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My Christmas

Posted in Uncategorized on December 25, 2007 by Sara Hammerzmith

What did I get? höhö:

 Rest In Sleaze – Crashdiet from Mum
Mötley Crüe – The Dirt: Bekännelser från världens mest ökända rockband
from Grandma
Headphones (Sony MDR-ED21LP)
from Grandma
from Grandma (I chosed it when me n Mum was at shock 17th)
Revenge – Kiss from Lina
Hot In The Shade – Kiss
from Lina
Mobilejewelary  from Kjersti
20th Centuary Mastercollection Vol 1- Kiss
from Katja
from Grandma (haha, I owned my brother in it XD)
Necklace from Paula
Glasses from Carolin, Georg, Philip
Bon Voyage from Mother
Teenage Stuff
from Andreas
Videocamera (JVC GR D720E)
from my Father.

Lovley <3. Sure I can’t use it at concert, the camera, but neither can you with big digitalcameras XD haha.

But I can start videoblogging again ❤

50 top hate n love thingz

Posted in Uncategorized on December 22, 2007 by Sara Hammerzmith
Elly wanted me to fill this in, so here we go.

Top 25 things I hate and 25 I love.

Top 25 things I hate:

1. Failing

2. Wannabe-Rockers

3. The Ark sayin’ their Glamrock, when they’re not (and they now it, “the number of the beast”)

4. People who buys tons of Hairspray just to shoot it in the air. Pointless, idiots.

5. Drugs ‘n similar (yes, I know about Sex, Drugs n Rock n Roll, I can just qoute Tyler: Take away drugs, it’ll be more of the others)

6. Missing People

7. Not havin’ any concerts to look forward to.

8. War. The war is not over, everyone knows it

9. People who download the music instead of buying the CD. FUCK YOU! You really cheat on your band!

10. People who live for sleeping around with guys and that party next weekend where they can get drunk. Again. Tragic.
(I can just agree with Elly)

11. To not find Pickles old sign.

12. Wig Wam’s singer, Glam.

13. Fjortisfans, those who only like the band cause they look nice. (and so on)

14. Wannabe The Sims fans

15. That all the first the Sims games is so cheap.

16. That “my” horse is dead, miss her waaay too much.

17. The Idea of ideal beuty (yes, I did qoute the Ark, never said I hated them, did I?)

18. Breaking bones. Hurts much.

19. People thata gets mad cause you say something.

20. People that aren’t there to help you, cause they just do stuff so they get it good.

21. Havin’ so less money that I can’t enter concerts (The Poodles and Gotthard >.<)

22. That 2007 is soon over.

23. That Rosén left HammerFall 😦 Fuck him!

24. PEople who doesn’t respect opinions

25. That my best rabbit died.

Top 25 things I love:

1. Love and friendship. Can’t get enough of that.

2. Hugs

3. THE 80’S! FUCK!

5. Concerts

6. Good bands

7. Boots

8. My School

9. Horsebackriding

10. Havin’ music convoes, ohh <33

11. A Nightmare on Elm Street <33

12. LATCH.

13. Christmas and B.Days

14. Boys with LOOONG Hair (Oscar Dronjak’s hair)

15. Rabbits

16. Photographing, Live then.

17. Cola

18. Tavell long for concerts, the Berlin trip was a blast ❤

19. Vinnie Cusano, he is so hot!

20. The Sims.  (not the sims 2)

21. Sleaze/Glam guys<3

22.Beein’ on MSN

23. Animals in general

24.  Brooke Theiss

25. Cleaned rooms…

I would like KATJA.D. to fill this in next ;)

Makin’ Magic.

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Imagine this:

YOU LOVE  The Sims

You wanna play it.

Can’t play it on the stationary, cause it doesn’t work.
You  think The Sims 2 sucks (it does, yes it do!)
You are bored of Life Stories.

But you can find the book you wrote down the seriecodes in, which means you can’t install them.

What would you do?
I’ll hang myself.

Rock? Don’t think so!

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The Ark and THEIR fans always says that The Ark is a rockband. I don’t think so to be honest.
What in their music is rock? Tell me? Please?
with songs as Gimme Love To Give, Interlude, Thorazine Corazon… wait, it’s easier to count up the songs as IS rock.

I’ll guide through this hell….
Search the Song and the Artist on YouTuBe, or whatever you like.
Pop: The Ark – One Of Us Is Gonna Die Young
Rock: School’s Out – Alice Cooper
Glamrock: Love Bomb Baby – Tigertailz
Sleazerock: Riot In Everyone – Crashdïet
Hardrock: Hard Rock Hallelujah – Lordi
Metal: Metal Gods – Midnight Sun
Powermetal: Blood Bound – HammerFall
Heavy Metal: Red Light – Cans
Black Metal: Satyricon (any song)
Viking Metal: Holy Diver/ Fjällvandring – Otyg

If you listen to the artist mentioned on Glamrock you’ll hear its NOT IN ANYWAY like The Ark.
I mean, whats wrong with you? Are you so desperate of beein’ a rockband that you have to rape the whole genre?
GLAMROCK is GLAMROCK, it’s this bombastic kind of rock with much bombatsics effects, and even the style of the 80s (search Mötley Crüe) and The Ark is nothing like that. Neither is Lamont.

So why? Why`? WHY?
Everyone that reads this, please comment an answer. I can see if you’ve been here soo 😀

I did update the side about me aswell. hihi.

Ok, gotta cut for the moment. See yah later!
Np: The Fire Burns Forever – HammerFall
// Sara
4 days left to Marilyn Manson

Mighty, Glorious…

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At the end of the rainbow, with gold in our hands…..

Once again the headline has nothing to do with the blog. It’s my favourite song with HammerFall just 🙂 It feels like Legacy Of Kings will end up as my favourite HammerFall album, but at the moment it’s Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken. Blood bound<3

So, here I am. And I have bought. 2 Christmasgifts. wallawalla. Need to get the gifts to the abroad people bought NOW, since I have to ship them. The problem is just that XD No one knows what they want. I guess it’s like Oscar said:
When you were younger, you wished alot for christmas. Nowadays, when you’re older, you usually buy the things yourself, and all you wish is a sweet christmas”

But how is that gonna help me o.o but to the musicinterested abroad friends of mine (or well – all my abroad friends are music interested hahaha) it’s easier.

So what am I doing at the very moment? Just havin’ classes, Mediaproduction (just translated XD) and I’m up to find out 10 things to tell Sagoprinsarna (Fairytailsprinces) about some tips, since they’re taking over the webmagazine next semester. Not so fun, did found out like 4 😛 That’s something at least.

I thought it was really time to make up a little list over bands I want to see and such, and so I am, here’s a painting.

Yeah. Well, I guess there’s nothing more to say today to be honest, so I’ll quit here.

See yah and take care
NP: Templars Of Steel – HammerFall
// Sara
5 days until Marilyn Manson

Never Ever

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smile, never ever talk, knowing that my life won’t be the same…

To be honest, The headline and 2nd headline has nothing to do with the blog, It’s just the song I’m currenlty listening to.
A really great song by HammerFall, it’s a sad one, and if it’s autenthic (that this is a experience of the author) Then I must cry 😦 It’s sooo out of HammerFall usual subjects, and it’s one of the few songs Dronjak wrote the lyrics on, so yeah :/ I’m just 😥 about it. Wonder what happened. Or wait, I’m not even sure if I wanna know.

I’m at school at the very moment. Doing nothing, the first lessons begins… now acctually. It’s swedish, should’ve been writing a little novel, haven’t. Or, I have begun on it last week, it just ain’t done. And that shouldn’t matter, we should be able to write on it today aswell. I hope at least. If not, I guess I’ll sneakingly write on it.

Something I want is that I want all the christmaspresent bought, I’ve got…. one. To my KK <3.(KatjaDronjak)

jaja, I guess I should stop write this and pay attention to the teacher. I guess. OH YES!!! Our teacher just told us that we can work with the novel today! YES! (yeah, this is an authentic blog haha XD) So now 😀 I can just relax.

Okay, gotta start working!
Np: Shandi – Kiss
See yah!
// Sara
10 days left to Marilyn Manson


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At the very moment I’m in school… we’ve been out taking some photographs… haha. Wasn’t really that funny, but it was okay! Took some ugly photos on christmas related shit. And now I can’t transfer the pixx onto Julias computer, so what am I to do?

Okay news report. We got everything fixed, so now I’m freeeeeeeeee! But I’m bored. So. I’ll stop write this,haha.

So, see yah!
// Sara
many days left to Marilyn Manson

Watching HammerFall haha

LORDI + KISS = <333

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