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Man Skin Boots

Posted in Uncategorized on December 31, 2008 by Sara Hammerzmith

One of my favourites of Lordi’s new album Deadache. As I think I’ve mentioned earlier, it wasn’t my fave in the beginning… but it became… for some reason… Man she’s walking… Skin she’s walking… Boots She’s walking in Man Skin Boots…

I went to Jennie’s today, and I brought half my closet. We began trying out clohtes and make up and stuff and then started to photograph. We’re going to do it again pretty soon, because you know what? It was fun. Fun as hell.

Before I went there I went shopping with my parents and once again I got new movies, and this time it was Nine Months and Muriel’s Wedding. Muriel’s Wedding I KNOW is a good movie, I’ve seen it before, and I hope Nine Months is good too.

I played some The Sims 2 after arriving home from Jennie, and my lovley sim got her first son today. Lucas’s his name and he’s just grown up to child. I’m planning on more kids for her, I just have to find the time… and space!

I’m tired, so I’m off to bed!

Np: Out Of Line – Crashdiet
// Sara

Moving Slowly

Posted in Uncategorized on December 30, 2008 by Sara Hammerzmith

CRASH!. I’ve pretty much been into them since they were in the Melody Grand Prix one year ago, and they’re just getting better. Though it’s a bit hard to understand why they do so much covers live, when they have a lot of good songs?

Has been a pretty slow day today, to be honest. Went downtown to get a pair of tights, and I did (!) it was pretty much the last pair, and I feel a little guilty about it, because when I saw them it was someone else holding them, but if they hang it back, even if it’s behind other clothes, and leaves the store, it’s OK to take them, right?

After I got home I didn’t do much. I played some The Sims 2 Mansion & Garden, and you wanna know something? It sucks that you can’t build your own apartments in Apartmentlife! I really wanted to do that… Damn.  I hope they’ll make some upgrade or something as you can download to install… Anyhow. I made this sim, and she’s doing fine so far. Until I realized she was cheating on her best friend with her boyfriend, but shit happens, right? Now she’s pregnant and everything, just as I want it.

I was excited today – cause finally the TV would go back to it’s sort of normal schedule, which finally made there be a new but old episode of One Tree Hill. Excited was the least thing I could say, I went so happy when it began! But hey – I knew that Nathan and Peyton used to date, but Brooke and Nathan? Or did they just cheat on Haley and Chase? I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out, but the most important thing is that Peyton and Lucas is togheter. They’re my favourite characters so… hehe.

To put an end to the day I watched the movie “Knocked Up” a movie I need to rewatch, because I’m pretty sure I fell asleep during it, but I saw most of it, and I think it’s funny and I like it. It’s starring Katherine Heigl from Grey’s Anatomy if you wondered…

Anyway – I’m off to bed!

NP: Learn to Love – TNT
// Sara

Be my Lover

Posted in Uncategorized on December 29, 2008 by Sara Hammerzmith

Alice Cooper is one of the few artist I liked the longest. Sure – I tried to copy KISS when I was little, but I don’t really count that. I count from June 7th, 2005, when I discovered that Wig Wam didn’t suck ( June 7th was the day I registred on their forum The Drop….) I still remember when Wig Wam was supposed to be the supportband of Alice, and it was on my birthday, but my parents didn’t let me go… damn it.

Haven’t done that much today to be honest, went to grandma’s house, and… did pretty much nothing. Fought with my broter, ate food, watched “Dark Floors“, ate food… and then we left… hehe.

Showered when I came home, and then watched “Gordon Ramsey’s The F Word” where the maincourse today was rabbit… and sure, it’s probably tasty, but the liver?! AND THE KIDNEY?! Ew. That was grose. Not sure though if I ever would order anything containing rabbit but ok…

Watched the movie “Ratataouille” as well. It’s a movie about the little rat kalled Remi (?) that wants nothing but to become a chef. He gets his chance when a kid called something I can’t write gets a restaurant after his father. Remi controlls what this kid does by pulling his hair, and they becomes the most famous chef / chefs in all France. It’s a cute story, but also a very good movie. I liked it.

Ending the dar with some CSI (same episode as last Monday) I’m off to bed.

NP: Domino Effect – Gotthard
// Sara

Straight for your heart

Posted in Uncategorized on December 28, 2008 by Sara Hammerzmith

H.E.A.T. As I’ve said before, one of the very few bands of today that still can capture the spirit of some of the best from the 80´s. And the song is a wonder. Love it ❤

Today my very good friend T came over here, she’s just moved to another town to attend to a really good musicschool, but she’s home for christmas, which I love! She was here a couple of hours and we talked about pretty much everything… We thought we should try out The Sims 2 Apartmentlife, but of course – My Laptop disagreed with us about that part, and told us the 4th CD was destroyed (while installing The Sims 2) so we gave it up.

After she left I gave the game a new shot, at my mothers computer, and don’t you freaking think it works?! Of course. I had high expectations on this game and so far… it hasn’t quite impressed me yet. But that might have something to do with that I only have The Sims 2, Apartmentlife and Mansion & Garden installed…. I guess it’ll be more fun when you have it all installed, but my own stationary computer hasn’t been cooperating since Bon Voyage… so… It wasn’t too much on hoping on that one – and still – I want to have both Sparetime and Bon Voyage in that case. The Stuff Packages does work though… Weird.

The Clash of The Choir continued today, and the first one to leave was…. Timo Räisänen. Which surpriced me – I was totally sure that Lagaylia or Nanne Grönvall should go first… but I got that wrong didn’t I… At least my two favourites (Hanna/ Bollnäs and Robert Wells / Falkenberg) is still in.

And to say something completly out of subject: I got the movie “Knocked Up” today… Haven’t watched it yet (Watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire instead…) but Katherine Heigl (Isobel “Izzie” Stevens in Grey’s Anatomy, 27 Dresses….) is in, and I love her as an actor so… Now I just need to lay my hands on some of Chad Michael Murrays other movies, haha! (Lucas Scott in One Tree Hill)

Anyway, Have nothing more to bore you with so, Good Night!

NP: Evidence – Marilyn Manson
// Sara

Follow Me

Posted in Uncategorized on December 27, 2008 by Sara Hammerzmith

H.E.A.T. This is one of their songs that I really feel fits in a horsemovie. I don’t know why, maybe I heard something similar, cause it SCREAMS “Spirit – The Stallion…” (what now it’s name is…)

So how was my day? Got up at 10am, recieved a call from J that we were heading downtown instead, but that she and M was up to go to hers first, to drop of her things. The fun thing is when I was supposed to take the bus later, I didn’t quite read the table of times…. It said 1.42pm, but the thing is just, that is the time the bus hits Lorensberg… and not the University… It takes of from Uni 5 minutes earlier. Busted. But luckily – My parents and my brother were going downtown as well, so I could just join in on them.

We got downtown, and J got those hot shoes as I have as well, and some other stuff. We met E and A too, and we made up plans for having pizza later, but first me, J and M went to my place and watched the first 40 minutes of the “Rockstar” movie. We had a great time at the pizzarestaurant afterwards, loads of fun.

Me and J took of to mine again, going savage on my clothes taking loads of these crazy pictures (I just might post them here one day… just might) But we did have a blast!

Clash of The Choirs began today, and I got my favourite choir already. Hanna Hedlund. But also Robert Wells, and he got the most votes.. hihi. This’ looking good if you ask me.

During the late evening me and my mum watched 2:37 (again) and had a little discussion about suicide… nice…

And now? I’m reaching for bed.

NP: Gypsy In Her Eyes – Vinnie Vincent
// Sara


Posted in Uncategorized on December 26, 2008 by Sara Hammerzmith

One of the best songs out of the Lili & Susie record I got. But it keeps reminding me of “Evilyn” by Lordi, and they are pretty alike…

Anyhow. The day started of pretty boring, like, the day after christmas, the day you’re supposed to play with the things you get on Christmas Eve, just that I couldn’t with mine… My stationary computer doesn’t really work properly, so no The Sims 2 for me. But instead of this we went out to check some of the stores that had a sale today, looking for an XboX to my brother.

But of course it was sold out everywhere. But we got Guitar Hero World Tour on Nintendo Wii, and tomorrow we’re going to Elgiganten, to see if they have Nintendo Wii and XboX (yes – Nintendo Wii was also sold out…)

Later on the day my friends J and M called me and asked if I wanted to take a walk with them. This ended up with us having a movienight, watching both Lordi’s “Dark Floors” and 2:37.

We began with 2:37, my all time favourite movie. It was fun though – all through the movie we bet on who was going to be the suicide victim. I knew of course – so I just agreed with what they said. Found out we were all wrong, but no, I ain’t going to tell you who’s the victim, watch the movie yourself 😉

And Dark Floors. A lot of people have been telling me that it’s hard to understand the movie. And it is. But we figured out this theory:
Sarah is in this machine, and getting visions about the monsters, and is getting a red crayon, and starts to paint what is going to happen, and when they got out, Tobias comes and probably tells her that he’s cold, and that’s when it all starts. In the end, when she gets a blue crayon, and starts to paint, he tells her that he’s not cold anymore… What now the point of this is I don’t know, but that is something to think about. Sarah always knows what to happen… hm.

Afterwards we did some crazy dance to “Beast Loose In Paradise” that MIGHT, just MIGHT be publish on YouTube… After J and M leaving I spent the rest of the night with looking at the extra material of Dark Floors, quitting with some CSI Miami… and now? It’s time for bed!

NP: Om Du Kan – Lili & Susie
// Sara

Oh Mama

Posted in Uncategorized on December 24, 2008 by Sara Hammerzmith

Lili & Susie. Thanks to Filip & Fredrik I’m more or less obsessed with them. Love the song Oh Mama, and I guess it’s just a good thing, to not be too much “rock rock rock!”

Christmas Eve today. Woke up around 9am, but I didn’t get out of the bed until like… 10.30? Or maybe later. Grandma arrived at 11.50 (haha, what is this with being exact with the time?) And we had a coffepause before the Christmas Celebrations began in the Television. At 6pm we handed out the gifts, and I’d like to share what I got…

The Sims 2 Apartments
A pair of shoes(Shown in the background)
Dark Floors
The Sims 2 Mansion & Garden
The Sims Lifestories – Castaway
Lili & Susie – The Collection 1985-1993
Heroin Diaries
Gift card on Odium Clothing(250 kronor)
Kryolan Black Eyeshadow
Kryolan Burgundy Lipgloss
Scarf (Made by my Grandma)
1000 kronor By Dad

I’d say I’m pleased 😀

NP: Evelyn – Lili & Susie (And Lordi got the song Evilyn ? haha.)
// Sara

It’s a heartache

Posted in Uncategorized on December 10, 2008 by Sara Hammerzmith

Bonnie Tyler. Usually I don’t listen to her, but I love this song.

And right now, it feels good.

I sent my Email to Katja T and to A, so now I feel tha I finally get something going. Cutting some small stuff was good. Now I just need to clean my room, K’s coming this friday, need to get done.

Gotta dye my hair, get the christmas gift bought. But you know something? I feel satisfied. I feel calm.


Np: I Kissed A Girl – Katy Perry (Don’t even ask. But it helps.)
/ Sara
2 days to Motörhead
45 Days to Lordi
46 Days to Lordi
47 Days to Lordi
73 Days to AC/DC
109 days to HammerFall


Posted in Uncategorized on December 3, 2008 by Sara Hammerzmith

Just a few more hours, and I’ll be right home to you, I tink I hear them calling – Oh Beth what can I do?

“The offical statement for the tour cancellation refers to as the rejection of the Spanish promoter for the three scheduled shows in Barcelona, Bilbao and Madrid. For organizational reasons this has affected the whole European tour. The management of VINCE NEIL thereupon decided to cancel the tour.”


Statement sent out by Fatal Smile. I just can’t belive it. No, please no….. Not Vince.. I don’t care about the money, I won’t see Blando and Strum… Damn it. I hate it. no no no…

NP: Beth – KISS

/ Sara