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7734 – Hanoi Rocks is breaking up!

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A Sabaton song. I’m not that into the material on neither Metalizer or Fist For Fight, but there are some golden corns of course, as 7734, Masters of The World and Birds Of War. But I’d rate M. and F.F. as the cd’s I like the least of Sabaton. And my favourite? The Art Of War ;).

I’ll just continue with the headline.
Yes, as it says, Hanoi Rocks will break up at the end of this year. Mike Monroe and Andy McCoy says that they’ve taken the band as far as they can and that they now would like to go separate ways.  Although, this doesn’t mean that the band will cancel all their upcoming shows, no, they’ll do them, as well as they’re planning on a Good Bye tour in Japan in 2009. After that they will make some good by gigs at Tavastia Club in Helsinki, where their whole carrer began in the 80’s. There will be a CD containing all the best song of Hanoi Rocks, called “This Ones For Rock n Roll – The Best of Hanoi Rocks” (2CD) on November 26th.
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Which is a pretty sad thing, but I guess it’s like they say: Quit when you’re on top! And can you say that Hanoi Rocks is anything else than on the top? Sure, they’re not Mötley Crüe, but they’re wellknown, and personally one of my favourites. Damn it, I just started to get into them…
But oh well – Good Luck in everything in the future.

Mike Monroe @ P&L 2008

Mike Monroe @ P&L 2008 (Photo by me, Sara)

Np: Shotgun Divorce – Lordi

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