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Peace Will Come…

Posted in Uncategorized on June 19, 2008 by Sara Hammerzmith

… is the song I currently is listening to. It’s the Gerogian entry for the Eurovision song contest this year. I haven’t been blogging about that, Maybe I should?


anyway – I believe the songs were better this year than they were last year. Not as good as 2005 – But better than 2007. My personal favourite this year was Latvia‘s Pirates Of The Sea with their song Wolves Of The Sea. I believe many found them beeing a big joke, but seriously. Lordi worked 2006, so why not pirates? Rumors says that POTS was ment for Sweden first, but was denied. What the hell? They reached 12th place after all. Sweden reached 18th place. God. I don’t really have much to say, but except from Latvia, countried I liked was: Iceland, Norway, Ireland (Yeah – I’m serious) , France, Spain, Finland and a few more. That’s it.


What have been happening recently? Nothing really. In just a few days Katja will come here and we’ll leave for Peace&Love festival, whose started to gain some good bands. W.A.S.P, Hanoi Rocks, Vanity BLVD, Sex Pistols,The 69 Eyes, You tell me!

2 weeks ago I visited the Sweden Rock Festival. In short I can just say that it’s a nice festival after all, I watched bands as Judas Priest, Ace Frehley, The Poodles, Hanoi Rocks, Def Lepard, Whitesnake, Gotthard, Lizzy Borden, POISON, RATT, Team Cans (from Clash of the Choirs), Sonic Syndicate and a few more.

1 week ago I visited Rockstad: Falun which is a totally new festival for this year. Sabaton had their release party for their new record “ The Art Of War” as I COMMAND everyone to buy, wheter you like heavy metal or not, because It’s just the best record ever made in the music history! At Rockstad bands as Sabaton (obviously), Skyride, Panzer Princess and Billion Dollar Babies played (and more of course). The thing about this festival I believe is that it’s pretty boring to just wait in between every act since there’s only one stage. Yet they’ll have a PLUS for that they managed to hold the time! It was around 30-45 minutes waiting in between every band, and that is totally okay and respectful!


Maybe I should write some words about The Art Of War, now when I’ve demanded you to buy it. It’s based on the Chinese military treatise that was written by Sun Tzu.  The whole CD is like a history, and you really have to listen through the whole CD, and not just one song, just because of that there is this girl saying stuff inbetween. Really nice. I’m not sure what to say, that’s just great, But yeah XD
“If you know yourself, but not the enemy, for every victory you’ll suffer a defeat”

Now I really don’t know what more to write about, so I’ll just cut here!!




NP: Disappear – No Angels

// Sara