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Nope, I really don’t haha.

That Dronjak goes Wilde thing didn’t really work out >.< Belsh. But they are similar to each other!!!
The first bands were realesed for the Peace&Love festival, but it’s only ONE band so far that I’d like to see, And that is Hardcore Superstar.

I’m currently working, for real, on a homepage for the WC Club, you know that old swedish Wig Wam fanclub we had. We thought we’d once try to raise it, and raise our voice inbetween this. We’ll probably manage the MySpaceaccount soon, and don’t hesitate to add it, wheter you’re swedish or not!

I was requested to put up more videos on YouTube, so I thought I’d start to videoblog instead, and then I would aswell videoblog here too. Like you know, putting up the video here and such. How do you readers feel about that idea? Otherwise I’ll just keep writing here… haha.

But I’ll do a movie about Marilyn Manson, already planning what to record and such, Ah, Not like “Then we make it that way” bla bla, but like, Record the train.. Train station, before the show.. during the show… after the show… departue home from the show… you name it 😀 And then put it togheter in a video and put it on youtube^^ I’d seriously need a videocamera for the things that I’ll record before, but ohwell.

but in the mean time, VISIT MY YOUTUBE ACCOUNT!

Thank you^^

// Sara

17 Days until Marilyn Manson

New Logo!

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Monday is here, and that pretty sucks. Although I made a new logo yesterday, what do you think? I just had to add that “Dream Warrior” cause I’ve been calling myself the Dream Warriorfor a long time, as well as I always qoute the song.

Okay, weekend is over. Still haven’t melted that this guy sang SO TERRIBLY wrong in the songs of Idol. I relistenend to his entries.. And it was.. A CATASTROFE!!!! OMG!!! I mean, he didn’t sing a fucking line right!!! The refrain maybe, and one or two lines, but not more than so! His lyrics:
I look at you and my blood boils hot
Come on and shiver and shake
I’m comin’ all, give me what you’ve got
There’s hunger in your eyes
Closer, Can you hear breath
Come baby give me what I need
Come on baby *not able to hear what he sings, but wrong*
I got a fever raging in my heart
Come on and shiver and shake
Baby don’t stop
Take me through the top
Eat it like a piece of cake
Im coming closer baby hear me breteh
I know the way you been
Let me love you and you’ll never leave

And Livin’ On A Prayer:
Tommy used to work on the dock
Working for a man
She bring home her love for love, for love
She says. we gotta wold on to what we’ve got
It doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not
We’ve got each other, and that’s alot for our love
We’ll give it a shot
Gina used to dream of running away
Some Day
She says we gotta hold on to what we’ve got
It doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not
We’ve got each other, and that’s a lot for our love
We”ll give it a shot

I mean, come one! There is supposed to be something about that it’s tough for Tommy, and that it’s GINA who is working for a man in the song!!!! WTF!!!

While people as Andreas sang “Livin’ on the edge” perfectly 😀
Gaaah. Don’t do this to the HOLY rock songs, as Livin’ on a prayer. Heaven’s on fire, OK, but Livin?!?! NO!

Helped with the ponyriding yesterday, it was fun, but cold.

Now I just wanna know the name of Jepsons kid. I’m soooo curios! Aswell as I think that I fucked up my WiFi yesterday. Was supposed to import some photoes with the WiFi, didn’t work though. Fuck.
Okay, this has nothing to do with anything, so I’ll just cut it here!

Np: Livin’ On A Prayer – Bon Jovi
// Sara
21 days until Marilyn Manson

Let’s Slaughter The Good Songs!

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That should be the leadtrack of Idol. It kills good songs. As today, a guy called Andreas was up to sing Kiss’s “Heavens On Fire” and Bon Jovi’s “Livin On A Prayer”. I cried, it was so bad!!!! He sang wrong lyrics, I mean.

Everyone knows it’s “I look at you and my blood boils hot, I feel my tempature rise”
But this idiot sang “I look at you and my boils hot, you make me shiver and shake”


I cried badly. Aswell with Bon Jovi:

“Gina dreams of running away, when she cries in the night, Tommy whispers”

And he sang: “Gina dream of run away, when she cries in the night, whispers”

OMG?! Why?

And just because of this I looked up some new bands….

Pretty Boy Floyd. A really good american Glam/Sleaze rock band, I just loved the song I heard with them, so I’m sooo going to look up more songs with them!

Otyg. Swedish vikingmetal. So good! I just listened to their cover of DIO’s Holy Diver, but I loved what I heard!

Today it was confirmed that The Poodles will togheter with E-Type be in Melodifestivalen. THAT SUCKED BIG TIME.

But Nordman and Linda Bengtzing is up to be in aswell, and I liked that 😀

Well, I guess that’s it for the moment.

See yah!!


// Sara


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I don’t wanna dream no more!

I might kill someone. I better not go to sleep. Can’t really imagine a life without Katja and El for example. hush. Still haven’t checked up if the guy that I sacrificed in my dream is still alive, if someone can arse themselves to do it, wonderful, the actors name is Andras Jones.

Seriously. I think I should do something about my homepage. I need to get myself a nick – Sara *something* – Dream Warrior!

Dronjak won’t be useful, since it’s acctually another persons real lastname, but SaraDronjak the Dream Warrior works right now tho.

So this is why I thought of getting a new logo. That says “SaraDronjak – The Dream Warrior”


Well, that’s it for today.

See yah!!

// Sara

I totally agree.

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This is an article or such, and it’s a 17 year old girl who is answering her dad, who is writing bad stuff about a newspaper. I so agree with her, that the generations has been changing and that sex isn’t so dangerous.

It’s the same with Crashdïets new single, In The Raw.

It topped a list of best songs in a kids choice show, and now parents are upset cause of the fact the song is about violence, sex and womendiscriminating.

I read some articles about this, and a women said “If this’d be my daughter, I’d talk to her about it.”


We’re talking about kids that might not be older than 10- 11 !!! They OBVIOUSLY don’t know what the song is all about,

They only thing the music is good. So why do the parents make a big thing about it? It’s them who is ashamed over that the song is about that. GAAHA.

Either, your daughter/son knows what the song is about, and if so, THEY ALSO KNOW THAT AIN’T REALITY

If they don’t know, Well, Good Then. Don’t tell them. Gaah.

And btw, ALL SONGS in this kind of genre is in that kind of lyrics anyway.

I guess I’ll just lend back, and listen to Can’t ger her out of my bed and do nothing 😀

Pathetic people, pathetic parents. hahahahaha!


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It was FUCKING wonderful^^ Okay, Here’s my story of the trip! 🙂

Left Karlstad at 09.04, arrived in Gothenburg at 12 something. Was supposed to meet up with Lina around 15.30 (or similar) Did nothing really. First I just sat, pretty apathetic at the station, before I decided to go to fucking Shock to get what I was up to get. First I thought I went wrong, but fortuneatley I was right^^ I love that store, and especially so here on the day, not many people there, that makes stuffs eaiser, at least for me personally. Got back to the station, sat there again, until I realized there was this internetcafe’s there. Sat there for an hour or so, then I sat again. Interesting huh? Went eating, and then I went back, since Lina was supposed to come soon!

Lina cam at 15.40 or something, and first we didn’t find each other, and that is not that weird, since Lina was in the other side of this huge station. haha. Found her later at least, and we went home to her, put in the bags and ate a little, checked up when the doors were supposed to be opened, since Twisted Sister isn’t THAT important, it wasn’t HammerFall, you get it? So we went there, what we thought were 30 mins before the opening of the doors. It was 90. GAAAH. We were almost frozen to stones, but at least we managed to get to decide that we would stand on the balcony, since it would give us a better sight. Said and Done. Easy Action opened, they were not really in my taste, some songs where good maybe, but not more than so. Inbetween Twisted and Action I spotted a wellknown person down in the crowd ^^ Mr. Dronjak, a Sick MotherFucker, himself to be exact! Woho, you should have seen me, haha. Naturally I messed Katja about this. She went pretty crazy too^^ Twisted fucking sister began sooner or later, and they were really good 😀 It was said that their christmas CD “A Twisted Christmas” is supposed to be bad, but I’m not sure… XD I loved their version of “I Saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus” So I think I’ll like this *S*

Afterwards we just went home, and I called Katja on the way home, and it was confirmed she was crazy ^^

We went to bed, and next day I were supposed to go home with the train. SUPPOSED TO. I missed it. ADSSAJHFDSH! about that!! But I called my mother, and she fixed bustickets for a bus that’d go at 08.50, so I came home, only missed the Mediaproduction. But whatever.

Heard that they had been going through how to do an interview. I HATE OUR SCHOOL ON THIS!!

We’ve had many lessons with Anders/Thomas where we only have been writing for the paper, so why couldn’t we have gone through all this before? My interview is already done!!! But probably it’s made in a wrong way.!!! AND ITS NOT REALLY LIKE I CAN REDO THE INTERVIEW WITH PONTUS!!!!!!


Anyway, have to quit. In school, should be doing english articles, and students from my old school just came, So I really have to quit!!

Have fun^^

Np: Let The Hammer Fall – HammerFall

// Sara

7 days until Jepsons motherfucker kid is awaited!
31 days until fucking Marilyn Manson!


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I know! I haven’t been blogging since before Monsters Of Mora, and I can’t really say much about MoM either, it was just so fucking good! HammerFall could have done a better gig, of course! But Sabaton was amazing…..

And berlin: Here is the whole story:

We went to the venue like 10 minutes before they opened the door (a vbit different from my usual long queueings XD) We had some problems checking in within the Guestlist, cause he didn’t understand my name XD men But then he got my pass, so everything sorted out and me and nina came in! :D! We went to the hall right away, but it was filled n the first line by,  – believe it or not – 40+ people! (gotthard fans). Except from Carsten, Hilde and Anette . Me and Nina stood with them, The Poodles played and hour and it was so fucking wonderful!Afterwards we went to the Merchandise shop and got what we were supposed to get, and looked for Peter. We tried at least. Nina asked everywhere, and she got the answer she should look at the stage. Wonderful, it was 5 mins left to Gotthard, and it was sold out, and she was supposed to get trhough there?! Well, she managed. Me myself stood in the bar, looking at Gotthard, not really w orth it that we both should try to get trough. After 20 mins the technics get back to Nina.XD. The technic disapeard again, trying to look for our Backstagepasses, but of course he failed to find them, Tho he brought us backstage and left us in  The Mighty Pontus Egbergs hands. A notice is that I always manage to walk into people(last time it was Lordis wife). This time, my victim was  Pontus Norgren Dressed only in a towel Feel that one 😀“- So now on you can speak swedish with him or something..”
“-You talk swedish?”
“-You’re from Sweden? :D”
“-Yes. :D”
“-Åh :D”
“-Öh… Yeah.. We’re interviewing you for a schoolpaper.”
“-Okej :D”
“- John Bauer gymnasiet?”
“-Ja… like, Media stuff :D…”
“- Okej ;D!”
He was sooooo nice and the interview went on good, event ho I didn’t have a voice (sick as I am :S) and he followed us down, since he was up to see Gotthard as well!We went down, Nina stayefd at the merch, since The Poodles would show up there at 23, and she didn’t really want to see Gotthard. Me went and looked at Gotthard, well, as good as I could. When gotthard was over, I went to Nina again.In exact time Egberg came  🙂 he like, signed everything we had and I took my time to photograh him for the interview, cause fucking me forgot that at the backstage (I have lost the interview btw 😦  )so, and then little Jake, Kicken and Pontus came out. Maybe not in that order, but whatever! It wasn’t until now I realized that it was with Carsten I had been standing, I understood it cause Kicken showed his tatoo to us!I realized that Kicken is the best and I love him!!!Yes 🙂

“-We found Peter, but there is a problem”
“-Oh yeah?”
“-He is sleeping.”


And now to the title of today, and this is only for swedes, sorry!

Alltså, FoxyLady har kommit på en fin ide, om att ALLA Slaughter fans ska göra en virtuellpresent till Dana, till hans födelsedag, som hon sedan printar och ger till honom. Och jag tänkte givetvis hoppa på. Men istället för att göra en personligen, så tänkte jag göra en “Love From Sweden: Sara, Johan… osv osv” Men jag behöver fler som är med på det!!

KOM IGEN!! Vi snackar om han som introcuderade Randy Rhodes till Ozzy Osbourne, han som fixade in Mark St. John i Kiss!!!! VI SNACKAR OM VINNIE VINCENT INVASION, och framförallt om SLAUGHTER! Och Vince Neil show!!!

Kom igen alla! Vill ni vara med, Kommentera här under med önskad signatur.. Vill ni heta “Linnea” eller “CHANDELiER” eller “SaraSalo” det spelar ingen roll!! Kommentera här under! TACK!

Okay, that’s it I belive!

Np: Reach The Sky – The Poodles
Thanx and Bye

// Sara

18 until Jepsons kid is awaited!
9 Days until Twisted Sister!