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and the winner is Charlotte Perelli

Posted in Uncategorized on March 16, 2008 by Sara Hammerzmith

If anyone out there with the hand on their heart can say that they didn’t expect this already before the semifinals began, must be sick and twisted in their Heads. IT WERE WRITTEN that Perelli would win 😉 So be it.

She’s good. Better than Sanna Nielsen for example 🙂 Nordman & Linda Bengtzing, Frida wouldn’t work down there.

Neither would Amy Diamond, Christer Sjögren maybe, Maybe Rongedal… Sibel, No… Then we have two : BWO and Perelli.

Id I can decide, BWO would be best. My father were amazed over Bards costume though XD I’m satisfied with Perelli 🙂

I’m getting sick of people complaining and throwing bad words at her, GOD! She has WON this before, she’s no bitch like Carola, she’s acctually nice. and Take Me To Your Heaven is the best :*

People complaining saying that it sucks, sucks themselves or something 🙂 Seriously, This isn’t unexpected, everyone knew 😛 I guess everyeone, just as me, could say all the points from the jury before they did 😛

There is something new coming up; Salonismen.

I can say one word:

That is the most ridicoulos EVER!! EVER!!!



Melody Grand Prix

Posted in Uncategorized on March 10, 2008 by Sara Hammerzmith

So, the Second Chance in Melody Grand Prix went off this weekend. I guess I’ve pretty satisfied with the results. The Poodles & E-Type didn’t make it to the Semifinal (and then not the final of course :P) But Sibel was great enough.

The next “fight” were between Ola and Caracola. I Don’t really understand how people think, Seriously, have you heard how Ola sings? He sings so terribly bad! And the song was bad too >.< But Okay, Ola is todays Darin so, what did I suspect?

The next Fight, Nordman vs Häggkvist/Johnsson, were the fight I was most interested in. I voted for Nordman for like 8 minutes in one row, and it did give result!!! Nordman won over Carola, whatta sensation! Nordman made it to the finals then 😉

The Last fight were between Suzzie Tapper and Terran (Therese Andersson). I thought Terran would win this fight, but I guess I’m pretty staisfied with that Suzzie won it, since I anyway wanted Nordman to the finals. And Terran against Nordman would be like Nordman against The Poodles. Not good 😛

So well, Sibel and Nordman to the finals. I can just say that I’m satisfied. So now the finals are coming up, and my votes goes to Linda Bengtzing 🙂 and BWO. I don’t think it would be good to send either Bengtzing or Nordman to the Semifinals of ESC, since both of them is sining on swedish. And Sining on swedish in the European finals isn’t good, you can likely kill yourself, and if either of them sings on English, they’ll kill themselves, especially Nordman. So yeah, I’m stucked 😛 XD

Attended to Hardcore Superstar last week, or before last week. I guess it was good, or, Crashdiet were good at least 🙂 Now we’ll order the tickets for Peace&Love and Rockstad:Falun, so I’m happy ^^

I guess that’s it 🙂

// Sara
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