And some other stuff.

I’ve decided to put more focus to Shear Genius. Or more like, put all my anger at Niccie & the gang instead of being pissed of all the other crap. The song “Overnight” with Crashdïet reminds me of everything I’m pissed at, and it makes me sad. But while trying to think about specifically Nicole & Gail, don’t ask me why, it might help. If I just could connect Niccie and the song, it would be so much easier. Niccie Niccie Niccie Niccie….

I guess that’s it right now.

NP: Overnight – Crashdïet
// Sara

Rock My Ride

Posted in Uncategorized on February 10, 2009 by Sara Hammerzmith

Wig Wam song, the opening (if we look away from Wig Wamania) on Wig Wamania. For a couple of years now they’ve been promising a new album. Yeah right.

I don’t have more to say than….


Twisted Sister is coming to Sweden Rock Festival!

and. Tomorrow there’s finally Shear Genius… but it’s… buhu, the next last episode. …

NP: Rock My Ride – Wig Wam
// Sara


Posted in Uncategorized on February 6, 2009 by Sara Hammerzmith

A Crashdïet song. I hate that I love it. It reminds me of these girls I’m so jealous and hate so much, it’s scary.

I’m sick. And I’ve been since Wednesday. But I’m getting better. Right now it’s ONLY my throat that hurts, which sucks, because I had TWO cups of tea, 3 pills of Strepsils and 2 pills of Mucoangin, still not working. Fuck.

I had to skip my riding today though. But it’s ok, I were going to have Dolly.  And it was jumping, so yeah, it’s ok.

I don’t feel for writing right now, my throat hurts like hell, Good Night!

Np: Heeding The Call – HammerFall
// Sara