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Copenhagen :(

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But obviously, I’m not there. Why do I want to be there?

1. It’s THE ARK for christs sake!
2. I wanna see ’em!
3. Jeppie plays with them today 😦

Fuck. But anyway.

Mora on Saturday. … It’s here. Omg, I’ve been waiting for this since 28th June… and now it is… GOD! Time goes by fast!!!

Tryckvåg begins, then Sator, Then Sabaton and last HammerFall. That sounds good to me :D!

So, how has my day been?

Well, it started of with English. That was mighty fun, did some nice stuff, and looked at some miserable english from Asia. hahahaa. Then.. that was it acctually! Since we’re now putting up a so called Bauershow, we have free from the physical education lessons, or well, we have to exercise and such for the show, but the thing is that it’s individual for all groups, so you can excersie whenever you want to. Me and Linnea and Julia trained for an hour or such in Frejas’ classroom.

After that I got home.. Didn’t really do anything really, started to plan more seriously for the party and such. Hum.

And all I want now is… to reach Nina. It’s important. bleergh. Where is she when you need her?

And, I started a new hobby! To translate lyrics^^ Got inspired by the translated The Ark lyrics on Arkresource, so now I started to, and they can be found on under “Translated Lyrics”

Well,  I guess that’s it for now… Gotta start working!!!

See yah!

thanx and bye

np: Last Man Standing – HammerFall

// Sara

2 Days until Monsters Of Mora!   WAY TOO SOON!
28 until Jepsons kid is awaited!
6 Days until Berlin!  That’s also soon O.O
19 Days until Twisted Sister!


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YAAY! Once again I’ve discovered a new group as I like^^ Or two acctually.

Steso Songs, Indie/Pop, Great girl!

and Pikko, Electronica… Addictive shit!

I’ve realized that even though I’m a “metal crüe” as they call me, I can still listen to stuff as Steso and Pikko… I mean, they’re good, so why not?

Well.. How has everything been then? Haven’t been updating recently :S

I guess everything has acctually been going on pretty well, after all. I’m planning to do everything I can to get to interview The Poodles while in Berlin, for the schoolpaper, yet it’s a bit late to ask HammerFall if I can interview them. That’d be ace, but as I said, to late. What do you think about this email:

My name is Sara Köhler and I’m attending to the John Bauer gymnasium in Karlstad and at the moment we’re doing a schoolpaper, and I’d like to do a little interview with The Poodles for the paper while I’m in Berlin (31/10). I’m bringing my german friend aswell, and we’d like to a general interview just. Thanx”


Anyway! Where downtown a few days ago and got some new nice shoes :D! They’re lovley! aswell as some shirts ^^ I’d need to get downtown tomorrow aswell to get a certain thing as I have to get before Monsters Of Mora…  But I’m passing by Åhléns on my way home, so that won’t be any problems XD.

So Okay, Acctually, Anyone remember my project Freddie Stanley? I’m up to bring that project up again, but I need some help. I’m going to make his first record, yet I’d need help!!  Those tracks are clear for the record:
Don’t Be Afraid Of Your Dreams [title of the record]
2. Don’t Be Afraid Of Your Dreams [Go West]
3. I Wonder [Gotthard]
5. Trust Is Shareware [The Ark]

I’ve made a list over songs that could possibly make it, But I’d like to hear wich songs you’d like to have on!
Metal Machine, How Much Love, Edge Of A Broken Heart, Vendelay, One In A Million, That Time Of Year, Love Kills, It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane, All I Want Is You, I Pathologize, Hey Modern Days, The Most Radical Thing To Do, Disease, Tell Me this Night Is Over, One Of Us Is Gonna Die Young,  Hey KWanogoma!, My Heaven Is Your Hell, Blood Red Sandman, Talk To Me, Heaven’s On Fire, We’re One, Fleash&Blood, Love Don’t Last Forever, Don’t Give Up On Love, Rockstar, Deliver Us From Free Will and Always will be.

Wich songs do you think? And wich song would be the first single / Video?
Aswell as I’m building a homepage for him.
Who here would acctaully be interested in a CD from Freddie?

I’m going to try to write own songs for Freddie too, but first “album” will be a cover one XD.
And yes… I guess that’s it acctually!

And oh, While you’re at it! ^^

So, bye and thanx!

Np: Disease – The Ark

// Sara

5 Days until Monsters Of Mora!   O.O So soon… 😥
31 until Jepsons kid is awaited!
9 Days until Berlin!  That’s also soon O.O
22 Days until Twisted Sister!

The Sims…

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is something I love. The Sims is a big part of my life and always will be. I don’t know, I just love it so much. Haven’t played it for a while thought, since my stationary computer doesn’t really work. I mean, they are the true fucking friends. They never leave you…. I love them.

Today in school we had to show this project. I did do a sketch so I could talk about A Nightmare On Elm Street, wich would have been easier, but my friends convinced me that I should take The Ark, since that was something I’ve been working hard on and such, even if I wouldn’t say much about it. Said and Done. But next time, Believe me, I WILL do about A Nightmare on Elm Street, Cause I felt today that it’d be better to do about something that you don’t need to study. Believe it or not – But I had to study The Ark.

Anyway, went riding, and I got – DOLLY<3 She has really becomed my love after Pickles death. I think it went pretty good.

And now I’m just randomlingy sitting here. Everything with Germany is sorting itself out, even if I couldn’t stay at someone in Gothenburg, my mother will take a day of so she can pick me up from Gothenburg^^ I bet she understood how important THIS CERTAIN concert with Gotthard and The Poodles was for me. It is. I was thinking if I’d try to put up an interview with one of the bands, (THE POODLES!) for the schoolpaper… Wouldn’t that be pretty cool? Then I can use my camera as a recorded to take up the interview, instead of writing down the answers…. Well, I guess I can keep dreaming :P.

Well… I guess that’s it for the moment…

See yah

Thanx n Bye

Np: Glabe Glarn – 4evernever

// Sara

Maybe you all would consider it a joke
if I said that I hate myself
But now and then when I look into the mirror
All I see is a big mistake

8 Days until Monsters Of Mora!   O.O So soon… 😥
34 until Jepsons kid is awaited!
12 Days until Berlin!  That’s also soon O.O
25 Days until Twisted Sister!


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Fields of Yesterday

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Has now becomed my favourite Cans song^^

You don’t know Cans? It’s HammerFall’s singers sideproject, pure and great blackmetal!

Anyway, My day then…

It all began with a visit at a “local” newspaper (It’s one of the biggest in Sweden, but it’s for my region) where we were done at 9.45… And it was the Mediaproduction lesson XD So we got free time until 13. We went to McDonalds because of that Julia was up to get a hamburger.. it took them 20 minutes to make her burger Oo Weird? That’s just the first name.

After that we got to the library of the city, Who lies beside Blue Moon Bar (where I met Wig Wam the very first time<3) and when Julia was up getting her book me and Linnea took our computers and continued a little with the powerpoint presentation, Julia later joined up.

Then we got back to school and ate some. The Others (THE ARK) had made their way into the classroom and we whose are reading history on the tuesday mornings, were up to do som “middleage” thingy, at some other school who lied , in my opinion, 2000 light years (THE ARK AGAIN!) away…We got there and got lots of education in the vikings and the middleage, also got the opportunity to shoot with piles and such, althought I never did, since I’ve been to something similar before, in Luxembourg 2004, didn’t like it then so. After that I got home and did… completly nothing.

Cleaned one rabbit and two hamsters cages.

I also began on a new fanfic, that one is like a prolouge on the one I’m publishing here, but anyway. I think I’ll need to get downtown tomorrow, to look up some tights. Aswell as I saw on Odium that my jacket is pretty popular? so it won’t come until November! May that mean that we won’t get the clothes until then either? BLEEERGH!!!!

Also, yesterday I went downtown to buy some textile, so now I can sew my Halloween costume. Yaay. Also some spiderweb textile, so I can extend and personalize the clohtes from Odium. I guess I have no fun or philosophastic things to write either…

My love for Dschinghis Khan was sneaking in again, and yesterday I found out that Ola Salo likes them also! That’s like, great, Cause they are a great group!

Well, I have no more to write really, so I guess I’ll end here!

Np: The Key – Cans

Thanx and Bye

// Sara

10 Days until Monsters Of Mora!   O.O So soon… 😥
36 until Jepsons kid is awaited!
14 Days until Berlin!  That’s also soon O.O
27 Days until Twisted Sister!

Don’t be afraid of your dreams

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They are never as real, as they seem!

That’s my over all favourite song. Always. It has encouraged me and makes me sleep better at night. I fell in love with the song the first time I heard it, at the end of A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. The Best Fucking Movie Ever.  You just have to love Freddy Krueger.

Also, we ordered clothes yesterday, for… hold your chair… 400 euro O.O And the order managed to get wrong XD But they were nice at the place, and changed the order, so I could get my jacket in L instead of M (Just in case)

And I died today. It was terrible… CAuse I…

Hold your chair….

…Take a deep breath…

I thought I lost all My Sabaton photoes!!!!!!!!!!!!
But I found them 😀

I realized that The Sims is really my life. I mean, I don’t even know why. They are just, best. Probably cause I listened trough Glabe Glarn with 4Ever-n-ever. Wonderful. It’s pretty…. filled with feelings to paly The Sims 1 acctually. I mean, you can fucking point at the houses and say: “the kitchen there is 4X8”.. 😥 I really love the first The Sims. And I guess I knock everyone out of it 😛 Not only the language, but other stuff 😛 Wanna battle?

Comon Schnala?

Vada skijay
Glabe Zon
Vada skijay
Glarn   ❤

Anyhow, I haven’t been writing for a little while, but everything is going on well, no problems. Everything is litterally going on well, and such. Some things I’m disturbed on in the class though.

Tomorrow I’ll go downtown to get some textile so I can start sew my shirt 😀 I want it done until Halloween, and our planned halloween party 😀 I hope it will be nice, yet it is something that disturbs me soo much about it. Can’t write here though.

Did some pins today. Interesting? Easy pins with:
“SCG3” on them.
Do you know what all this is? 😉 Comment :D!!

Teeny, my love, have just formed his new band!!! visit:

I’m just soooo looking forward to Monsters Of Mora!! only 12 days!!!!! GAAAH!

Okay. Now  I don’t know what to write more so, bye!!
Want me to continue with the fanfic?

Np: Into The Fire – Sabaton


// Sara

12 Days until Monsters Of Mora!
38 until Jepsons kid is awaited!
16 Days until Berlin!
29 Days until Twisted Sister!

I’m the one… who lost control..

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So begins the new song of HammerFall ^___^ The Last Man Standing.
Watched a short interview with Oscar and their new vide, uhuh!

Anyway, my day in general.. hum. Had Swedish as the first lesson. We didn’t need to speak before the class, YAY! Now we just had to write about the book. Wich I never managed.

Second lesson was, for the moment, my fave lesson. Compter-knowledge (Translated XD) We’re doing a work in PowerPoint, and I’m at the moment doing a powerpoint about The Ark, that’s why I’d need some small and weird facts about each member, haha. Why bring up stuff as “Ola is bisexual”. Like, everyone knows?! But stuffs as that Martin Axén skipped the guitarlessons until he wass 15/16 is something to note 😉 Speaking about that, SOMEONE! In my classroom, was playing Dschinghis Khan!!! THEY WERE PLAYING MOSCOW!! The extended one!!!!! Who is afan of them?! I thought I was the only one :D!!! Seemingly not 😀

Got home around.. 16.30. As usual. Got a bit late to the Stable, or well, that doesn’t realaly matter infact, but I did. We got new horses today, and I ended up on Batic. She is a 155 cm Angloarab that is lightbrown (fux) colored. She is sensetive and a really good dressage horse, and jumping too, yet I’ll never jump here. She was so fucking angry when I was about to make her ready for the lesson that a adult rider had to help me XD outover that, she was a dream 😀

Got home and did… nothing. Got a nerd before the Computer, imported somet pictures and started to write on this blog. Or well, I did that now.

I realized that my love (the great one) for Lordi is coming back. I mean seriously, they are a wonderful band!!! I was thinking of that if I should, as I do with Wig Wam, give them a real great homepage, instead of just a site.

That’s also something I’ve been thinking of. Everyone that has a great interest in music has at least one band as are them close. you know, THAT BAND, whose music you loves the most, THAT BAND that you know personally, THAT BAND, where you have this great power to tell the band something and they listen to you. For real.
Even  I have mine. Wig Wam.

And I miss them. Terribly.

Seems like everything before Germany is getting more and more done, just need to speech with Nina about it again first. At Halloween I’ll be Freddy Krueger.

Talking about Halloween, anyone up to follow to the stable 3/11 19.00 – 23.00? I want to go to their Halloween evening, But I don’t feel for going alone >.<

And just because of that I have to talk to Slicey about one thing. Just got a plan of doing something. ghehehehe!

And guys who is reading this:
Shall I do a movie about Monsters Of Mora?
Something similar to this Our Documentary Of 20/1 2007

Everyone that reads HAS to comment and answer the question!!

My Wig Wam necklace has broke. And I can’t find the letters W I G.. it sucks >.<

I guess I’ll end here.

Tell me a joke, and make me smile
Play me the part, be the star for a while
Absolutley No Decorum, Whatsoever Babe
Give me a wink to let me know you’re alive
Do what you will, we’re only here for a while
And Absolutley No Decorum, Whatsoever babe
Absolutley No Decorum, Whatsoever babe

Np: Absolutley No Decorum – The Ark

Thanx and Bye

// Sara

15 Days until Monsters Of Mora!
41 until Jepsons kid is awaited!
19 Days until Berlin!
32 Days until Twisted Sister!


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That can only mean one thing ^__^



Thanx Luzie, for all the work you’ve put in on it!!!

Anyhow. Don’t really know what to write acctually… Like Everythings have just been going on good.

 It feels like my schedule is full somehow, like:

27th  October – Mora (MoM)
31th October – Berlin (Gotthard + The Poodles)
13th November – Gothenburg (Twisted Sister)
17th December – Gothenburg (Marilyn Manson)

Though I’d like to smash in Gotthard on Malmö, (4th November) and one of the W.A.S.P. gigs. Yet I think that’s impossible somehow. Bleh. But I’ll get Sabaton at least<3

That’s it.

Np: It Snows In Hell – Lordi



// Sara
16 Days until Monsters Of Mora!
42 until Jepsons kid is awaited!
20 Days until Berlin!
33 Days until Twisted Sister!

Oh my friend, here is my hand…

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Days been good in general, got WORLDS BIGGEST laughing attack at the maths!

The converstation between me and Linnea:
“OMG, Sara is writing a fanfic about Ola Salo”
“GAAH!” *covers the paper*
“…And Ola got so erotic and shaved his legs…”
“What the fuck?”(Julia)
“Ola shaved of his leg.”
“… XD”

Yes… Normal. We ain’t.

Got home, didn’t do much at all. Went to the scouting, we were out in the forest, and Alexander made my spill out ALL my juice on me.. >.< Damn him!

And now I’m home and writing this….

I wanna go to Gothenburg 13 November to see Twisted Sister… but I have no one to go with >.< that sucks!.. Or Maybe!

Axa just signed in, she loves them! And she is going, yet she will have seat, and me stand,

Still have no one to go to Germanty with, but everything is getting ready and soon we will order the tickets!

Berlin, Here I come!

Gotthard and The Poodles, can it be better?!?!
I think I should start do better stuff, like, write in the next part of my fanfic.

See yah!

Np: Lets Get Married – The Ark

// Sara

17 Days until Mora
44 until Jepsons kid is awaited!

Oh My Holy Lordi.

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Hey there!

Well… acctually for once I slept pretty well this night… for once. Altought I woke up at 4 am ‘cause of nightmares about war. Haha, I should stop listen to Sabaton. Nightmares, bu!

Anyway, got up at 6am,felt awake for once 😀 I think I’ll keep on going to sleep at 11.30pm. Thought of having the militarypants, ended up having some old jeans, and I managed to forget the lepard tights I’m supposed to wear under them >.< whatever.
Studied a bit history before I went to school. Mondays are great, only one lesson, wich means that we end at 12am.

Our task of today was to do a work about a newspaper, and also contact them, yet our newspaper never answered our request >.<.
When we were done with the simple work I started to send around funny pictures of The Ark, wich made me end up in laughter. And when I start to laugh, I won’t stop the next following 5 minutes. So Be It.(it shall be done XD Chezuz, I still Love Lordi.)
After school I went home, ate a little and then I went downtown again to meet up with Jennie, Emil, Madelene, Lucas and Jonny. While down I also ran over Martina, who joined up. But of course.

We went to Sibylla at 15.45 as was said, yet of course Jonny and Lucas ended up late. Acctually, they came at 16.00. Hmpf.

We went straight away to Åhlens, and since the others didn’t follow me and Jennie at first, we ended up among the records. Sabaton was not as “NEWS” anymore L But I found them later! They have Metalizer as a digipack there!!! I was jealous XD

Jonny tried out a pretty… nice XD Hat there:

Anyhow, got the pencil and eraser) And then the others went to IKEA. I don’t see what can be funny with being there.

So I went home, and listened to lovely Sabaton ❤

To their own shore, came the world war
Gleaves and the Ingham
Leading the Bury west

Now I’m just randomly sitting here.Oh well,  I thought of mine and Thearkness dreams. I remember she dreamt about being in Ola’s hotelroom, but he wasn’t there. I recall that I the same night dreamt that Ola were at my house. This can only mean that dreams are for real.Now I’ll never sleep again. I don’t want to risk anyones life.

Well… I just wanted to say that I miss Lordi :/And Lina for that point too..

Np: Stalingrad – Sabaton.

Thanx and Bye

// Sara

18 days for Mora!
45 days until Jepsons kid is awaited to come!