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Nuclear Attack…

Posted in Concerts, Uncategorized on July 1, 2008 by Sara Hammerzmith

…warned but did not heed….

Sabaton. I told you in my last entry to buy the new record, The Art Of War. Did you? If not, just fucking do! Wheter you like heavy metal or not, only the theme of the CD will make you love it 😀

Talking about Sabaton and Dalarna and Falun, I’ve just arrived from the Peace&Love festival that is hosted in BorlĂ€nge ( a city close to Falun, so you got what I was talking about now haha) and it was… OK.

Day 1 began with us watching Amanda Jenssen, you know the girl that came oin 2dn place in the swedish versionof American Idol. Everyone that ends up as 2nd makes it better than the one that wins, why? But anyone, it was a nice way to start the day actually. After that we went to the Himalaya stage for watching Hardcore Superstar. We’d planned to watch Opeth after that, just like one or two songs and then go for eating.
During our way to the Fantasia stage, we complained over the fact that Sabaton wasn’t playing at the festival, I mean, BorlĂ€nge isn’t that far away from Falun and Sabaton is huge in Dalarna. When we got closer to the stage I got the feeling I recognized the song they were playing. Rise Of Evil? No, couldn’t be.

Yes it could. When we reached the stage the first thing we saw was the HUGE Sabaton backdrop. The only thing we ( me & Katja) could do was to stare. Since when?! And tell me, how often do you just run into your favourite band like that?! Not everyday, no no! They were really the highlight of the festival ❀

Afterwards we went eating, before we decided to watch a little bit of In Flames before we went for Vanity BLVD. So we did. Vanity, they were good, just a bit unproffessional, but that was just cute! Cindi is pretty ^^

Day 2 began with watching Hellacopters a bit. They were OK. After them we went for Dark Tranquility, they were OK to. Then we reached our goal for today, SEX PISTOLS!
Let Allah be prized, and let Iraq be erased
They were really good! 😀 We met Kitty Jutbring and Lamont-Krisse during this.

Day 3 began with… Dorleen Love. Swedish band playing Polish folkmusic. Weird yeah. Then Neverstore, which we watched only for the reason to get good places for The 69 Eyes… which was wonderful ❀ they’re the best ❀
Right after the eyes we went to Eldorado.. dadam! W.A.S.P. was playing there,
Disappointment for more.
It looked like a upcoming-newstarted-swedish band was going to play. And when they( read:Blackie Lawless) I didn’t know what to do but cry. This was seriously a upcoming-newstarted-but american, band. He looked like a indian hockeyplayer :D…. >.<.
Even funnier (or worse) was that they didn’t play Animal ( I fuck like a beast). Why was it fun? Because Sex Pistols went out twice and did 2 encores. So when W.A.S.P. left for the 2nd time, everyone was staying and a HĂ„kan Hellström fan asked “If you’re not going to see HĂ„kan, why are you staying?” a girl beside us told them “They haven’t played Animal yet. That’s why” I think every single W.A.S.P fan stayed until HĂ„kans piano was rolled out on the stage XD haha ❀ After W.A.S.P we ate, and went to Hanoi Rocks where we got rid of the last energy by dancing like fools to it. Hanoi Rocks = Metals answer on Sven Ingvars 😉 Without insulting. And Mike Monroe is still hot after all these years.

So over all? This wasn’t the best festival. But it could’ve been worse.

NP: Seven Seas – TNT