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Gonna Get You Someday

Posted in Uncategorized on November 15, 2008 by Sara Hammerzmith

The first single from Wig Wamania, and one of the very best songs on the album. One among my favourites.

I have to ask something.

I were at a Wig Wam concert last sunday (first one in 1 year, oh my god!) And… I just… When the curtains were taken away from the stage.. this is a band I’ve seen 15 times before, but I could just stare with my mouth all open. Like if it was the first time. And they opened with The Best Song In The World, so there was a surprise.

But I don’t know – when you know EXACLTY what songs they’ll play, and know EXACLTY HOW they’ll play them (that he sings “guitarman” instead of “businessman” and that they make a jazzsolo with the rock n roll spray in Hard To Be A Rock n Roller) and now exaclty how to sing every single little riff on the guitar, every single little word, know exaclty how they will do In My Dreams, with their aucustic beginning, to later begin with the real version, and now EXACLTY how the members will act on stage,

Are you obsessed?

In that case I’m obsessed with Wig Wam. Even if I sometimes hate them.

Glam with security in Söre Osen, Norway 8/7 2006 ❤

NP: The Strangers – Dschinghis Khan

// Sara
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