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Honey Honey let me hug you like a spider…

Posted in Uncategorized on January 25, 2008 by Sara Hammerzmith

… honey honet let me give you evilove.

That’s just the song playing at the moment. Realized how much Lordi has “affected” me. I mean, I quote Lordis songs, my usual profile picture is the picture with me and Lordi, my best friends is mainly met through Lordi. Gah.

I’m in school at the moment, we’re supposed to work with a song, And my choice was easy: Nordman’s Be Mig 😀 I’ve liked Nordman for a long while so. Won’t be that hard. Else I could go for Alter Egon’s Varför Dör Ni, but no haha.

It’s gettin’ closer until Turbonegro, or not really, but it’s.. April 5th pretty soon. But I’d love to attend to Hanoi Rocks (we’ll have to see about that) and Crashdiet (maybe) AND!


But to Nöjes of course. Sucking Suck.

I guess I’ll have to quit.

Np: Devil is a loser – Lordi

// Sara

Blogging from my old computer

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Railakasta syntymĂ€pĂ€ivĂ€ ❀ 

So, this is the first time I’m blogging from my stationary computer *S* Got it back like yesterday, yet Bon Voyage doesn’t work anyway *sigh* but I’ll get used to it! (as Slaughter would’ve said)

Talking about Slaughter, I don’t know what I feel about Spain anymore. OF COURSE, I’d LOVE to go there, and I really want to, yet I feel like I don’t. This may probably be becasue the girl that might follow (She has to follow,else I’m not allowed to go) never really asnwers. I hate when it ends up like this.

Another thing as I hate is when people always go like “call my CELLPHONE when you’re done” or call to your cellphone when you’re at home. Seriously, that piss me off. Literally. I never call anyones cellphone when I’m at home (err, I mean of course IF they’re at home, If they’re not then it’s another thing) and when I’m home I don’t even have an idea on where my cellphone is. Or okay, it’s in my schoolbag, which is downstairs, without sound, so no luck on reachin’ me there. Therefor the late answers, sorry.

Yeah, the clock is acctually 00:50 here in Sweden at the moment, So I guess I should cut here.


Np: VH1 Hits

// Sara

In love with love…

Posted in Uncategorized on January 16, 2008 by Sara Hammerzmith

is the song title of the song I’m currently listening to^^ HellCity 13, just great!

Okay, you know what? for one year I’ve been dreamin’ of loggin’ on the Slaughter forum and see them adding a European date. Never happened, so I gave up the hope, obviously.

But 2 days ago… I went on that…. and pressed the topic, THAT SPECIFIK TOPIC… saying “New Dates Added”…





May my dream now come true about finally seein’ my favourite band? <33


81 days Left to Turbonegro…

some days left to Melodifestivalen.

New year, and so bored. Or Not.

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First blog of 2008, hahaha. Not for that it makes sense but okay.

In school at the moment,  and I just finished.. or something like that, what we were supposed to do.

Judas Priest is coming to Sweden Rock, they’ve never been mentioned in between my favourite bands, but I’m listening to Breakin’ The Law, and it’s so fukkin’ good. But I’m not sure if that convinces me enough for acctually going there. I rather get som new nice boots instead (My current ones has heels, ain’t satisfied with that :/ )

What I hate at the very moment, is the fact that no bands seems to have tour now. Was it so last year? Well, I wasn’t really an addict to concerts back then…. OK, Hanoi Rocks is afterall coming to Sweden 3 times, But I did “jump over” Hanoi at the Peace&Love festival, so I don’t really see it nessecary to.. yeah.

Okay, I just don’t know what to write more so I’ll cut here.

Np: I can Fight Dirty Too – Tigertailz

See yah!

// Sara

27 days until Melodifestivalen!
82 days until Turbonegro