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Always the Pretender

Posted in Uncategorized on January 31, 2009 by Sara Hammerzmith

Europe song. I think the single was released in 2007 or something similar. Europe isn’t my favourite, but I like them still. As I said: Mötley Crüe, Poison and Danger Danger it is.

Clash of the Choirs had it’s final today, and my favourite choir won. Hanna Hedlund. And last season my favourite Team CANS won, so maybe the teams shoudl start worship me? And maybe pay me for being their support 😉 They seem to win when I’m cheering for them.

I try to look forward, by putting up small goals. As, one day I’m going to buy THAT corset at Odium, I’m going to attend to THAT concert, and believe it or not, it helps. It might sound redicoulus, but to always know that “In the beginning of this summer I will not only go to Sweden Rock, I’ll also dye my hair and get a beutiful corest, and have a beutiful body”. To always have a goal. That’s important. Even if it’s small. And for that matter I actually sent a application for a job today.  I guess we’ll have to see if it works out, hopefully it does. Then will all the money I owe my mum be gone pretty quickly, haha.

This day, before we went looking at ridinggear and visiting grandma, was all about One Tree Hill.  Since I now know that I’ll be having the 2nd season pretty soon, I can with a good mind keep watching Season 1, without having the fear to have nothing to watch.

I guess that’s it for today. Good Night!

Np: När vindarna viskar mitt namn – HammerFall
// Sara

Cry Tough

Posted in Uncategorized on January 30, 2009 by Sara Hammerzmith

Poison song. It feels like I’ve had this headline before. Or something. Poison is however one of the few bands I really enjoy from the 80’s. Toghter with Danger Danger and Mötley Crüe, I think those are the only ones I REALLY enjoy. Slaughter doesn’t count, neither do KISS. But I don’t like KISS that much either so. I saw them at Sweden Rock festival last year, and they were really good^^ And I got this killer shot of CC DeVille. Maybe I should become a concertphotographer?

We’re having mulitmedia classes right now. Our teacher is having a lecture about Flash,but I already know it. I recieved a email from CDON. Season 2 of One Tree Hill has arrived, and I’ll be ordering it. Talking about One Tree Hill, I have started to loose my interest for it. Not that I don’t want it, but I’m just… not that interested in Season 5. It might be cause of the fact that I’ve already seen many of these episodes (it used to be sent in between Grey’s Anatomy and Gossip Girl on Sundays) so I’ve really started to miss the episodes that are now going on TV everyday. I’m more interested in their teenages. Season 1-4 with other words. So guess if I’m pleased with Season 2 being back in stock? CAN’T WAIT!

Sabaton or Lordi. HammerFall or Fatal Smile. I’m s till considering. The only thing that are clear, is that I’ll see HammerFall at Sweden Rock. I got my ticket two days ago, Lucky as I am! They’re sold out now! I was pretty sure about seeing three Lordi concerts by now, since a special person WON’T be seeing Sabaton, but I’ve started to doubt. Maybe I should take 2-3 Lordi and one Sabaton? or 3 Lordi? (Lordi is doing four concerts in Sweden). Sabaton and HammerFall are Swedish bands. Well, so is Fatal Smile, but they’re the support to Lordi, and Sabaton is the support to HammerFall. Shit. Help med. I realized that I’m running out of Gossip Girl books to. I’m right now reading book 4, but I haven’t ordered book no. 5 yet. But I will, today hopefully. Togheter with Season 2 of One Tree Hill. And season 1 of Dirty Sexy Money. Talking about the Darling dynasty, it’s getting REALLY complicated that serie! I’m glad I’ve followed it ALMOST from the beginning, else I’d be totally lost right now, haha!

Brians son’s mother (not Brians Girlfriend) is having cancer, and first she rejected treatment, but after seeing Karen and Lisa having a catfight over Nick she realized that she couldn’t live that boy with that family. I guess it’s messed up. Really messed up.

Tonight’s riding, and my teacher did promise me to have Kadesh… I guess we’ll have to see if I get him.. hmm..

Np: Not The Nicest Guy You Know – Lordi
/ Sara

No More Living On Lies

Posted in Uncategorized on January 28, 2009 by Sara Hammerzmith

7th track on Wig Wam’s 667 / Hard To Be A Rock n Roller album. At first I didn’t really like it, or, I mean, I LIKED it, but it wasn’t among my favourites. But now it so is. I love it. It’s special. In fact, Wig Wam has more and more started to become my One and Only band again. It’s thanks to them that I am where I am today.

Shear Genius yesterday, and Nekisa was eliminated. It was just about time. Just about fucking time. BUT! Paulo won the Shortcut challenge, and that’s always a good thing! But he was at the bottom two togheter with Nekisa as well. The cut dogs…. and Dee‘s dog was so pretty! A little cutiepie. We recorded while watching Shear Genius actually, so in our weekly vlog, you’ll get to see some of the best parts, haha 😉

One Tree Hill has started to reach the point I started following the series. That sucks. I love the teen years, and I’ve blessed myself with the serieboxes with all the episodes… Lovely.

My rolemodel is Paulo. I know what you think “she-is-so-obsessed-with-shear-genius”… but it’s not that. It’s his individuality, his courage to stand for his point and his choices, even if people keeps pushing him down, he never gives up. THAT is what I love about him. He’s a true rolemodel. I really wanna be like him one day.

OK, I just found a lot of inspiration to write my stories, so I’ll cut it here.

Np: Get Heavy – Lordi
/ Sara


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with Lili & Susie, right now playing Oh Mama. I like this version of Oh Mama better than the original version.. more techno, more disco… haha, you never thought You’d hear that from me did you?

Today’s Shear Genius again. Again. I’ve started to write a new novel, called “Born In The Usa” we’ll see how that one works out. And my other novel, without a proper name, just called… öh… I realized the English name for Brottskod:Försvunnen is “Without a Trace” so I don’t know what my novel’s name is, since it was similar to this…

I don’t feel for writing too much right now, just wanted to tell you all about


NP: Megamix – Lili & Susie

/ Sara


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A Goddamn Rocker! The 69 Eyes, saw them at Peace & Love last year. They were really good actually, It’s something with Finnish bands…..



Yesterday was a pretty lazy day. Was at home, watched some One Tree Hill, and then me and Jennie went to Bergvik mall, and got me a ziphoodie. A really nice one, hehe.

Afterwards we got home, watched some Friends and then played The Sims, as usual. Nothing more to add.

We thought of starting a V-log, anyone would be interested in that? We’ll see…

Np: Let The Hammer Fall – HammerFall
// Sara

The Best Song in The World

Posted in Uncategorized on January 22, 2009 by Sara Hammerzmith

Wig Wam’s opening song on the 667 album. It’s a great song, I mean, it’s not the best, but it is something special with it you know? I heard it live the very first time in Sarpsborg at the Tumaini party. It was.. strange.. And it has this feeling? Ok – if you haven’t been into Wig Wam as long as me you probably have no clue in what I’m talking about.

Yesterday my extrariding began, and you know something? It was great. It was better than my usual riding. We were only about 5-6 in the group, and everyone was pretty much at the same level (Ok – the other ones are better than me) and instead of doing these basic and simple ways we worked with more advanced stuff, stuffs that I can’t even write about in english. And I had Miranda – a new horse, and she’s… FABOULUS! to qoute Nekisa.

After the stable I went home to wacth off some One Tree Hill episodes, there have started to become quite a few on my mother device, and if I want Shear Genius to be on it I have to get rid of the One Tree Hill ones…

Dirty Sexy Money had it’s new episode too, and I realized that the Darlings world are really fucked up. Letitia have ASKED Jeremy to seduce the one who was pressing charges against her about Dutch‘s murder, and that one, Nola Lyons, on the other hand, is working for Simon Elder, to get inside the Darlings, However, Simon is marrying Karen, so he can have his part of the Darlings Enterprises, which led to that Tripp took away all Karens parts. Nola Lyons has also made her way to work for Patrick as well.
And on the top of that it seems like Nick is divorcing Lisa.

Fucked up? Yes Please.

Np: Every Rose Has It’s Thorns – Poison
// Sara

Would you love a Monsterman?

Posted in Uncategorized on January 21, 2009 by Sara Hammerzmith

Lordi’s breakthrough song, and also the signature song of Lordi. It’s good, it has a meaning, and YES LORDI – WE LOVE YOU! Even if you cancelled your damn concert.

Shear Genius last night, and who got the fucking immunity? CHARLIE of course! The shortcut challenge was about to color peoples hair in Rainbow colors, or to be more exact – they were going to color their clients hair in extreme colors, and Charlie won, BUT HIS WORK WERE SOOOO NOT SHEAR GENIUS! Dee‘s work were Shear Genius! I can admit Paulo failed with the blue color, and he admitted it too, so.

The Elimination challenge was the “Charlies Angels” challenge. They were working in pairs, and the pairs were:
Dee – Nekisa
Daniel – Paulo
Nicole – Glenn

They were having three costumers each, and they were going to do some modern updates on the styles they had in the beginning. None were the winner, and Glenn was eliminated. It was SHE and NEKISA, and Nekisa were safe AGAIN! Will be fun with the dogs next episode though!

What is this? and that Charlie guy… THROW HIM OUT!!!!!!!!

Got the call from the ridingschool last night as well, so now I’m riding both on Wednesdays and Fridays ^^ Lovely.

Gotta run, bye!

Np: Teenage Lament ’74 – Alice Cooper
// Sara


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One of the better songs of Monsterican Dream. I really love this song, and I really… like Kalma. But the song is special you know? It’s mystic and scary and… yes. Great.

Monday now. Jennie turned 18 this weekend, Congratulations to her! And for this matter me, Jonny and Tommie held a little party at her house. (no alcohol included! We can do without 😉 ) We began with having some nachos before we had some chocolate cake for dessert as a birthdaycake. We watched the Bullet in a Bible DVD with Green Day, and after playing some airguitar to songs as Longview, Minority, Basket Case and Wake Me Up When September Ends, we started with the movies.

We called it a movie night instead of party to be honest, since the purpose of the night was to have a marathon of “I know what you did last summer” movies. I can be honest, I fell asleep a LITTLE during the second movie, but hey, I’ve seen it before, so no harm done! Afterwards we tried to go to sleep, didn’t work out quite, because Jennie & Jonny just HAD to make a big thing out of that I said they were going to have sex… so it was more laughter than sleeping.


The day after me and Tommie had to leave early, since Jennie were going to put out some flyers for some company. Watching a few episodes of One Tree Hill, and then he left too.

Played a little The Sims, extending the eternal Jakobsson family. Watching some Pamela Anderson and Gordon Ramsay.. confusing shit. (Pamela, not Gordon)  And still don’t know if I should go for HammerFall and Lordi x2 or Lordi x3… Damn Lordi. Damn Lordi.

NP: Haunted Town – Lordi
// Sara


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…is a song by the famous (?) Duffy. I specifically like this song of her album, just as the song “This Is The Life” of Amy MacDonald and “I Kissed A Girl” with Katy Perry. You didn’t count on that one, did you?

I know that I haven’t been blogging so much lately, which might just be a good thing, because now I’ll be blogging the hell of it instead *S*.

Where to begin? Ok – Shear Genius.
This tuesday.. PAULO! won. He won the elimination challenge, but did he recieve Imunity? Of course NOT. And Charlie – He’s a pain in the ass!!! When they called Paulo and Nicole to step forward Charlie looked like “God No – Not Paulo!” and then when they pronunced Paulo as the winner and told him about the immunityloss, he was all like “It was good for Paulo to win, he needs it but of course he doesn’t get immunity, It’s very Pauloish” Kill him?
Eliminated was Gail. Gail. Gail, Charlie or Nekisa. And GAIL. had to leave. Pretty Gail. The only ones worth keeping now is Dee, Paulo, Daniel and Nicole. Charlie would have left last week if he hadn’t had that damn immunity!

Ok – enough said about Shear Genius.

I’ve recieved my One Tree Hill DVD boxes and… I’ve managed myself to get through the first DVD of the first Season. But come on – School quits 15.40, One Tree Hill on TV 16.10, Food, THEN I can go for One Tree Hill, but sometimes there’s other things – Shear Genius, Dirty Sexy Money, Gossip Girl, Greys Anatomy, CSI….. So please be patient with me *S*

I realized Nathan is a freaking jerk! It’s weird to see the Season 5 on TV, and then watching Season 1 on DVD boxes, only for the reason that everyone pretty much hate each other in Season 1, and in Season 5 it’s all flower power. How could Lucas forgive Nathan for all those things? How could Peyton? It’s sick.

Tonight’s horsebackriding again, and as far as I know Jennie, Linn and Tommie is coming with me. I can’t plauge them with One Tree Hill, which is a shame, but you can SO count on Shear Genius 😉 Hell, how could else Tommie be a part of Shear Amateurs if he doesn’t know how it works? And how could Linn be the cameraman if she doesn’t know what angles to use? Thought so.

I’ve been starting to write some stories again. I’ve had one publish at, “Rick Johnson” aswell as I published another one on a homepage, yet I don’t remember the site right now. I thought I’d try to publish them all… yes.

Also, Lordi moved their concertdates. To the end of March. Does it suck? YES. Cause they placed the concerts on the same time as HammerFall. GOD DAMN  LORDI!!!!

I have to quit now. See yah tomorrow or something!

Np: Cry Tough – Poison
// Sara

Anytime, Anywhere

Posted in Uncategorized on January 9, 2009 by Sara Hammerzmith

This was the first tune I heard of Gotthard after a friend told me it was good, which was… a great decision by her. Gotthard is one of these few bands that are my REAL favourite band (togheter with for example Lordi and Wig Wam…)

I haven’t been writing, sorry for that. What I want to bring up first is that the new season of Shear Genius just started, and I got my favourite already. Yes, Paulo. You could guess it, right?

I like the fact that he has his own style, and is always putting his own influence into the things he does. I really want him to win, Tabatha won the last season (and for some reason she seems to not like Paulo?! She put him as the least choice in the shortcut, and then second worst in the elimination challenge, what is this?) and I already know the winner. And no, I’m not gonna tell you who it is 😛 Any comment in here revealing it will be deleted too, I already destroyed it for myself, we don’t need to destroy it for anyone more.

So far in the series Oshun, Parker, Matthew and Meredith have been eliminated. I never liked Oshun attitude, so I was OK with him leaving. Parker I liked, but the choice was between Parker and Paulo – Sorry Parker…

Matthew was no one I liked very much either, but he made beutilful creations. But once again. It was him or Paulo – Sorry Matthew…

Meredith against Nekisa, and Meredith had to leave! That’s… sick. Nekisa has been last choice in AT LEAST 3 shortcut challenges, and also been in between the 3 least good in the elminiation, and MEREDITH had to leave? But hey – Both Paulo and Daniel (At Least) started to cry, so I guess the message got out what they thought of that.

So – Paulo, Nicole, Nekisa, Charlie, Daniel, Dee, Glenn and Gail. The one I want to leave NOW is Charlie.

I never seen anyone so… disturbed before! He’s a psycho! And Nekisa can go too. After that, Nicole… Gail… Glen… Dee… Paulo…. And the Shear Genius winner is : Daniel.

If I could decide. We’ll have to see if I’m right.

Anyway, My horsebackriding begins soon, and after that Jennie’s coming here, so don’t expect more from me now. Hope I didn’t bore you out too much with the hairdressing crap.

Np: Gypsy in her Eyes – Vinnie Vincent
// Sara